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May 2016's food, drinks, travel and other lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling skyline...

Even though I was away from L.A. for two weeks this month, there were still plenty of billboards to capture in the skies before I left and when I returned stateside. Here's a collection of theme park, food, drinks, travel and other lifestyle outdoor ads filling the streets of the City of Angels this May 2016.

Theme park billboards
Frozen Musical Disneyland billboard
First up are two billboards for Disneyland and their 60th anniversary diamond celebrations, which include a new Frozen musical spectacular and Star Wars attractions in the theme park.
Star Wars Summer ignites Disneyland billboard
Disney is in that enviable position of now having so many iconic brands and characters, plus is constantly creating new franchises all the time to incorporate into their parks and make into merchandise. They also make for great billboard visuals too.

Food and drinks billboards
Giant Haagen Dazs ice-cream bar billboard
Next up and it's a battle of the billboards in the Summer skies this month, with premium ice-cream brands Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's duking it out for your attention in very different ways.
Adore more core Ben Jerrys icecream billboard
While Haagen Dazs goes the stylish, seductive and super-sized route along the Sunset Strip for its indulgent ice-cream bars, Ben & Jerry's continues with its fun cartoony advertising to highlight the new additions to their 'Core' offering.
Corona Extra Pop open Kick Back billboard
With Cinco de Mayo at the start of the month and Summer fast approaching, beer brands have been popping up in the city streets in greater frequency too, like this new Corona Extra can ad creative in Hollywood.
Dos Equis face danger first class billboard
Higher up in the skies above Sunset & Vine you could also find the Most Interesting Man in the World making his departure as the brand spokesman for Dos Equis beer. 'Adios amigo', indeed.
Heineken Enjoyed at end of your commute billboard
Dutch beer brand Heineken was back in the skies this month with these vibrant green, clever ads.
Heineken Born Holland Raised 192 countries billboard
Like the ads say, the brew may have been born in Holland, but their bottles are raised in 192 countries around the world.
Sorry Jack vodka oak meet Absolut goes dark billboard
Absolut Oak Vodka billboards
In the world of spirits and Absolut was taking on the taste of smoky whiskey like Jack Daniels this month with their Oak vodka offering.
Absolut Oak Vodka billboard
This duo of billboards for Oak by Absolut were spied at the busy intersection of Hollywood's Sunset & Vine.
Don Julio Man Passion Tequila billboard
Another liquor billboard in the skies in time for Cinco de Mayo was this Don Julio tequila billboard.
Giant Sparkling Smartwater billboard Hollywood
Coca-Cola's Smartwater was putting some fizz into its premium bottled water this month and bringing some sparkling bubbles to the L.A. skies.
Red Bull impress your swolemate billboard
And over on the westside I spied this fun special extension cut-out for energy drink Red Bull, continuing their latest illustrated ad campaign.

Travel and tourism billboards
American Airlines For the most nonstops billboard
This May the skies of Los Angeles were filled with a whole fleet of airline billboards trying to tempt customers to travel the friendly skies with them. Be sure to check out all these different American Airlines billboards gracing the city skyline this month.
Giant Air France 2016 billboard Sunset Strip
Yes, you can really tell the Summer holidays are imminent and the airlines want to capitalize of people's desires to fly away on vacation.
Air France Peaceful Haven premium economy billboard
Air France was another airline brand promoting its business and premium economy travel options with bold and colourful new ad creatives.
Delta One at LAX airline billboard
Plus Delta also wanted to get in on the action and highlight its premium private check-in options at LAX.
Disrupting the Vegas cliché Delano Hotel billboard
As ever this month, there were also an assortment of ads in the skies for Las Vegas to tempt party goers, like this contemporary vertical billboard for the Delano Hotel at Mandalay Bay.
In-room everything Aria Las Vegas billboard
Whilst the Aria resort and casino was highlighting its high-tech in-room capabilities along the Sunset Strip.

Charity and cause-related billboards
NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison Pioneering Values billboard
The Foundation for a Better Life continued to have a presence in the skies with this female astronaut billboard to inspire kids and women alike. If you like the idea behind this campaign, be sure to also check out all these other Values billboard examples, including this fun Kermit the Frog billboard.
Feel the Burn STD check billboard
With the U.S. still in the grip of presidential election season this tongue-in-cheek 'Feel the Burn?' STD check parody of Bernie Sanders campaign slogan made me laugh.
Ideationology Think LA Idea Awards 2016 billboard
Think LA is a media, marketing and advertising collaborative and this 'Ideationology' billboards isn't for a new religious cult, but for their annual Idea Awards gala taking place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at the beginning of June.

Health and fitness billboards
Giant Protein World beautiful day to sweat billboard
At the start of the month Protein World had this giant-sized sporty creative to promote their weight loss supplements and powders.

Technology billboards
Apple Watch billboard
In the world of consumer technology (and wearable fashion), the Apple Watch returned to the skies with a new wave of ad creatives to tempt people with the smart gadget.
TuneIn radio app billboard
Meanwhile TuneIn was encouraging passersby along the Sunset Strip to download the app to listen to a wide variety of radio stations and on-demand podcasts.

Dating billboards
Grindr gay hookup app next move billboard
And also within the world of apps, gay hookup app Grindr was advertising along the busy Sunset Strip, inviting guys to make their next move.

As you can see there's once again been an eclectic assortment of billboard ads filling the L.A. skyline this month. If you like this selection, you can also check out last year's drinks and lifestyle L.A. billboards here at Jason in Hollywood.

Stay tuned in the days to come for even more visions in vinyl from the worlds of fashion, TV, movies and music...

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