Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer drinks and lifestyle billboards gracing L.A.'s skies in June 2016...

Even though the skies have been gloomy this June (I've tried my best to capture the best shots) and the temperatures have started to be unseasonably hot, there's been no shortage of drinks and lifestyle brand billboards crowding the Summer skies of L.A. this June 2016. Here's an eclectic collection of food, drinks, travel, car and other lifestyle ads that caught my eye traveling around the City of Angels this month.

Food and drinks billboards
Huberts Lemonade Stay cool this Summer billboard
Despite all the 'June gloom' this joyful Hubert's Lemonade ad creative was beaming out from the top of Wilshire Boulevard this month. I also spied more refreshing special extension Hubert's Lemonade billboards around the sprawling city after spotting this standard version, so be sure to check them out too.
Whats inside is everything Zico coconut water wall mural ad
From lemons to coconuts, and actress Jessica Alba was back as the face of Zico coconut water this month with this cool black and white wall mural along Melrose Avenue.
Vitamin Water zero womp womps billboard
Almost a year later and Vitamin Water was back in the skies of L.A. with a new execution of its Hydrate the Hustle ad campaign from last Fall, using a two colour background to refresh the ad design.
Sparkling Ice Most valuable flavor billboard
In the meantime bottled water brand Sparkling Ice was showing off its flavours in the heart of Hollywood this month.
Slurpee Snack Attack Shark Week billboard
And Slurpee was celebrating Shark Week with this unnaturally blue cool drink. I'm not sure what's more dangerous.
Giant Mountain Dew citrus charge billboard
Speaking of day glow and Mountain Dew was showing off its citrus flavors for Summer in a super-sized way along the Sunset Strip with this giant billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel.
Avion Tequila Elevado a un arte billboard
From soft beverages to the the world of alcohol, Avion Tequila was 'Elevated to an art' just in time for Father's Day gift-giving in the middle of June along the Sunset Strip.
Effen Vodka where good taste takes you billboard
And at the end of the month Effen Vodka returned to the city skyline after a long absence with this tasteful advert.
Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka billboard
Speaking of vodka, American brand Deep Eddy was back with a real lemon burst of flavour for Summer with this refreshing retro ad creative.
White Girl Rosé Love Hate you Mean it billboard
From liquor to wine and 'White Girl' rosé doesn't sound like the most politically correct offering to be filling the skies these days.
Corona Extra We all find our beach billboard
Corona Extra was progressing their Find your beach ad campaign with their latest Summery ad creative this month. That shoreline hammock looks so inviting.
Modelo Gold standard since 1925 billboard
Another beer brand showing off its credentials in the skies of Hollywood was Mexican lager Modelo with this Gold Standard ad.
Bud Light New party look billboard
And Bud Light was rebranding its offering with a new look and this fun election-themed outdoor ad campaign.
new candidate Bud Light billboard
I'm not a beer drinker, but I'd rather drink Bud Light than vote for any Republican or bigot like Donald Trump any day.
Support Bud Light Party billboard
Support Bud Light Party billboard rainbow lights
This 'Support The Bud Light Party' billboard was even lit up at night in rainbow colours for the month of Pride celebrations, which makes the ad campaign even more endearing to me.
New Party New Look Bud Light Party billboard
let's hope that later this year we don't need to drown our sorrows when the wrong President is elected. I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton now. I'm definitely with her, the alternative is simply too scary for the fate of the world.
Blue Moon Creatively inspired Artfully brewed billboard
Blue Moon was another beer showing off its artful brew this month to try and quench your thirst.
Target Total grill-getters food billboard
Meanwhile Target was advertising in time for a Father's Day BBQ and all the July 4th celebrations with this foodie grill-getters billboard.
Haagen Dazs ice-cream 56 years making billboard
And Häagen-Dazs had an indulgent new collection of billboards trying to tempt passersby with their luxury ice-cream.

Health, charity and cause-related billboards
AHF America grow up Use a condom flag billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation was being direct with its latest patriotic ad creative and scolding people to use a condom when they have sex (to help prevent all the STDs that the new HIV prevention meds don't protect you from, like syphilis).
Stop Pharma greed $1,095 Harvoni pill billboard
Plus this billboard was shining a spotlight on big pharmaceutical greed for over-pricing essential medication.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Giant T-Mobile billboard Sunset Strip
Meanwhile along the Sunset Strip T-Mobile had this great ad design utilising the Mondrian Hotel wallscape it inhabits to great effect, it's almost like you could see into the hotel's windows.

Financial billboards
CEA Earthquake insurance billboard
And in the world of finance, earthquake insurance was one thing you never had to worry about living in the U.K. (or wildfires).

Travel and transport billboards
Delta Airlines Dream Up LA billboard
With schools out and vacation season upon us the skies were filled with travel and airline ad campaigns, like these inspiring new locally-tailored Delta Air Lines billboards.
American Airlines nonstop LAX New Zealand billboard
Plus American Airlines continued to promote its nonstop flights to locations like New Zealand with this vibrant ad creative.
Virgin America First Class Haute billboard
Not wanting to miss out on all the premium travelers this Summer Virgin America was highlighting its First Class cabin options.
Day and night flights July 1st 2016 Emirates billboard
And even Emirates Airlines, not seen in the ad skies for a while were promoting their new day and night flights this Summer.
Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town Everyone star billboard
If your'e not flying off to overseas destinations Knott's Berry Farm was also offering solutions for how to keep your kids busy this Summer holidays, with this Western-themed ad referencing Hollywood's infamous Walk of Fame stars.
Ventura County Selfie tourism billboard
Plus Ventura County was trying to tempt visitors to enjoy their outdoor sporty coastal lifestyle.
Lets build more rail LA Metro billboard
And from tourism to transport and L.A.'s Metro still has big plans to get people out of cars and traveling via rail.

Autos bilboards
Youve got baggage Chevy small cars wall mural ad
This tongue-in-cheek Chevrolet wall mural made me laugh this month, because I certainly have baggage too.
90210MG Infiniti Beverly Hills billboard
Whilst this clever '90210MG' zip code ad creative for Infiniti of Beverly Hills car showroom also made me chuckle. Let's have more of these inventive motoring industry ads please.

Dating billboards
Boy crush Grindr app billboard
Gay hookup app Grindr was switching up its ad creatives along the Sunset Strip this month with this 'Boy crush' billboard.
Grindr connected gay Syrian refugees safe houses billboard
Plus this second billboard could equally sit in the cause-related section, as it shows how technology can help the LGBT community, on this occasion to help displaced Syrian refugees find safe places to stay, a different kind of hookup. Kudos to Grindr.

Misc. billboards
Giant VW Moon Astronaut 1969 billboard
Finally, this giant-sized ad on the side of the Sofitel Hotel along L.A.'s Beverly Boulevard may be a filler ad, but as I'm a huge sci-fi fan the idea of a VW minivan and an astronaut on the moon at the same time made me smile.

Be sure to investigate what eclectic assortment of lifestyle billboards were filling L.A.'s skies last year and come back soon for another roundup of 2016 Emmy consideration billboards taking over the city skyline this June.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 2016 fashion billboards bringing the Summer style to L.A.'s skies...

The sun's out, the temperature is soaring and the wildfires are burning, welcome to Summer in Southern California. Unseasonably hot and humid for this time of year, it's no wonder there fashion models are stripping off and splashing about to keep cool in the city skyline. Take a gander at this selection of fashion and apparel billboards filling L.A.'s streets this June 2016.

Fashion billboards
AussieBum Andrew Pap swimming trunks 2016 billboard
First up is AussieBum, bringing another slice of Australian beefcake (Andrew "Pap" Papadopoulos) to the Summer skies of West Hollywood to model their latest swimming trunks in time for L.A.'s Pride celebrations and pool party season.

If you like this hunky ad creative, be sure to check out these other sexy AussieBum billboards.
Guess Summer 2016 fashion billboard
Meanwhile Emma Stern was enjoying the beach life in Malibu, California for Guess this month.
Gucci Summer 2016 fashion billboard
And luxury Italian fashion brand Gucci looked like they were enjoying an eccentric glasshouse garden party that wouldn't look out of place in Alice's Wonderland.
Burberry SS16 handbag billboard
British brand Burberry was showing off its handbag designs and the real thing with Edie Campbell in their latest ad creative from 'The Patchwork campaign' along Sunset Plaza.
Coach handbags Summer 2016 billboard
Summer's hardly begun and Coach were showing off their Pre-Fall 2016 collection including their latest designer handbags, with models Imaan Hammam and Lexi Boling, in the city skies.
Kate Moss Equipment Summer 2016 fashion billboard
Supermodel Kate Moss was back in the L.A. skies this month for her capsule collection with Equipment, which includes shirts, blouses, sweaters and jeans, and the campaign was photographed by fellow model and photographer Daria Werbowy.
Hale Bob Summer 2016 fashion billboard
Also around town Hale Bob were showing off their new vibrant prints for relaxing poolside this Summer.
Frame Melrose store Summer 2016 fashion billboard
Denim brand Frame had this stylish black and white billboard to draw attention to its first brick and mortar store at L.A.'s infamous Melrose Place.
2Xist Summer 2016 activewear billboard
And 2(X)ist continued to show off their ever-changing ad creatives, this time making a splash for its sporty activewear.
2Xist Summer 2016 activewear billboard
Plus it was also getting in the spirit for this year's Olympics with these Brazil flag underwear ads (modeled by Brazilian model André Ziehe) and also showing off some of their women's underwear offering.
2Xist Brazil underwear Summer 2016 billboard
For more André Ziehe, make sure you also check out these other 2(X)ist underwear and swimwear billboards from past seasons.

Fragrance billboards
Hale Bob Fragrance Summer 2016 billboard
Following on from their fashion billboard, Hale Bob was also showing off their new fragrance this month with this underwater ad creative.

You can also compare this year's offering with last June's fashion billboards around L.A., plus stick around in the days to come for more snapshots of the drinks and lifestyle brand ads, and a while host of Emmy TV billboards gracing the sprawling city skyline this June.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TV billboards turning heads in the Summer skies of L.A. in June 2016...

With so many television shows and content vying for your attention across so many different platforms - conventional TV, streaming services and online, there are more billboards than ever filling the skies wanting you to watch their programs. Here's a cool collection of TV billboards trying to turn heads in L.A. throughout June 2016.

TV billboards
Dating Naked season 3 Suns out Buns out billboard
The sun's out, the temperatures are soaring and it's time for a third season of the reality dating show which allows you to see all of your prospective mate, Dating Naked.
Barely Famous season 2 billboard
Another VH1 ad using hot pink to stand out is this second season billboard for faux reality series Barely Famous, with the clueless 'Foster' sisters doing everything they can to get noticed in Hollywoodland.
Powers season 2 billboard
Over at the Playstation Store the sophomore season of superhero detective show Powers is streaming, proving that the demand for comic book adaptations hasn't subsided yet.
Lady Dynamite series premiere billboard
Over on Netflix funny lady Maria Bamford is starring in her own comedy series, as a fictionalized version of herself, in Lady Dynamite. I love this crazy, retro ad creative for the series launch.
Orange is the New Black season 4 pride flag billboard
All around the world people are celebrating LGBT Pride month and this June Netflix helped festivities by showing their support for L.A.'s Pride Parade with this rainbow flag for the fourth season of their women's prison dramedy, Orange is the New Black, which has many compelling LGBT characters and storylines.

If you're a fan of the show (I'm currently half way through the fourth season), be sure to also check out all these other Orange is the New Black TV billboards.
Devious Maids season 4 billboard
Those Devious Maids are back for a fourth season of murder, secrets and mayhem on Lifetime with this striking ad creative.
Hollywood Divas season 3 billboard
The Hollywood Divas are back for a third reality TV season of black actresses trying to navigate the ups and downs of their careers, family and relationships in LA LA Land.
Odd Mom Out season 2 billboard
Jill Kargman returns as a fictionalized version of herself for the sophomore season of Odd Mom Out, trying to survive amongst the other privileged mothers of New York's Upper East Side.
Still the King series premiere billboard
Over on on the Country Music TV cable channel (which recently rescued Nashville for another season), Billy Ray Cyrus is Still the King in a comedy about him being one of the best Elvis impersonators in the country.
American Gothic series premiere billboard
The Summer always brings new season shows to enjoy, like the new CBS murder mystery thriller American Gothic, about a wealthy Bostonian family that discovers one of their own may be a longtime serial killer.
BrainDead series premiere billboard
Plus CBS is also offering viewers new political comedy from the writers of The Good Wife, BrainDead, where U.S. Congressmen have been taken over by aliens (isn't that what's really happened though, that's the only way to explain these dark times?).
Dead of Summer series premiere billboard
Whilst over on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), Dead of Summer is a new supernatural horror slasher series set at a Midwest Summer Camp.
Kingdom season 2 part 2 billboard
Mixed Martial Arts drama Kingdom returns for the second half of its sophomore season and I spied this additional kick-ass ad creative over in Hollywood & Highland.
Bloodline season 2 billboard
I just finished watching the second season of Netflix's Bloodline and even though it's hardly a laugh a minute, the family murder drama has managed to stay as compelling as the gripping first season. I hope that Kyle Chandler's real-life sibling doesn't take offense to this sophomore season billboard professing that "I killed my brother" though.
Queen of the South series premiere billboard
Alice Braga stars in Queen of the South this month, an adaptation of a Spanish-language Telemundo mini-series, where she plays the 'Queenpin' of a drug cartel out for revenge against her lover's killers. I love these striking ads for the new show, which have different background designs behind her throne.
Ray Donovan season 4 billboard
Ray Donovan is back for a fourth season as Hollywood's 'fixer' to the stars and this time around he discovers that dark secrets don't stay buried forever.
Roadies series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Showtime also has a freshman drama coming to the small screen, Roadies, shining a spotlight on the crew that help put together the concerts of touring rock groups. Although Luke Wilson and these pretty young things look far too glamourous to get their hands dirty if you ask me.
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll season 2 billboard
Also in the same musical realm, FX's dysfunctional rock band comedy Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is back for an encore second season with Denis Leary as the aging rocker.
Tyrant season 3 billboard
As these two ad creatives for FX demonstrate, they always have really imaginative season promo billboards, from the above punky rock 'n' roll design to this intriguing Middle Eastern-influenced billboard for the third season of Tyrant.
Another Period season 2 billboard
Another Period steps back in time over on Comedy Central for a sophomore season of spoiled, shameless and stupid antics from the shamelessly rich 'Bellacourt' family.
Power season 3 Missing teaser billboard
And Starz teases the third season of its drug lord drama Power with this giant-sized 'missing' ad creative on the side of the Sofitel Hotel.
Hidden America series premiere billboard
Comedian Jonah Ray discovers Hidden America in his new fake parody travel show where he visits to cities like Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Austin and more.
American West series premiere billboard
And over on AMC, even though their railroad Western drama Hell on wheels is coming to an end, they are revisiting that time period with this new limited series docu-drama, The American West, to explore the aftermath of the Civil War in the U.S.
Vice Principals series premiere billboard
HBO has been filling the skies this month with these special extension cut-out billboards for their new dark teacher comedy, Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride and Walton Coggins as competing V.P.s at the same high school.
The Night Of series premiere billboard
This Summer the premium cable channel also has the murder mystery mini-series, The Night Of, to entertain viewers, where a young man wakes up after a night of wild partying to discover a woman stabbed to death in his bed.
Any Given Wednesday Bill Simmons billboard
They were also promoting Bill Simmons new sports commentary series Any Given Wednesday in a big way this month, with super-sized and standard billboards along the heavily trafficked Sunset Strip.
Any Given Wednesday HBO series premiere billboard
In the world of reality television, the Wahlbergs were back for a sixth season of fly-on-the-wall family drama in Wahlburgers.
Wahlburgers season 6 billboard
YouTube series Decker finds new life on Adult Swim this month with Decker: Unclassified, parodying international espionage.
Decker Unclassified Adult Swim billboard
And that's followed by the fourth season of 'Dr. Steve Brule' aka John C. Reilly continuing to Check it Out in his awkward and naive examination of the world around us.
Check it Out Dr Steve Brule season 4 billboard
Netflix keeps the comedy coming with another standup special this month, this time from Bo Burnham.
Bo Burnham Make Happy comedy special billboard
And YouTube Red continues to shine a spotlight on the shows on its new paid-for subscription channel, like MatPat's Game Lab series.
Matpats Game Lab YouTube Red billboard
Plus Joey Graceffa invites ten YouTubers to Escape the Night in a 1920s themed murder mystery party in his new series.
Escape the Night YouTube Red series billboard
You really can't escape from all the TV shows trying to grab your attention, and that's not even counting all the 2016 Emmy consideration billboards also competing for space in the city skyline this month.

Stay tuned in the days to come for more billboard snapshots from around this sprawling city and in the meantime you can also compare this collection to last June's TV billboards.

Come back soon for more fabulous visions in vinyl...