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Emmy consideration billboards crowding the skies of L.A. in May 2016...

This month once again the skies of L.A. have exploded with Emmy consideration billboards for all the TV shows hoping to be nominated for the coveted industry accolades announced at the 68th Emmy Awards on September 18, 2016. But don't worry nominations will be announced on July 14, 2016, so we're in store for another raft of outdoor ads after these before we find out all the winners.

2016 Emmy consideration billboards
Good Wife 2016 Emmy billboard
Kicking off this selection of Emmy billboards is this recycled ad creative for the seventh and final season of The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies.

I'll admit the final episode was a bit of a disappointment, but the entire series was a great example of complex, uplifting and engaging drama.
Vote for Ash vs Evil Dead 2016 Emmy billboard
It's election season, so it's no surprise that some chose to use a faux electioneering ad creative for its show, so kudos to Starz and its horror comedy based on the cult film franchise, Ash vs Evil Dead.
Power 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
From the looks of this Power season two Emmy billboard, it doesn't look like Starz is going for a unified campaign for its scripted shows this year.
American Horror Story Hotel Emmy FYC billboard
Another premium cable channel that does have more of a cohesive campaign are these 2016 FX Emmy billboards, with ads for American Horror Story: Hotel, Fargo, The Americans and The People v. O.J. Simpson along the busy Sunset Strip.
People v OJ Simpson Emmy FYC billboard
FX was one of the first to start their campaigning this year, so let's see if that translates into nominations as they do have some great shows, The Americans being a personal favourite.
Roots Anika Noni Rose 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
Roots got a 2016 remake this Memorial Day and this billboard for one of its actresses shot up almost immediately after it aired, so History must be hoping for some recognition for its reimagining of Alex Haley's 1976 book.
112263 Emmy FYC billboard
Subscription streaming service Hulu was another content provider with a cohesive look to its Emmy consideration billboards this month.
Casual Hulu 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
I spotted ads for their Stephen King mini-series adaptation 11.22.63, their dysfunctional family sitcom Casual and religious cult drama, The Path.
Mozart in the Jungle 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
One of my favourite collection of Emmy billboards was for Amazon's offering this month, although maybe that's because I watch most of their shows, like Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent and The Man in the High Castle.
Transparent 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
These ads seem to have real standout, so be sure to check out these other 2016 Amazon Emmy consideration billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.
Narcos 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
The weather hasn't been that great of late, lots of 'May Grey' and 'June Gloom', so I'm hoping to see more FYC billboards on my travels around L.A., but I've already glimpsed some of this year's Netflix billboards like this example for drug-smuggling drama Narcos.
Dare to consider Jon Bernthal Daredevil 2016 Emmy billboard
Plus Daredevil is getting some love for its second season, mainly for Jon Bernthal's portrayal of 'The Punisher' which has already earned him a Marvel spin-off series on the streaming service.
Walking Dead Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
Interestingly Jon Bernthal once starred in a little show called The Wallking Dead, and he hasn't done badly since, but AMC's post-apocalyptic zombie drama is certainly still one of my favourites. It's just finished its sixth season with the most brutal, gripping cliffhanger ever, so will the TV industry recognise one of the most-watched shows on TV this year, or just reward it for its technical crafts once again.
Documentary Now Grey Gardens Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
IFC seems to have the wackiest shows around, like the Documentary Now! series which parodies famous documentaries like 1975's Grey Gardens
Veep 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
HBO always has a massive presence in the skies of L.A. around Emmy campaigning time, although this year I'm not sure I'm feeling the love for their latest cohesive campaign.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
Every year they use key art from their shows, like Veep, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones and more, with quotes from media critics, but this year the design feels a little simple and uninspired in its execution. Sorry.
Late Show Stephen Colbert 2016 Emmy billboard
And finally for this collection (I'm sure I'll soon spy plenty more in the weeks to come), there's this billboard for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert which recycles one of his talk show's launch ads for your Emmy consideration.

What do you think? Are there any of your favourite series represented here? And what do you think of the various campaigns and billboard designs?

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any more examples in the days to come, but in the meantime take a look at all these 2015 Emmy billboards to see how competitive the skies will become in the coming weeks and months if history is any indication.

Stay tuned my friends…

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