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Summer movie and music billboards filling the L.A. skyline in June 2016...

This Summer the skies of L.A. were full of movie reboots, sensational sequels and new hopeful film franchises hoping to grab your attention as you passed by. Check out this cool collection of special cut-out extensions, super-sized walls capes and eye-catching visions in vinyl from around the city streets this June 2016.

Movie billboards
Ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy movie billboard
After teasing us with the nostalgic logo billboards at the end of April and early May, the all-female Ghostbusters were jumping into action this month with these fun character cut-out billboards.
Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon movie billboard
If you're looking forward to fresh new supernatural shenanigans this Summer, make sure you also check out the rest of these Ghostbusters reboot movie billboards, including special extensions for other cast members Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones.
Giant Finding Dory movie billboard Sunset Strip
From remakes to sequels, and thirteen years after we were looking for 'Nemo', it's time to return to world beneath the ocean to help find the forgetful fish 'Dory' in Disney/Pixar's latest animated outing.
Finding Dory movie billboard
If you're a fan of their undersea antics, you can also check out this giant Finding Nemo movie billboard and the rest of the outdoor ad campaign for Finding Dory.
Disney BFG movie billboard
Speaking of Disney and they also have another big surprise coming your way this Summer, the adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG. The classic 'Big Friendly Giant' gets the Spielberg treatment in this live-action CGI offering and these special cut-out billboards for the family film certainly stand out in the skies of L.A.
Secret Life of Pets movie billboard
More cute special extensions were filling the skies for Illumination's new animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets (think Toy Story with animals).
Legend Tarzan movie billboard
Edgar Rice Burroughs literary creation Tarzan also gets the big screen treatment this Summer, with True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard filling out the loincloth for this incarnation of the Lord of the Jungle.
Giant Warcraft movie billboard
Meanwhile fantasy game-turned-movie Warcraft may have scored big in China, but even super-sized billboards couldn't help it win big at the U.S. box office in June.
Independence Day Resurgence movie billboard
Speaking of disappointments, and another sequel Independence Day: Resurgence (this time twenty years in the making), didn't break any records this past weekend. When will Hollywood studios realise you can't make the same film over and over without bringing something new and exciting to the mix to entertain audiences.
Star Trek Beyond movie billboard
Another science fiction sequel hitting the big screens this Summer is Star Trek: Beyond (although you can see from this teaser billboard that Paramount will do anything to not say the words Star Trek).

The tragic death of 27-year-old Anton Yelchin, who plays 'Chekov' in this rebooted cinematic universe, was another sad event this month (and we've already lost so many great actors and entertainers this year, from David Bowie to Alan Rickman and Prince recently).
Mike Dave Need Wedding Dates billboard
Zac Efron and Adam Devine play brothers in the new Summer comedy, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, with Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza being their hot mess plus ones.
Central Intelligence film billboard
Plus Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart continue to crank out multiple films a year, this time teaming up in the cop buddy movie, Central intelligence.
Mechanic Resurrection movie billboard
Five years on and 2011's action thriller The Mechanic gets a Jason Statham sequel later this Summer with Mechanic: Resurrection.

It's hard not to look at these billboards and see a pattern when it comes to the prominence of guns in the ad creatives.
Purge Election Year movie billboard
Probably one of the most inappropriate examples this month was for The Purge: Election Year. I spied this giant ad creative just one week after 49 people were massacred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando using a similar semi-automatic weapon, so I think it was more than a bit insensitive of Universal Pictures to have this billboard in the heart of Hollywood this month.

I actually have nothing against The Purge horror film franchise, it's actually a clever satire of gun ownership and politics gone crazy in America wrapped up as entertainment, but the timing of this particular visual was just wrong.
The Conjuring 2 movie billboard
Another horror movie getting a sequel this month was The Conjuring 2, which followed paranormal investigators 'The Warrens' to the U.K. to take on the infamous Enfield Haunting (although surely it's not as scary as the Brexit is).
Mother May I sleep with danger Lifetime movie billboard
Lifetime certainly seems to be attracting some big names of late for its TV movies, from Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in A Deadly Adoption to James Franco in the 20th anniversary remake of the cult classic vampire love story, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
Fundamentals of Caring Netflix film billboard
Netflix was streaming The Fundamentals of Caring this month, with Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez starring in this care-giving comedy drama.
Serena Epix documentary billboard
Meanwhile over on Epix tennis pro Serena Williams was in the spotlight for her new self-titled documentary, just in time for the Olympics.
Serena documentary Epix billboard
Plus the fictional 'Miles Mouvay' was back in the skies of L.A. with special extensions for cinema ticket service, Fandango.
Fandango Spoiler Alert billboard
Not only was he promoting the VIP perks of using the online reservation services, but he was also highlighting the new streaming offering from FandangoNow.
FandangoNOW billboard
If you like this fun ad campaign, be sure to also check out more Miles Mouvay Fandango billboards from the Los Angeles skyline last year.

Music billboards
Life is Beautiful Las Vegas concert billboard
In the world of music it was festival time in Downtown Las Vegas with the annual Life is Beautiful live events.
Giant Hip Hop Honors VH1 2016 billboard
Plus the annual awards show the Hip Hop Honors were promoting their return to VH1 in a big way this month.

There's never a dull moment in the city skyline, so why not compare this collection of ads to last June's movie and music billboards.

Stick around in the days to come for more billboard roundups for fashion, drinks, lifestyle, TV and Emmy award campaigning.

Watch this space...

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