Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The angel hunt never ends in the City of Angels...

Longtime visitors to my blog will remember my angel quest in L.A. when I first moved here. In recent years my attention has drifted to other interests, like movie costume exhibits and billboards, but I always keep my eyes open for any winged creations around the City of Angels.

Pacific Hills School Hand-In-Hand angel sculpture
Hand-In-Hand angel sculpture A Community of Angels
First up is this black and white angel design created for L.A.'s 2000-2002 charity street art project, A Community of Angels, by the students at the Pacific Hills School along West Hollywood's Holloway Drive, working with Paul Morsink. I glimpsed this cool angel over the school's hedge when walking past one day.
Henry Goods wall mural angel West LA
Next is this otherworldly wall mural with angel wing extensions at a gas station along Olympic Boulevard at Barrington Avenue in West L.A. when I was out hunting for billboards, which I believe is by Henry Goods.
Hand-In-Hand angel sculpture West Hollywood
You can still order the A Community of Angels: Los Angelesbook if you're interested in taking a look at all the other designs created around sixteen years ago.

Plus for similar public art projects you can also check out these ongoing Hearts of San Francisco sculptures in the City by the Bay from recent years.

In the meantime I'll keep my eyes open for any other surviving earthbound angel sculptures around the city streets on my travels...

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