Monday, June 20, 2016

Timeless treasures, brand new costumes and movie memorabilia on display around L.A...

Lately I've been playing catchup with all the costume and props exhibits popping up around L.A. in recent weeks. It's often feast or famine when it comes to these displays from the worlds of TV and movies, but at the moment there's been a veritable cornucopia of exciting things to see in Hollywoodland.

Original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series costume
at the Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum 
 Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV costume
Probably my favourite find this month was this original Wonder Woman costume worn by Lynda Carter in the 1970s TV series on display on the backlot of Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour. Even though I'm not the biggest DC Comics fan, I've always thought they have some of the most iconic characters and costumes e.g. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to name a few.

Plus I always had the biggest crush on Lynda Carter as a kid, but what gay boy didn't, she was so fabulous with her colourful costume, super powers and being able to twirl around and change into her outfit.

I also got to compare this fabulous patriotic look for the Amazonian heroine with Gal Gadot's modern Wonder Woman costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was also on display at the studio's separate DC Universe: The Exhibit.

Harley Quinn film costume from Suicide Squad
at the Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum
Harley Quinn movie costume Suicide Squad
Also on display at that DC cinematic exhibit was a preview of some of the costumes featured in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, including Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn film costume.

They also had Jared Leto's 'Joker' costume, Will Smith's 'Deadshot' costume, Jai Courtney's 'Captain Boomerang' and more cool looks and screen-used props on display.

Original Swiss Army Man costumes and vehicle prop
on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Swiss Army Man movie costume prop exhibit
Meanwhile at ArcLight Hollywood cinema this past weekend (when I saw these Love & Friendship movie costumes in action), they had two fantastic movie exhibits to grab my attention.

The first included Swiss Army Man costumes worn by Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano, plus a cool vehicle prop from the weird and wacky comedy.

The Neon Demon film costume exhibit
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Neon Demon movie costume exhibit
The other current ArcLight Hollywood exhibit featured costumes from the new horror flick, The Neon Demon. Not only was it cool to see these outfits from the film, but the display staging was also inventive with neon lighting to match the title of the movie and the costumes were mounted on rotating platforms allowing you to see every angle of the costumes as they moved around 360°.

Time movie costume from Alice Through the Looking Glass
on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre
Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Time film costume
At the beginning of the month I ventured along to Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre to watch and check out costumes from Disney's Alice Trough the Looking Glass movie. I have to say I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would, and the theatre always presents the costumes and props so wonderfully, so they're always a joy to see in person, like this 'Time' costume worn by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie.

Orgrim Doomhammer cinema statue
on display at ArcLight Hollywood
Orgrim Doomhammer statue ArcLight Hollywood cinema
And finally I had no real interest in seeing Warcraft, having never played the game and assuming this would just be another CGI-heavy movie aspiring to be the next Lord of the Rings franchise, but it was cool seeing this towering life-size 'Orgrim' orc statue on display in ArcLight Hollywood's foyer at the beginning of the month.

As you can see there were lots of cool things to make a comic book geek and film fan happy in recent weeks. Let's hope this trend continues over the Summer months...

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