Sunday, June 19, 2016

We must never forget the LGBT victims of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and must demand gun control in America now...

I can't believe it's been a week already since we all woke to the horrific news that 49 LGBT men and women and their allies had been killed at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida and almost as many more hospitalised with gunshot wounds.

We Love Orlando LGBTQ banner The Abbey
The news of the massacre was made even worse as it came on a day in West Hollywood when the whole of L.A. and thousands of visitors were coming to enjoy the annual Pride festivities, a time we can come together and celebrate our victories towards equality and against such hate crimes.
Gun Control Pulse nightclub victims rooftop installation West Hollywood
Like I say, a long tearful week has passed and I can already feel the collective consciousness of mainstream America start to move on to the next news cycle, or horror show, but I like many of my LGBT brothers and sisters feel galvanized by this atrocity to do something about it and not let it go unremembered.

Keeping the fight alive on social media is of course one thing we can do, but thoughts and prayers won't change laws and get assault weapons out of the hands of crazy homophobic people.
50 Dead Gun Control Orlando victims rooftop installation WEHO
We've already donated to the Orlando victims funds and also to some gun control lobbyists to try start to do our bit, plus when the Senate Democrats led by Chris Murphy did their 14-hour filibuster I made sure to call the hotline and show my support.

But as you can see there are others showing their outrage and not letting people forget with this provocative rooftop installation.
50 Dead Orlando victims rooftop installation WEHO
This rooftop display with mannequins in place of the Pulse Nightclub victims may seem sensational, but this actually happened and so it musn't be quietly swept under the carpet like many GOP Republicans and the NRA would like us to do.
And if it feels uncomfortable to look at as you pass by, then good, because it should make you feel sick to your stomach that this has happened and keeps happening time after time.

Just remember, the sight of two men or two women kissing won't kill you, but a gun can.
We Are Orlando LGBTQ banner Fiesta Cantina WEHO
I'm hoping that we can use this horrible act of gun violence to do two things, once and for all start to tackle gun crime in the U.S., but also to let people know that we gay men and women won't be victimized anymore.

All the churches, politicians and angry people that preach hate and anti-LGBT sentiment need to be held accountable their actions and for creating this atmosphere of hatred and violence. They need to know that we won't accept it anymore.

We are loud, we are PROUD and we will take you on and we will win these battles.

LGBT lives matter too...

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