Monday, July 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders faux coffee shop campaign HQ in L.A...

Even though Bernie Sanders won't be the Democratic candidate in the U.S. Presidential Elections, he certainly inspired a lot of people during the primary campaigning and made them 'Feel the Bern'.

Bernie Sanders faux Coffee Shop LA
With all the construction for the Metro and new Academy Museum at Fairfax Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard I've kept my distance from the busy intersection in recent months, so I've missed out on this fabulous 'Bernie's Coffee Shop' takeover of what is usually the iconic Johnie's Coffee Shop until now.
Bernie's Coffee Shop KFC homage
Apparently the venue's current owner is a 'Berner' and supplied the normally vacant location 9often used for filming or election campaigning) as a meeting hub for Bernie's grassroots supporters in L.A.
Bernie's Coffee Shop cartoon window
As you can see from all the campaign slogans, cartoons and fast food homages, they certainly are a passionate bunch for the candidate and his progressive movement.
Bernie Sanders Coffee Shop Wilshire Boulevard
It's a great PR stunt along the Miracle Mile corridor, especially as Johnie's was already a local Historic-Cultural Monument in the neighbourhood.
Feel the Burn STD Bernie Sanders parody billboard
You could tell that Bernie fever was sweeping the country as the AIDS Healthcare Foundation even used a spoof of one of his campaign slogans to help promote free sexually transmitted disease screenings earlier this Spring.
Bernie Sand Wars window Star Wars homage
Even though Bernie may be out of this year's race, he's still hanging on in there to push his platform agendas of affordable education and a better minimum wage (although he's always been too soft on gun control for my liking, especially in light of recent events).
Faux Bernie's Coffee Shop Wilshire Boulevard
This year's Democratic Convention isn't until the end of July, but it looks like this week he is close to endorsing Hillary Clinton as the presumptive candidate, now that she has taken on board his concerns.
Bernie Sanders Coffee Shop front door
Let's hope all Democratic voters can come together and help defeat Donald Trump this November, as the Brexit in my own country has shown how hate, fear-mongering, propaganda and lies can warp the population's perceptions of the facts and reality.

He may not become President, but I don't think this is the last we've heard of Bernie Sanders, if anything he could always go into the coffee shop business...

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