Monday, July 4, 2016

Grease and fireworks make for a wonderful summer night...

Last night was a "wop ba-ba lu-bop and wop bam boom" night of feel-good musicals and spectacular pyrotechnics.

Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
To celebrate a friend's birthday and the Fourth of July weekend we ventured to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the first time in the evening to enjoy an outdoor Cinespia screening of my favourite musical movie, Grease, accompanied by fireworks after the film.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
I've always like the idea of trying this Hollywood institution, but picnicking and watching a movie amongst the gravestones always seemed a bit macabre.
Forever Hollywood Cemetery movie night
I was also skeptical about the sound and picture quality, but all my fears were for naught as the film looked amazing on the big wall.
Hollywood Forever movie night
I also realised that aside from a Grease singalong at the Hollywood Bowl, I've never seen Grease on the big screen, or in widescreen either.
Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
The film is such a riot of colour, fabulous dance sequences and infectious songs, you can't help but sing along, and even the occasional firework going off in the Summer skies during the film couldn't spoil the atmosphere.
Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
There's also something about watching a movie filmed in L.A. under the Southern Californian sky and stars too, which made the evening more magical.
Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
Now that we know the drill about what time to get there for a prime viewing spot and where to park, I'm sure it won't be the last time we pay a visit to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, for movie night that is.
Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
If you're also a fan of the movie, be sure to check out the original Grease Lightning car which I saw on display at Madame Tussauds a while back.
Hollywood Forever 4th July Fireworks
There's nothing like a big fireworks finale for make the July 4th weekend go with a flash and a bang either.
Forever Hollywood Grease movie
Bye for now and have a fantastic Fourth of July whatever you get up to (and make sure you keep your pets safe today).

Grease is the word and Hollywood is forever...

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