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July 2016's eclectic mix of food, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s crowded skies...

This month the skies have been crammed with a real eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards doing their best to grab passerby attention, and I'd say they've been doing a great job of it. Check out this collection of drinks, food, travel, tourist attraction, property lettings and more lifestyle brand outdoor ads filling L.A.'s sprawling skyline this July 2016.

Drinks and food billboards
Someones script got green lit today Coors Light billboard
I couldn't help but kick of this selection with this very Hollywoodland-themed ad creative from Coors Light. In a weird twist of fate I now find myself surrounded by friends who are working on scripts and the like, waiting for their big break, so this "Someone's script got green lit today" really resonated with me this month.
Cerveza XX Dos Equis 2016 beer billboard
Next up is what I assume is the new outdoor ad campaign for Dos Equis beer, who recently retired their Most Interesting Man in the World ad campaign.

Frankly this looks like every other generic beer brand ad, so hopefully this is just a place holder to cleanse the palate before they launch something more interesting.
Taste that's pure gold Modelo Beer billboard
Speaking of fairly generic ads, this Modelo beer billboard certainly falls into that category. The taste may be pure gold, but the ad creative is not so exciting.
Giant Grey Goose Vodka Fly beyond billboard
In the world of vodka, Grey Goose returns to the Sunset Strip this month with this giant-sized billboard for their 'Fly Beyond' ad campaign.
Effen Vodka See where good taste takes you billboard Hollywood
Effen Vodka also went big with this colourful ad creative in the heart of Hollywood near Sunset & Vine.
Summer got me like Huberts Lemonade billboard
The real winner this Summer in the land of liquid refreshment has to be these Hubert's Lemonade billboards.
Huberts Lemonade Stay cool this Summer billboard
Progressing last year's new ad campaign, these sunny, vibrant emoji-themed outdoor ads are really refreshing the city skyline at the moment.
Beat Summer heat Huberts Lemonade billboard
This 'Beat the Summer heat' example is especially appropriate at the moment with the soaring temperatures and wildfires raging in Southern California.
Vitamin Water Spin the bottle billboard
Meanwhile Vitamin Water was showing off its colourful offering, hoping to whet your appetite for refreshment.
Sprite soda Lyrical Collection billboard
In the world of soda, the lemon and lime drink Sprite was using singers Missy Elliot, 2Pac and J. Cole in its limited edition 'Lyrical Collection' outdoor ad campaign.
7UP soda Vive Up billboard
Whilst another lemon-lime soda, 7Up, was also trying to stand to to Los Angelenos this month.
Soylent Intelligently designed food billboard
Soylent, the meal replacement drink was also back in the Summer skies with some bold new ad creatives.
Zero to 800 real quick DoorDash billboard
Meanwhile in the world of home takeout delivery, DoorDash app and website was highlighting its snappy service with these new foodie billboards.
Make it snap pea DoorDash billboard
Meanwhile these were a battle of the beef jerky billboards along the Sunset Strip this month, something I'd never thought I'd ever have to write.
Chef's Cut Steak jerky billboard
Chef's Cut was highlighting its steakhouse quality, whilst Krave jerky was leaning on its sponsorship of the USA Team Olympics with this Michael Phelps swimmer ad creative.
Krave beef jerky Olympics sponsor billboard
Which jerky brand do you think should take home the medal for best ad?

Travel billboards
Alaska Airlines Nonstop flights LAX Costa Rica billboard
This Summer there's already been a huge profusion of airline advertising in the city skies, from Air France to American Airlines and Delta. Now it's the turn of Alaska Airlines to highlight their nonstop flights from LAX to Costa Rica with this special extension billboard (although at first glance I thought those green vines were scary snakes).
Virgin America First Class Boss billboard
Plus their recent purchase, Virgin America, was back in the skies promoting their luxury First Class offering, allowing you to travel like a boss.

Theme parks and performing arts billboards
Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town paparazzi outlaws billboard
This July streets of L.A. were also filled with suggestions of what to do this Summer, like visit the new Western-themed Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm amusement park.
LA Natural History Museum Pterosaurs billboard
Parents were looking for other ways to entertain and educate their kids were also tempted by this special extension Pterosaurs billboard for the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
Hollywood Bowl 2016 billboard
And in the evenings, the Hollywood Bowl was offering a Summer season of classical music and more concerts in the great outdoors.

Property and lettings billboards
first 2 bed apartment gay couple RadPad billboard
If you were looking for a new place to hang your hat, RadPad had this cool ad campaign to help find apartments and houses for rent.
bungalow with backyard RadPad billboard
I especially like that one of their ads featured a same-sex couple embarking on their first two bedroom apartment together.

Autos billboards
Skurt A car in your pocket billboard
Meanwhile this suggestive ad creative for Skurt's car hire app made me laugh out loud this month. What's that saying, have you got something in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me? So fun and tongue-in-cheek.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone 6s billboard
Apple released another wave of user-generated Shot on iPhone 6s billboards this month, dotting the skies with scenic landscapes and inspiring images, unlike any other ad campaign currently in the city skyline.
Giant Dyson Purifier billboard
Another company that knows a thing about good design is British firm Dyson (founded by inventor James Dyson), and this month it was showing off its sleek indoor humidifier in a big way along the Sunset Strip.

Charity and cause-related billboards
Lets deal with LGBTQ issues Grindr billboard
Next this Grindr billboard would usually sit in the dating category, but as you can see the brand is trying to become much more socially conscious than just a hookup app advertising, trying to engage the gay user base it services.
Pokemon spoof We catch em all STD billboard
And speaking of sex, this spoof Pokémon-themed billboard from AIDS Healthcare Foundation certainly turns heads in light of the current Pokémon Go game craze to help promote free STD checks.

As you can see there was a real mix of interesting and engaging ad creatives vying for attention this month, and that's not even counting all the TV, movie, music and fashion billboards also gracing the Summer skyline.

Come back soon for another snapshot of this month's outdoor advertising on Los Anegeles...

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