Saturday, July 23, 2016

Santa Clarita brush fire makes for dramatic Summer skies in L.A...

San Diego Comic-Con isn't the only place with the action this weekend as an 11,000-acre brush fire rages near Santa Clarita making for some apocalyptic skies in West Hollywood.

In fact the whole day has been very overcast and sultry, with soaring temperatures and a sky full of smoke and ash making for a gloomy Saturday.
These photos were taken from my roof deck at 4pm today, making a change from the bright clear blue skies we've enjoyed in the evening the past week.

These images don't do justice either to how red the sun looks filtered through all that air pollution.
Hundreds of people have had to be evacuated in the areas of this 'Sand fire', so let's hope the firefighters can get it all under control under the tough Summer heatwave conditions.

Fortunately this far away you can't smell any smoke, or taste the ash in the air, but who knows what the morning will bring. Let's hope it's not any more fires...

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