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Summer's blockbuster movie, music and radio billboards in L.A.'s skies this July 2016...

This Summer the skies are alive with a veritable menagerie of animals, from bunnies to dogs, cats, apes, sloths, mammoths, bulls, dragons, and even a few ghosts and aliens. Just like the box office, the city skyline was booming with blockbuster movie billboards, plus a plethora of music and concert outdoor ads and even some fun radio creatives too.

Movie billboards
Secret Life of Pets Snowball rabbit billboard
At the beginning of July the streets of Los Angeles were filled with cute and cuddly special extension animal cut-out billboards for The Secret Life of Pets, be sure to click through to my Daily Billboard blog and check them all out.
Secret lIfe of Pets movie Duke billboard
That computer-animated comedy caper wasn't the only pet-themed movie offering to keep kids occupied on their Summer vacation.
Nine Lives movie billboard
Nine Lives is a live-action movie about a workaholic businessman (Kevin Spacey) who finds himself switched into the body of a cat after a freak accident.
Ice Age Collision Course movie billboard
The Ice Age film franchise was back for a fifth prehistoric caper this month with Collision Course.
Ice Age Collision Course film billboard
Sadly even though it had a fun outdoor ad campaign, it looks like audiences may have grown tired with the same story told over and over, and this animated movie franchise may now be extinct.
Kubo Two Strings movie billboard
Bringing something totally different to the big screen and the city skyline this month was Laika Studios, with their latest stop-motion animation adventure, Kubo and the Two Strings.
Giant Petes Dragon movie billboard
Disney is rebooting another 70s favourite this Summer with Pete's Dragon. This time though the magical film isn't a musical, but an action adventure about an orphaned boy and his dragon best friend.
Legend of Tarzan movie billboard
From mythical creatures to our distant ape cousins, and the Lord of the Jungle was being rebooted with Alexander Skarsgard in the legendary loincloth. If you like this ad creative, make sure you check out all these other cool movie billboards for The Legend of Tarzan.
Ghostbusters movie reboot billboard
Another iconic franchise getting the big screen reboot this month was Ghostbusters, with an all-new female headline cast (and Thor's Chris Hemsworth along for dumb eye candy).
Ghostbusters movie Leslie Jones billboard
It's pretty shameful how this incarnation has been trolled by sad fanboys before the film even opened and the racist abuse Leslie Jones endured on Twitter after the film opened. Personally I thought she and Kate McKinnon were the best things in the supernatural comedy, which may not have been my favourite film of the Summer but was certainly entertaining.
Star Trek Beyond movie billboard
I was worried when it was announced that Justin Lin from the Fast & Furious film franchise would be dirtying the next Star Trek installment, but Beyond proved me wrong with a great mix of action and character development.
Star Trek Beyond film billboard
I also thought the United Federation of Planets message of being stronger together in the film is even more important in this day and age, with so much divisive fear and hatred being stoked by political figures like Donald Trump.
Suicide Squad movie billboard
Speaking of villains, and DC Comics is gathering their most dangerous super-vilains, killers and mercenaries in their new big screen outing Suicide Squad, to tackle deadly missions for the government that no one else wants to do in exchange for more lenient prison sentences.
Sausage Party movie billboard
Meanwhile a new hero is set to rise in a new R-Rated animated comedy, and if you like this tongue-in-cheek ad creative, be sure to enjoy all these other innuendo-laden Sausage Party movie billboards.
Neon Demon movie billboard
The Neon Demon took to the skies in a big way this July to attract cinema goers to see the true horror involved in the narcissistic fashion industry.
Jason Bourne movie billboard
And Matt Damon is back in the skies as Jason Bourne, although with all the gun violence happening in America recently, there must have been a more creative way to sell this spy thriller franchise in the city skyline than having the hero pointing a gun at us.
Florence Foster Jenkins movie billboard
Meryl Streep is back in the summer skies doing what she does best, playing a kooky character, this time Florence Foster Jenkins, the story of the real-life amateur operatic singer.
Tony Robbins not your Guru documentary billboard
Meanwhile motivational speaker Tony Robbins was owning the skies with this dramatic billboard for his documentary film, I Am Not Your Guru.
Fandango Get tickets VIP way billboard
Fandango's biggest movie fan, 'Miles Mouvay', was back in the skies this month promoting the VIP benefits of using the cinema tickets booking service in a fun way.
Fandango Good for Miles Good for America billboard
It looks like everyone is caught up in election season fever this month (personally I'm obsessed, and loving all the hopeful, patriotic speeches from the Democratic Convention this week).

Music billboards
Blink 182 California album billboard
In the world of music Blink-182 was back with their new album, California, and this billboard artwork by street artist D*Face. If you like his work, be sure to also check out this zombie pop art mural in L.A. from five years ago.
Rihanna Sledgehammer Star Trek Beyond song billboard
Rihanna was debuting her out-of-this-world new single Sledgehammer from the Star Trek: Beyond movie soundtrack and was sporting this alien-influenced billboard along the Sunset Strip this July.
Adele Sold out LA concert billboard
Adele is playing L.A. at Downtown's Staples Center on her world tour in August and had this 'sold out' billboard to announce her imminent arrival.
Barbra Streisand Staples Center 2016 concert billboard
Before she sings, another famous diva will take the stage, Barbra Streisand. We saw her a few years ago at the Hollywood Bowl and it was amazing (and expensive) and the acoustics were far better than the Staples Center (even if it was much colder in the freezing outdoor amphitheatre).
Sia Hollywood Bowl Sold out concert 2016 billboard
Speaking of the Hollywood Bowl and Sia is also playing there later this year and an extra concert has been added because the first one sold out.
Ben Harper Innocent Criminals Hollywood Bowl billboard
Plus Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals will also be bringing the sounds to the Bowl later this Summer.

Radio billboards
Woody Show most morning shows bull crap radio billboard
Radio morning show, The Woody Show, took a leaf out of Deadpool's emoji movie billboard this month with this witty ad creative.
Woody Show probably hate it radio billboard
Plus he doubled-down on the fun with this additional eye-catching, self-depracting billboard.

Gaming billboards
Headlander Adult Swim game billboard
And finally, this Headlander action-adventure game billboard from Adult Swim available on PS4 was turning heads along the Sunset Strip in July.

Wow, there were so many cool billboards filling the ever-changing city skyline this month, and movies were definitely having their moment in the spotlight before the new TV season and Emmy nomination campaigning really kicks off.

Make sure you check out the movie and music billboards from last year, and come back soon for a fun snapshot of July's TV show billboards entertaining the streets of the City of Angels...

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