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August 2016's food, drinks and eclectic lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s Summer skies...

No one could ever accuse the streets and skies of Los Angeles of being boring and this month is no exception with an eclectic mix of food, drinks, cars, travel, dating and more lifestyle billboards crowding the city skyline. Here's a cool collection of the lifestyle outdoor ads turning heads this August 2016.

Food and drinks billboards
Giant Blue Moon beer billboard Sunset Strip
First up is this giant-sized pint of Blue Moon beer looking especially refreshing as the temperatures soar.
Blue Moon Beer billboards
In addition to the super-sized ad creative on the side of the Andaz Hotel, further west along the Sunset Strip the beer brand was also having fun with its signature orange slice on the side of the Whisky A Go-Go club.
Coors Light neon sign billboard installation Hollywood
Over in Hollywood, Coors Light was lighting up the skies of Sunset & Vine at night with their new neon sign billboard installation.
Estrella Jalisco Mexican Beer embroidered billboard
Estrella Jalisco the latest Mexican beer brand to hit the streets of L.A. was having fun in the city skyline with some Mexican-themed ad creatives.
Estrella Jalisco Mexican Beer billboard
These embroidered designs and this bright pink ad creative based on traditional Mexican perforated paper decorations, papel picado, were certainly eye-catching.
Estrella Jalisco Beer papel picado billboard
With so many beer brands trying to capture drinkers attention it's nice to have unique point of difference.
Heineken Beer same cast since 1873 billboard
Dutch brand Heineken was also advertising its brew in the heart of Hollywood this month, with its simple ingredients being the star of the show.
Effen Vodka Express style new flavor billboard
Effen Vodka was changing its ad along the Sunset Strip for its new flavours, although this billboard looked a little posed.
Giant Jessica Alba Zico Coconut Water billboard
Meanwhile actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba was back around the streets and skies in these giant-sized billboards for Zico Coconut Water, so be sure to click though to my Daily Billboard Blog and check out the other super-sized examples.
Wanta Fanta soda billboard
With some California cities added special taxes for soda companies, it's no wonder that Fanta is advertising their liquid refreshment in the skies of L.A. this month. If I was a kid these colourful cans of pop would certainly appeal in the Summer heat.
Presto Sando DoorDash billboard
In the world of takeout delivery DoorDash continued to promote its speedy service, but it's not the first startup company to do so, so be sure to check out the other food home delivery billboards from recent times (all made possible by the wonders of modern technology, like apps and websites).
STK Burgers Partys moved to Westwood billboard
And speaking of food, this burger billboard for STK Los Angeles and their move to Westwood was like food porn in West Hollywood (and it was strategically placed across the road from the popular new Shake Shack franchise).
Krave Better Meb Keflezighi Olympic runner jerky billboard
Every four years there's a food brand that takes advantage of the Olympic Games, this year to was Krave and their jerky offering.
Krave Better Jerky Olympics sponsor billboard
These sporty ad creatives with runners, soccer stars and swimmers featured Olympians from Team USA.
Krave Better Jerky Carli Lloyd Olympics soccer billboard
For some examples of Olympics sponsorship billboards from the last games in 2012 take a look at these billboards from my travels to New York City too.

Sports billboards
All about USC Trojans billboard
Keeping to a sporty theme and the University of Southern California Trojans American Football team was advertising to build some team spirit this month.

Motoring billboards
Ford Fusion Sport Platinum Hybrid billboards Downtown LA
In addition to holidays, the Summer must also be when people's thoughts turn to a new motor, that's if this past few weeks of car ads is any indication. This trio of billboards for Ford Fusion's new models on the side of the Figueroa Hotel in Downtown L.A. certainly stand out.
Giant GMC Arcadia blockbuster billboard Sunset Strip
I'm always bemoaning the lack of imagination in car ads, but there was something about the simplicity of this outdoor ad campaign from GMC's new Arcadia that caught my eye.
GMC Arcadia Premiere car billboard
Obviously a giant-sized billboard and some Hollywoodland theming never hurts to get passerby attention.
New GMC OMG Arcadia car billboard
Although GMC isn't the only one to use OMG in their ad recently, as this Beverly Hills Infiniti dealership billboard demonstrates.
Chevrolet Spark Go-getter seeks things to do billboard
Meanwhile Chevrolet Spark was using a fun dating analogy for its small car, or 'smallmate', offering.

Cause-related billboards
Affordable housing in LA 2 Preserve LA billboard
In L.A. at the moment you can't help but notice all the construction, especially as it causes havoc trying to get around the city. Some people are worried that this overdevelopment of this already sprawling city will making living here even more unachievable for some, it's a valid consideration.
Why Kanye Taylor Swift so upset Faces of 15 billboard
Meanwhile the conservative lobby group, Employment Policies Institute, was trying to confuse the issue with equal pay and suggest higher wages were bad for youngsters trying to find jobs, using celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kanye West to twist the facts.

Health and beauty billboards
Sexy Health AHF billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation continued to promote its safe sex message in the city skies, with sexy ads to get your attention.
Just a prick meningitis vax billboard
Plus this tongue-in-cheek 'just a prick' ad creative was encouraging meningitis vaccination for those who may need it following recent breakouts among gay men.
Freeze the fat love handles billboard
Meanwhile this last billboard is more about vanity than health and it's also a bit of a con, because this male model clearly does not need any help freezing the fat or getting rid of love handles (even though he's certainly nice to look at).

Dating billboards
Sugar Models Dating Arrangements Social Club billboard
Sugar Models, the dating site for women who don't mind going out with rich older men, was back in the skies and there's definitely enough people on both sides of this equation in L.A.
Squirt Your place or mine Gay hookup app billboard
Plus gay hookup app Squirt was advertising its services, maybe to combat rival Grindr's recent billboards.

Publishing billboards
Harry Potter Cursed Child book billboard
Harry Potter fans rejoiced this month with not only a new two-part West End stage play (and spin-off movie franchise on the way), but also the rehearsal script from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was available in book form at the end of July (I know what I'll be reading around the swimming pool next week).

Travel billboards
Alaska Airlines sloth snugglers billboard
And speaking of vacations, and Alaska Airlines was having fun in the city skyline advertising their nonstop flights to Costa Rica.
Alaska Airlines Costa Rica Toucan special extension billboard
Be sure to check out the clever Alaska Airlines billboard which became more and more covered with tropical flora and fauna as the weeks progressed.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone billboard
This month Apple decided to mix up it's Shot on iPhone ad campaign, shuffling its inspiring user-generated ad creatives amongst all its different ad sites and formats around the city in the middle of the month.
Weedmaps High Hollywood billboard
And also in the world of technology, the Weedmaps website makes it even easier to get your hands on pot to keep things high in Hollywoodland.

As you can see there are so many other billboards trying to get your attention in addition to all the blockbuster Summer movies, new TV shows and Emmy campaigning and the start of the Fall fashion season.

If you like this selection, you can also take a look back at the kind of lifestyle billboards that were filling the city skies last year.

Like I said at the start, there's never a dull moment in L.A.'s skyline...

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