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August 2016's movie, music and gaming billboards turning heads in the skies of L.A...

Even though most of the Summer blockbusters have come and gone at the cinema, that doesn't mean the skies haven't been filled with movie billboards this month. Here's a cool collection of film, music and gaming billboards trying to grab passerby attention in L.A. this August 2016.

Movie billboards
Blair Witch movie billboard
Even though we're in a bit of a lull at the box office at the end of August, that doesn't mean the studios are not gearing up for future releases, like this striking red billboard for the return of the Blair Witch shaky cam horror franchise to the big screen.
Bridget Joness Baby movie billboard
Speaking of returning film franchises and twelve years after the second comedy movie, Renee Zellweger is back and facing pregnancy in Bridget Jones's Baby, this time we're left wondering who's the father. 
Girl on the Train movie billboard
Meanwhile this October seeing another literary tale translated to the big screen with Emily Blunt starring as The Girl on the Train.
Deepwater Horizon movie billboard
Another film coming soon is based on a true story of peril on the high seas as an explosive fire breaks out on an oil rig in Mark Wahlberg's new movie, Deepwater Horizon.
War Dogs movie billboard
Another movie out this August was War Dogs, also based on the true events of young entrepreneurial U.S. arms dealers, with an obvious Scarface movie homage in their ad campaign.
Snowden movie billboard
In September Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes on the role of Edward Snowden in a film directed by Oliver Stone, when an NSA agent infamously leaks thousands of classified documents to the press.
Sully movie billboard
The future certainly seems to be filled with drama based on real-life events, as Tom Hanks plays a pilot that landed a crippled passenger airplane in New York City's Hudson River in Sully.
When the Bough Breaks movie billboard
From real-life thrills, to terror of a different kind and When the Bough Breaks sees a young surrogate mother become obsessed with the father-to-be.
Ben Hur movie remake billboard
One film franchise trying to get a reboot this August and bombing at the box office was the biblical epic Ben-Hur. Why would any studio try and remake such a classic that won eleven Academy Awards for the original 1959 movie starring Oscar-winner Charlton Heston in the first place?
Sausage Party movie billboard
One film that triumphed at the box office this month was the R-Rated animated comedy Sausage Party. It helped that the movie had a fun tongue-in-cheek ad campaign filled with sexual innuendo, so be sure to check out all these other Sausage Party billboards.
Little Prince Netflix movie billboard
From animation aimed at adults to an animated film of a different sort based on the classic tale of The Little Prince, streaming on Netflix this month.
Tallulah movie billboard
Netflix is certainly snapping up lots of good films of late, much to the distress of the traditional studios and networks, including the new Ellen Page and Allison Janney baby snatching drama, Tallulah.
XOXO Netflix film billboard
They also brought XOXO to the small screen, the new twenty-something coming-of-age drama set at an electronic dance festival starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and The Good Wife's Graham Phillips.
I am JFK Jr documentary film billboard
Meanwhile over on Spike, I am JFK Jr. was a new documentary film delving into the life of the son of American's 35th President following the infamous assassination of his father.
Giant Star Wars Force Awakens Starz billboard
And over on Starz, the Force was awakening with the new Star Wars movie available on the premium cable channel, promoted by this giant-sized billboard on the side of the Sofitel Hotel along Beverly Boulevard.

Music billboards
sleep when dead Steve Aoki documentary billboard
Netflix has also become a destination for great documentaries, and the latest explores the loud life of superstar DJ Steve Aoki.
Katy Perry Rise billboard
And also in the sphere of music Katy Perry was paying homage to Apocalypse Now with this ad creative for her new single Rise.
Adele Sold out LA concerts billboard
Plus am I the only person not to have seen Adele in concert this month? I'm a little confused why they needed so many billboards for her concerts when they all sold out before they went up.
Tritonal Painting with dreams tour billboard
DJ music duo Tritonal also had this trippy butterfly-themed billboard for their new Painting with Dreams Tour in the skies of Sunset Boulevard this month.
YouTube Music app billboards Sunset Strip
Plus YouTube Music was really pushing their new app in a big way around the streets of L.A. this August.
MTV Video Music Awards billboard 2016
And tomorrow it's time for MTV's annual Video Music Awards, or VMAs, so expect some show-stopping performances from stars like Britney, Rihanna, Future, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas.

Radio billboards
Woody Show Now sucks less radio billboard
The Woody Show also continued to have some self-deprecating billboards in the skies for their morning radio program.

Gaming billboards
Summoners War Your war Your way billboard
And finally, the popular Summoners War online game returned to the summer skies this month, and if you like this ad creative, be sure to check out these other magical billboards from last year.

You can also compare this collection of ads with last Summer's movie and music billboards, plus stay tuned in the days to come for more roundups of the fashion, Fall TV and Emmy nomination billboards crowding the skies of L.A. this past few weeks.

Watch this space...

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