Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting an early start on Labor Day celebrations in Palm Springs...

Los Angeles is a great place to live, with a thriving, diverse population, so much going on and stone's throw from the beach. But there's nothing like leaving behind all the honking horns, crazy drivers and pace of life for the heat and calmer temperament of Palm Springs (that is, as long as you have a pool and air conditioning to relax in).

Our home away from home for the next few days
Palm Springs vacation rental
With Labor Day fast approaching we thought we'd get away earlier and make the most of the fact that  not many people go to Palm Springs at this time of year with the soaring temperatures (it got up to 111°F today).

And even though my eyeballs felt like they were melting from my skull when we first arrived this afternoon (after dropping Cooper at his doggie spa, because he hates the heat) and caught up with a friend for lunch at Lulu's, sitting outside in this Mediterranean-like heat with the cicadas chirping away feels like bliss.
Palm Springs living interior
Obviously going away is not without its drama, and as we sat down for a bite to eat we discovered that our intended rental house had sprung a leak, so we had to change where we were staying at the very last minute.
Palm Springs living interior
Fortunately everything worked out for the best. Now a few cocktails later and an early evening swim to cool us off, we could get used this way of life, and of late have been considering investing in a property here.
Palm Springs swimming pool
But really, what's not to love about sunshine and swimming pools. Now, back to the important business of relaxing...

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