Thursday, September 1, 2016

An onslaught of new Fall TV billboards crowding L.A.'s skies in August 2016…

Every new TV season I get so excited when all the new shows start appearing in the city skies, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I've also shared the returning TV show billboards this August 2016, so now it's time to shine a spotlight on the rookie shows trying to capture your attention and a viable audience.

TV billboards
David Cross Making America great again billboard
I couldn't help but kick off things with this Netflix comedy special ripped-from-the-headlines, as standup comedian David Cross is 'Making America great again!', just like a certain orange-tinged, tiny-handed bigot we all know running for U.S. President this year is using as a campaign slogan.
America Divided docu-series billboard
On a similar subject, this year's presidential election has really shown the divisions within the U.S., exposing a real snakebite of hates and fears and inequalities, so there's never been a better time for a docu-series like America Divided.
Designated Survivor series premiere billboard
Keeping with he patriotic theme, and Kiefer Sutherland returns to the small screen this season with his new Designated Survivor conspiracy thriller, when a low-level cabinet member gets catapulted into the highest office in the land after a catastrophic event kills everyone else in line for the Presidency.
Get Down series premiere billboard
Netflix is constantly proving that they don't need traditional TV seasons to stream quality, innovative shows, like their exciting new 70s based drama chronicling the dawn of Hip Hop in the Bronx.
Giant High Maintenance series premiere billboard
Meanwhile HBO's new pot dramedy High Maintenance is a real sign of the times we live in, as this former web series follows 'The Guy' as he travels around New York City delivering weed to his eclectic assortment of customers.
Bull series premiere billboard
From someone who can lift your spirits to someone who can 'get you off', Bull is a new legal drama starring Michael Weatherly about a consulting group that gets clients prepared for trial, based on the early career of Dr. Phil.
MacGyver 2016 series premiere billboard
CBS is proving that for every new TV season there's a TV remake or two to be had. This year the network is rebooting the 80s television classic, MacGyver, with the X-Men movies Lucas Till as the resourceful secret agent.
Lethal Weapon series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Fox, obviously not learning their lesson with Minority Report last year, they are remaking the Lethal Weapon films into a new TV franchise.
Son of Zorn series premiere billboard
At least their new comedy, Son of Zorn, has hint of originality mixing animation with live-action as a barbarian warrior moves to the suburbs to reconnect with his human son.
Better Things series premiere billboard
Over on FX, Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon (who also stars) are bringing some new family drama about a divorced actress mum raising three kids, based on hew own life.
Atlanta series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Donald Glover stars in a new FX comedy series about the music biz set in Georgia's state capital, Atlanta. This peachy ad creative with the state's official fruit in their mouths certainly stands out.
Timeless series premiere billboard
Over on NBC they're turning back the clocks with the new time-travel series Timeless. Let's hope the series brings some originality to the genre and doesn't simply turn into a time-period-of-the-week procedural.
Good Place series premiere billboard
Meanwhile the network is also traveling to Heaven this TV season, with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell in The Good Place, about a woman who feels like she hasn't earned the right to be there.
Giant Kevin Can Wait series premiere billboard
And Kevin Can Wait sounds like play on Heaven Can Wait, but in Kevin James return to small screen comedy he plays a newly retired cop hoping to spend quality time with his family and buddies, when his daughter threatens to drop out of college and he has to move her and her fiancé into his house, putting his plans on hold for a while.
This is Us series premiere billboard
And NBC's This Is Us sees the life stories and paths of different groups of people intersect in a new dramedy.
Pitch series premiere billboard
For sports fans, there's a new baseball drama starring Kylie Bunbury as the first woman recruited to play in the Major Lagues in Pitch.
Giant Hard Knocks series premiere billboard
Plus Hard Knocks on HBO has been following the Los Angeles Rams in a new American Football documentary series.
Last Chance U series premiere billboard
And over on Netflix, Last Chance U follows a group of young men training and hoping to become the future stars of the NFL.
Take My Wife series premiere billboard
In reality series Take My Wife, two gay standup comedians and really life couple, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, share a glimpse into their lives working in comedy and living together.
Amber Rose Show VH1 season 1 billboard
And on VH1, Amber Rose gets her own talk show just as they announce she'll be on the new season of  Dancing with the Stars as a contestant.
60 Days In series premiere billboard
From the reality of celebrity lives to the real world of prisons, and A&E's unscripted fly-on-the-wall series takes you 60 Days In behind bars to end crime and corruption at Clark County Jail.
Harley and the Davidsons series premiere billboard
The new Discovery Channel series brings you the story behind the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company this September.
Fight of the Living Dead Experiment 88 billboard
And finally, YouTube Red's new original series has been bitten by the zombie bug for Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88.
Giant Fight of Living Dead Experiment 88 billboard
The Google-owned video platform is promoting the new web series in a big way, with multiple billboards along the Sunset Strip, and sees ten online personalities trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse style world for 72 hours straight.
Fight of the Living Dead Experiment 88 billboard
If you like this collection of ad creatives, be sure to check out all the new season TV show billboards from this time last year.

So, now can you see why I get a little giddy at this time of year with all these new shows and their billboards? And I'm sure there's even more shows still to come, so I'll be sure to keep my eyes to the skies in the coming weeks.

Watch this space...

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