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New Fall TV season billboards debuting around L.A. in September 2016...

Now that the Emmys are out of the way, the skies of L.A. are even more crowded with new Fall TV season ads. Here's a collection of some of the new offerings trying to turn heads and garner an audience in the city skyline this September 2016.

TV billboards
Giant Designated Survivor series premiere billboard
First up is this super-sized patriotic billboard for Kiefer Sutherland's new conspiracy thriller, Designated Survivor, where his low level cabinet minister is suddenly elevated to the position of U.S. President after everyone else in line is wiped out in an explosion.
Westworld series premiere billboard
One of my favourite new ad creatives this season is this futuristic 'Vitruvian Woman' for HBO's TV remake of 1973 sci-fi movie Westworld.
Lethal Weapon 2016 TV remake billboard
Speaking of TV remakes and reboots, aside from MacGuyver on CBS, here's also another billboard for the small screen version of 1987's Lethal Weapon movie. With traditional television networks floundering because of streaming upstarts like Netflix and Amazon offering original, critically-acclaimed programming, they are hoping that familiar franchises will save the day. To me this seems a bit short-sighted and makes their channels even less relevant and exciting.
Frequency series premiere billboard
The CW is actually known for taking risks with its shows, from comic book spin-offs to modern day musicals, so it's strange that even they are remaking a film this season in the form of Frequency. This new episodic reimagining of the 2000 film sees a modern day detective discovering she can talk to her father via a radio in the past.
No Tomorrow series premiere billboard
Speaking of time, and a new series from The CW explores the idea of having No Tomorrow, when a risk averse woman falls for a thrill seeker who believe the end of the world is nigh, so why no enjoy today.
Speechless series premiere billboard
Another ad which stands out this September is this homage to The Beatles Abbey Road album cover for Minnie Driver's new disability sitcom, Speechless.
Good Place series premiere billboard
Another new comedy filling the city skyline this past month is The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, where she finds herself in Heaven when she really thinks her actions in life should have sent her to the other, bad place.
Notorious series premiere billboard
Meanwhile on ABC, Daniel Sunjata and Piper Perabo star as a charming defense attorney and powerful TV producer working together to manipulate the media following a high-profile incident in the drama Notorious.
Quarry series premiere billboard
And Cinemax's new gritty drama Quarry adapts the novels of Max Allans Collins, where a Marine returns from Vietnam in the 70s and becomes embroiled in the deadly underworld of contract killers and corruption in Mississippi.
Good Behavior series premiere billboard
If you're wondering what 'Lady Mary' did after Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery stars as a thief and a con artist a new drama on TNT.

Fans of the British period drama can also check out these cool Emmy-nominated costumes from Downton Abbey on display at the FIDM Museum L.A.
Divorce series premiere billboard
This October Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO, where she starred in Sex and the City for six seasons from 1998 to 2004, in her new comedy Divorce with Thomas Haden Church about a couple growing through a prolonged breakup of their marriage.
Insecure series premiere billboard
Also on HBO, Issa Rae stars in Insecure, a new comedy about the trials and tribulations of a modern day African American woman.
High Maintenance series premiere billboard
The outdoor ad campaign for HBO's pot dramedy, High Maintenance, also really stood out in the city skyline this month. The series follows a marijuana delivery guy around New York, so this ad creative with all those map icons in a cigarette rolling paper is spot on and helps convey the concept of the show.
Mary + Jane MTV series Two buds billboard
Mary + Jane MTV series Selling bud billboard
Speaking of weed comedies, and MTV was also shining a spotlight on its new series Mary + Jane with this duo of billboards on opposite sides of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.
Mary + Jane MTV series premiere billboard
The comedy follows two roommates, played by Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood, and the exploits of their pot delivery business in L.A.
The Get Down season 1 billboard
Netflix's musical drama from Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down, about the birth of hip-hop in The Bronx in the 70s also got another joyous ad creative this month.
Luke Cage series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Marvel's next highly-anticpated Netflix series, Luke Cage, was looking strong and bullet-proof in the city skyline at the end of this month. He was great in Jessica Jones, so I can't wait to see Mike Colter go solo and further expand Marvel's gritty street-based superheroes.
Skip Bayless Undisputed series premiere billboard
Sports commentator Skip Bayless broke free of his ESPN cage, a bit like Bill Simmons, for his new Undisputed show on Fox Sports and had this striking ad this month.
Fight of Living Dead Experiment 88 YouTube Red billboards
And YouTube Red's Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88 was perfectly timed for the run up to Halloween, when more and more spooky billboards start to haunt the city skies.
Vice News Tonight series premiere billboard
Vice News Tonight was promoting its a new anchorless weeknight show in a big way to help engage Millennials with its thought-provoking mini-documentary approach.
Why you do that Sebastian Maniscalco comedy billboard
In the world of standup comedy Sebastian Maniscalo had this eye-catching billboard for his new Showtime special.
Rob Lowe Comedy Central Roast billboard
And finally, Rob Lowe got roasted on Comedy Central for Labor Day and had this hilarious double entendre billboard which make me chuckle along the Sunset Strip.

As you can see there's more than enough TV to choose from this new season, plus be sure to get the full picture and check out even more Fall TV billboards from last month.

Stay tuned in the days to come for even more returning TV favourite ad creatives, plus billboards from the worlds of film, music, drink and lifestyle too, gracing L.A.'s sprawling city skyline.

See you soon...

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