Friday, September 30, 2016

Returning favourite TV show billboards in L.A.'s September 2016 skies...

The older a show gets on network TV the less support it seems to get in the form of outdoor advertising, whilst the same can not be said of cable channels and streaming services which treat every season as a chance to lure you back to your favourite shows, or entice new viewers to binge-watch and get up to speed up for the latest episodes. Here's a cool collection of eye-catching television billboards turning heads this Fall 2016 season.

TV billboards
Walking Dead season 7 giant billboard
First up is the devilishly handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the evil 'Negan' for the seventh season of AMC's hit post-apocalyptic zombie drama, The Walking Dead. At the end of season six one of 'Rick Grimes' band of plucky survivors met a gruesome fate at the hands of Negan's barbed wire baseball bat, 'Lucille'.

It's been a hell of a wait to see who died at his hands, but from the looks of things, that's only the start of his reign of terror.
American Horror Story season 6 spider eyes billboard
Meanwhile FX's horror anthology series, American Horror Story, teased us for months with the theme of the latest sixth season and had the best marketing campaign with a variety of all these creepy AHS: 6? billboards.
American Horror Story Roanoke billboard
Finally when the show debuted we learned that the lost colony of Roanoke would play a huge part in the scaring audiences this season.
Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 billboard
Speaking of blood and gore, and Starz Ash vs. Evil Dead returned to the skies for a second season of battling the undead this Fall.
Supergirl season 2 billboard
Melissa Beonist's Supergirl also returned to fly another day for a sophomore season, but this time the DC Comics super-heroine was moving from CBS to The CW (and moving production from L.A. to Vancouver to save costs). This season two ad creative certainly evokes the Christopher Reeves era cinematic Superman, which I think was the whole point.
Transparent season 3 billboard
Transgender dramedy Transparent also returned for a third season this month, following more Emmy wins for its star and creator.

I still think the series features a bunch of self-centered, obnoxious characters (mainly 'Maura Pfefferman's' grownup children), but their struggles are so compelling I can't stop watching and the season finale was a real highlight thanks to Judith Light's outstanding performance.
Blindspot season 2 billboard
NBC's conspiracy thriller Blindspot returned for its sophomore season, but this billboard along the Sunset Strip was the only outdoor support I spied this month.
Narcos season 2 billboard
Plus Netflix's drug cartel drama about the hunt for Pablo Escobar was back for a second outing with these season two Narcos billboards.
Chicago Med season 2 billboard
Also returning to the city skyline was Chicago Med for the sophomore season of the hospital drama spin-off from Chicago Fire and P.D.
Superstore season 2 billboard
Plus the employees of the 'Cloud 9' Superstore were open for business for a second season (although they were also going on strike),
Project Runway season 15 billboard
One of my favourite shows, reality fashion design competition, Project Runway, was back for a fifteenth season with this crazy graffiti ad creative. There seem to be a nice selection of talented designers competing this season.
Ellen season 14 billboard
Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres was back for a fourteenth season of her daytime talk show with these fun emoji billboards in L.A.'s skies this month.
Documentary Now season 2 billboard
Plus Documentary Now! was back for a second installment of parodying famous documentaries, like this spoof of The War Room, about running a political campaign, which is very timely.
Weediquette Cops Smoke Weed billboard
Another marijuana-themed series returning and trying to turn heads this month was Viceland's Weediquette, a docu-series investigating the legalization of the drug, with this provocative 'Cops smoke weed' billboard.
South Park season 20 billboard
Animated comedy series South Park was celebrating its twentieth season with this trophy special extension billboard along the Sunset Strip.
Marcus Lemonis Profit season 4 billboard
Meanwhile self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis was back for a fourth season of the reality show The Profit, using his business acumen to help struggling businesses across the country.
Mrs robots husband pop cultured E news billboard
And E! News, which has been going since September 1991, had this fun ad creative about popular TV show Mr. Robot to help grab attention fro the pop culture show.

These weren't the only TV shows competing for your eyeballs this month, so be sure to check out all the new Fall TV show billboards also filling the sprawling city skyline in September.

Come back next month for more snapshots of L.A.'s streets and skies, and visit my Daily Billboard Blog for all the very latest cool visuals trying to turn heads.

In the meantime, don't be a stranger...

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