Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 2016's drinks and lifestyle billboards gracing L.A.'s skyline...

The skies of L.A. have been overflowing with Fall TV billboards this month, but it appears to have been a fairly quiet time for drinks and other lifestyle outdoor ads. Here's a selection of the billboards that did catch my magpie eye this September though.

Drinks billboards
Skyy Vodka This is Me Better Together Transparent billboard
I like my vodka, so this new billboard for Skyy Vodka certainly stood out for me, especially as it highlights the spirit's association with Amazon's Transparent TV series.
Skyy Vodka Transparent float LA Pride Parade 2016
In fact the vodka brand even had a Transparent-themed float at this year's L.A. Pride Parade in June.

If you're a fan of the TV show, be sure to also check out these Transparent billboards for all three seasons.
Crown Royal Vanilla So good billboard
Canadian whisky Crown Royal was also back in the skies this month with this fun ice-cream theme for its new vanilla flavour variant, and with temperatures soaring here in L.A. at the moment this is cool visual in more ways than one.
Virginia Black please take me back Drake billboard
Meanwhile above the 1OAK nightclub along the Sunset Strip this month was this cryptic ad creative, which features rapper Drake's dad Dennis Graham and the words 'Virginia Black, Please take me back'.

For those not in the know, Virginia Black is the name of Drake's new venture into the world of whiskey (not that you could really tell from this billboard).
Estrella Jalisco beer billboard
Here's another of the billboards for Mexican beer Estrella Jalisco which seem to be all over L.A. at the moment with different ad creatives, be sure to check last month's drinks billboards for more examples.
Coors Light Winning pro football billboard
Plus over in Hollywood, Coors Light was showing off multiple ad creatives from its latest 'Whatever your mountain, climb on' ad campaign.
Coors Light script greenlit today billboard
Around the corner from these billboards the beer brand has also installed a large Coors Light neon sign high above Sunset & Vine.

Theme park billboards
Last chance Tower of Terror Disney billboard
At this time of year as we get nearer to Halloween the skies start to fill with all different kinds of theme park billboards trying to entice visors to enjoy the festivities, like these Disneyland ads.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney's California Adventure park will close in the New Year to be revamped as a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, so there's never been a better time to get your screams in before it closes forever.
Disneyland Halloween Time Ursula billboard
Be sure to also check out all these other Disneyland Halloween Time billboards from previous years, featuring all your favourite Disney villains.

Cars and motoring billboards
Honda Ridgeline truck billboards
In the world of motors, Honda was showing off its new Ridgeline truck over at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine with multiple billboards.
Honda Ridgeline Truck tough billboard
I still think car advertisers should try harder and be more inventive when it comes to their outdoor ad campaigns.

Gambling billboards
Lottery Scratchers Multiply your luck billboard
These colourful Lottery Scratchers XXXX billboards stood out this month, but more because of the fact they look more like some adult-themed sex or condom ad, rather than a chance to get lucky another way.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone Nicholas M billboard
In advance of its new iPhone 7 launch Apple had another round of its user-generated Shot on iPhone billboards filling the city skyline.
Apple iPhone 7 billboard
In the middle of the month these sleek, black billboards for their new smartphone took their place.
Snapchat logo billboard Sep 16
Plus Snapchat was also back in the city skyline this September, raising its profile for the company's rebranding to Snap Inc. no doubt.

Cause-related billboards
AMC Theatres China's red puppet billboard
Being an election year America seems to be even more full of conspiracy theories, so I wasn't surprised to see this billboard calling AMC Theaters 'China's Red Puppet' along the Sunset Strip.

The world seems to be getting crazier and crazier, especially after last night's first Presidential debate, where Donald Trump proved what a lunatic he is and how unprepared he is to be America's Commander-In-Chief.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more Out-Of-Home roundups of this month's returning TV shows, movie, music and gaming billboards.

Watch this space...

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