Sunday, October 23, 2016

Carved Halloween pumpkin designs to delight and give a fright...

October seems to be flying by and with the sky overcast yesterday, and even a few drops of rain in the air, it was finally beginning to feel more autumnal in L.A., so I decided to grab some pumpkins and carve a few Jack O'Lanterns to start getting in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween 2016
This year with all the repairs and redecoration going on at my condo I only had time for a duo of carved pumpkins, but these two fellows are called 'Wormy Face' and 'Mr. Smiles', for obvious reasons.
I always like to keep my pumpkin designs simple (I'm always reminded of my university days studying marketing and the acronym KISS, "Keep it simple, stupid"), and there's nothing like doing something craftsy and creative to take your mind off the woes of the world (cough, the U.S. presidential election).
There's always that sense of satisfaction when you light your candles and your Halloween pumpkin faces come to eerie glowing life.

How do you think I did this year? Something a little creepy and something a little goofy to keep things interesting.

Halloween 2015
Scarface Halloween pumpkin design
Last year I only had time for one Jack O'Lantern, but I think the scarface design turned out rather well (and I think Cooper agreed).
Labrador Cooper Halloween pumpkin
Meanwhile back in October 2014, one of my pumpkin designs was on fire with those flaming eyes and the other was little dopey, an ode to Frankenstein's monster.

Halloween 2014
Simple carved Halloween pumpkin
If you like these spooky designs, be sure to also check out more of my carved Halloween pumpkins from previous years for more ideas and inspiration.
Simple carved Halloween pumpkin designs
Now that I've carved some pumpkins I guess I really should start trying to finalise my Halloween costume ideas as I've been a tad distracted of late.
Carved Halloween pumpkin idea
The last two years I've been running the New York Marathon over the Halloween weekend so I have missed out on dressing up and haunting the streets of West Hollywood, so I really must make a decision soon.

If only making a great Halloween costume was as easy as carving a fun pumpkin...

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