Sunday, October 9, 2016

Coyotes stalk rabbits along West Hollywood's Santa Monica Boulevard in Hacer's The Chase outdoor art installation...

When they're not installing new bicycles-to-rent around West Hollywood, they are installing their latest 'Art on the Outside' sculptural installations to keep things interesting in the local neighbourhood.

The Chase sculptures by Hacer in West Hollywood
Chase Hacer sculptures West Hollywood
These latest metal animal sculptures based on origami paper-folding by L.A. based artist Hacer really are turning heads along Santa Monica Boulevard on the median at the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
Chase Hacer coyote sculpture Dan Tanas
The Chase Hacer sculptures WEHO
These blue sharp-edged metallic coyotes on the prowl for rabbits are wonderfully framed by local iconic nightspots and eateries like the Troubadour and Dan Tana's.
Chase Hacer West Hollywood sculptures
Hacer The Chase West Hollywood sculptures
You really get the sense that those coyotes are stalking the rabbits along the busy street, and it makes those tiresome commutes to and fro along this stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard a bit more interesting.
Hacer's The Chase rabbit sculpture WEHO
Sadly the current California drought conditions don't make for the best landscaping around these outdoor sculptures, some green grass really would have helped with the presentation, but it doesn't make the animals any less captivating.
Chase rabbit Hacer sculpture Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood The Chase Hacer coyote sculpture
I didn't care for the last spherical outdoor art installation, so this latest dramatic collection of sculptures really captures my imagination.
West Hollywood The Chase sculptures
Chase Hacer coyote sculpture Santa Monica Boulevard
This display space also used to play host to this temporary Frostig Collection of sculptures from 2012, these outdoor sculptures from 2011 and Peter Shire's geometric sculptures from 2009, so this is a new welcome addition.
Hacer Chase outdoor sculptures West Hollywood
Hacer Chase art installation sculptures West Hollywood
With all the construction constantly popping up all over the city, these whimsical animal sculptures make for a nice distraction from all the cranes, over-sized trucks and traffic diversions making life less enjoyable in West Hollywood.
Chase Hacer rabbit sculpture Troubadour
Hacer The Chase coyote sculpture West Hollywood
However when I see all this money being spent on outdoor art I still think more of my taxes could be used helping to address all the homeless and mental health issues in our local neighbourhood, or spent on tackling road safety and making pedestrian crossings safe to use.
Chase coyote sculpture Santa Monica Boulevard
The Chase sculptures Santa Monica Boulevard
That being said, these sculptures are a welcome addition to the local scenery and are certainly my kind of outdoor art.
Chase Hacer sculptures West Hollywood
Now, run rabbit run...

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