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October 2016's movie, music and gaming billboards turning heads in L.A.'s skies...

This past month L.A.'s skies have exploded with billboards for new films and documentaries (on the big screen and via streaming services), plus there's also been a smattering of new music outdoor ads and as always at this time of year some video game billboards have graced the skyline in the run-up to the gift-giving holiday season.

Movie billboards
Doctor Strange movie billboard
One movie I'm eagerly anticipating, and hope I won't be disappointed by, is Marvel Comics cinematic adaptation of Doctor Strange, with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme.
Giant Doctor Strange movie billboard
It's refreshing that Marvel Studios is breaking new ground again with a relatively unknown character to mainstream audiences, like they did with Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, and exploring another magical facet of the cinematic comic book universe.
Fantastic Beasts and Where Find Them billboard
And speaking of magic, billboards are starting appear in the skies for the new Harry Potter prequel spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (although I can't help but feel Warner Bros. Studios increased the planned three wizarding films to five movies to further milk fans wallets and help increase Time Warner's sale value to AT&T).
Arrival movie billboard
From wizards to aliens and another film I can't wait to see is Arrival, with Amy Adams starring as a linguist recruited by the military to try and communicate with extraterrestrials who come to Earth. The trailers look like this is a real slice of sci-fi and I love the design of those alien spacecrafts.
Birth of a Nation movie billboard
With the general election in full swing in America there's been no shortage of patriotic ad creatives featuring Stars and Stripes, Uncle Sam and Bald Eagles these east fews weeks. This billboard for The Birth of a Nation in the shape of the American flag really stands out on the walls of L.A.'s Fox Studios. It's a real shame that sexual allegations against the film's director and writers have overshadowed the important historical civil rights story of the film.
13th Netflix documentary billboard
At the same time this other ad creative for Ava DuVernay's 13th documentary also featured a take on the U.S. flag, this time wrapping a slave in striped convict attire to get its black lives inequality message across.
Boo Madea Halloween movie billboard
In addition to presidential elections, other holiday events are fast approaching like Halloween, and this coffin billboard for Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween really made me smile this month.
Almost Christmas movie billboard
And the trick or treating isn't even out of the way yet and some people are already moving on to Christmas (some shopping centres have already started erecting their festive trees and Santa Houses), like this new festive sweater-themed movie billboard for the family comedy, Almost Christmas.
Mascots movie billboard
Another fun billboard in the skies this October was for Netflix's original film, Mascots, a look inside the competitive world of sports team mascots.
Keeping Up With The Joneses billboard
Meanwhile Keeping Up with the Joneses was mixing 007 espionage with suburban life with this eye-catching movie billboard.
Accountant movie billboard
This month also saw billboards for The Accountant line the city streets, obviously this one isn't doing tax returns and balancing books, but far more shady accounting for criminal organisations.
Inferno movie billboard
This month Tom Hanks returns in the third 'Robert Langdon' code-breaking movie adaptation from Dan Brown, Inferno.
Inferno movie special extension billboard
This time the historian and symbology professor must help prevent an apocalyptic plague from being released with the help of Rogue One's Felicity Jones.
Elle movie billboard
Meanwhile Elle is a foreign language stalker thriller from Paul Verhoeven and starring Isabelle Huppert.
Trolls movie billboard
On a lighter note, those lovable Troll dolls wight he big hair are coming to a big screen near you with an all-new animated family-friendly movie.
Disney Moana movie billboard
And speaking of animated adventures and Disney is back this Thanksgiving with their latest movie offering, Moana.
Vlogumentary movie billboard
In the world of documentaries, rather appropriately YouTube Red was bringing its Vlogumentary ad creative, about the history and future of vlogging (video blogging), to the Sunset Strip.
Dan and Phils Amazing Tour Not on Fire YouTube Red billboard
Plus this month YouTube Red was also bringing Dan and Phil's The Amazing Tour is not on Fire stage show to life along the Sunset Strip in a big way.
Amanda Knox documentary Monster billboard
And Netflix had this cool duo of 'Monster' and 'Victim' billboards opposite each other along the Sunset Strip for the documentary about the convicted and exonerated murder suspect, Amanda Knox.
Amanda Knox documentary Victim billboard
The National Geographic Channel continued its TV movie event franchise centered around the deaths and (attempted) assassinations of former U.S. presidents, this time with Killing Reagan.
Killing Reagan TV movie billboard
And in the world of comedy, Kevin Hart's 50,000 sold-out stand-up stadium tour show was getting a theatrical release with this What Now? movie billboard.
What Now movie billboard
And over on Lifetime, Michel'le was telling her side of the Straight Outta Compton story, about her marriages and domestic abuse with Surviving Compton, which used similar imagery to the blockbuster biopic about the infamous rapper group NWA.
Surviving Compton TV movie billboard

Music billboards
Justin Timberlake Tennessee Kids Netflix billboard
Also in the sphere of music and this month also brought Justin Timberlake beaming face to L.A.'s skies, with this billboards for his Netflix concert documentary.
Pet Shop Boys Super Tour 2016 billboard
And speaking of concerts and the U.K.'s long-running pop group, Pet Shop Boys, were back for their Super Tour.
Bruno Mars 24k Magic billboard
This time of year there seem to be a whole host of new albums and records dropping with accompanying outdoor ad support, like this billboard for Bruno Mars new single, 24K Magic.
Warpaint Heads Up album billboard
L.A.'s indie rock band Warpaint also had this special extension billboard fro extra visibility this month for their third studio album, Heads Up.
One Republic Oh My My album billboard
Plus One Republic could also be seen along the Rock 'n' Roll capital of the Sunset Strip for their new studio album, their fourth, Oh My My.
Michael Buble Nobody but me album billboard
You can also tell the gift-giving season is coming, as crooner Michael BublĂ© was back in the city skies with his new album Nobody But Me.
Lady Gaga Joanne album billboards
Plus Lady Gaga was back with a stripped down, dive bar tour version of herself, relying less on visual theatrics and gimmicks and more on her voice and song-writting prowess with her latest, fifth studio album release, Joanne.

Gaming billboards
Last Guardian PS4 game billboard
In the world of gaming these billboards for the PS4 game, The Last Guardian, really caught my eye, especially the winged special extension version.
Last Guardian PS4 game billboard
Plus Dishonored was back for a game sequel, this time to help an Empress fight to retake her throne.
Dishonored 2 video game billboard
As you can see there's been a wide variety of head-turning movie, music and gaming billboards, and they're also competing against all the new TV show, fashion and lifestyle billboards trying to capture passersby attention this month in the crowded city skies.

Be sure to check out what cool film and music billboards could be seen this time last year, plus come back in the days to come for more outdoor advertising snapshots from the streets and skies of Los Angeles this October...

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