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Spooky Halloween, drinks and other lifestyle billboards haunting L.A.'s skies in October 2016...

One of the things I love about photographing the ever-changing onslaught of billboards that grace L.A.'s skyline are the seasonal outdoor ads that appear at certain times of the year like at Halloween. Here's a selection of some of the spooky Halloween-themed billboards haunting the city streets and skies this October 2016.

Halloween billboards
Tower of Terror Disney Halloween billboard
First up is this eye-catching Tower of Terror billboard for Disney California Adventure's Twilight Zone-themed attraction which is soon to disappear from the park in the New Year, to be replaced by a new Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy ride.
Escape Psycho Circus billboard
There's always lots of events and interactive experiences to enjoy at Halloween, and this creepy Escape: Psycho Circus billboard was advertising San Bernardino's unique dance music and freakshow performance festival.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2016 billboard
If scary mazes and creepy thrills are your thing this time of year, the annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is always in the sky with its ads to tempt you to the old abandoned zoo in Griffith Park.
Queen Marys Dark Harbor 2016 Halloween billboard
Another Halloween attraction to entertain thrill seekers every year is the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor festivities in Long Beach.
Six Flags Fright Fest Suicide Squad billboard
Plus if scary roller coasters are what you wanted along with costumed delights, then Six Flags Fright Fest was the amusement park to visit, especially with its new Suicide Squad experience.
99c Trick Treat Halloween spider billboard
This month I also loved these simple, bold and cleverly designed billboards for the 99c store's Halloween offering.
99c Trick or Treat Halloween Jack O Lantern billboard
The spider and Jack O'Lantern are made up of all the things you can buy to make your home look more frightful and give your Halloween costumes that edge your were looking for.

Food and drinks billboards
Fanta Wickedly delicious Halloween billboard
In addition to all the theme park attractions, soda drink brands like Fanta were having wicked fun with their can designs to get in the Halloween spirit.
Bacardi We are the night bats billboard
And Bacardi was back in the skies with their 'We are the night' ad campaign and using their bat logo to great effect for the spooky party season.
Estrella Jalisco Beer wall mural ad
Plus this Day of the Dead themed wall mural ad for Mexican beer, Estrella Jalisco, was perfect for this time of year.
Coors Light special extension can billboard
Speaking of cool brews, and Coors Light also had this fun special extension can billboard to catch passersby eyes this October.
Giant Blue Moon beer billboard
Plus over in the heart of Hollywood Blue Moon beer was going super-sized to show off its artfully brewed offering with this bold painted wallscape (one of the only hand-painted billboard locations left in L.A.).
Absolut Elyx Vodka Skal billboard
Absolut Elyx Vodka was raising a glass, or a limited edition copper cocktail pineapple, to luxury this month along the Sunset Strip.
Heres to true luxury Absolut Elyx billboard
The Swedish vodka is certainly one way to toast the impending holiday season, which Halloween always seems to kick off.
Giant Beluga Russian Vodka billboard
And speaking of vodka and Beluga Vodka was advertising in a big way along the Sunset Strip.  I've tried not to promote Russian vodka in recent years due to their human rights violations and their treatment of their LGBT citizens.

So if you want to protest Putin's invasions of other countries and attempts to undermine the U.S. presidential election, hit them where it hurts and don't support Russian imports, boycott all Russian products like vodka.
Rosé Babe LA is cool I guess billboard
White Girl Wine was also promoting it's new sparkling rosé in a can over in Hollywood in October, but it's an interesting strategy, insulting your local audience.
7 Eleven Freedom to choose Election cup billboard
The skies have been full of patriotic symbols and iconography in the world of movies and television advertising of late, but this election season has also inspired the likes of 7-Eleven with this clever themed political party coffee cup ad creative.
Bibigo Fresh Korean Kitchen billboard
In the world of food, Bibigo Fresh Korean Kitchen was showing off its cuisine with this eye-catching special extension billboard.
Cater2me office food catering billboard
Plus this billboard was trying to compete in the food delivery service market for your office lunchtime eats.
Ben Jerrys icecream Straight Outta Vermont billboard
Ben & Jerry's were also back in the city skyline this month to tempt passersby with their yummy ice-cream varieties and tongue-in-cheek illustrated ad creatives.

Travel and tourism billboards
Giant Air France peaceful haven billboard
In the world of travel, Air France was flying high in the skies of the Sunset Strip with this cool ad creative towering over westbound traffic.
Our amenities Virgin America billboard
And Virgin America was back with another bold outdoor ad campaign putting its competitors to shame with its fun approach and range of services.
flight power struggle Virgin America billboard
These vibrant billboards in different formats in Virgin's corporate colours really stand out in a crowded skyline.
Kids free October San Diego Zoo billboard
Meanwhile if you couldn't afford to fly away somewhere this October, the San Diego Zoo was offering free entry for kids this month to encourage visitors.

Technology billboards
Snapchat eyeballs billboard
Snapchat, or Snap Inc., were still having fun around the city this month, changing their ghost logo for a mass of eyeballs.

Cars and motoring billboards
Chevrolet small cars lifes potholes billboard
Meanwhile Chevrolet was helping car drivers get through life's potholes with this witty ad creative.
Metromile insurance billboard
Plus Metromile was offering a new type of insurance for those who don't drive that far or so often, with a pay-per-mile option.
Metromile insurance pets billboard
These fun illustrated billboards with their bold blue colour and simplicity certainly stood out this month.

Sports billboards
We are all Kings ice hockey billboard
And you could tell things were getting sporty again, with lots of ads in the skies for L.A. Kings ice hockey team.

Cause-related and political billboards
Grindr Colombia LGBT officials billboard
Grindr was also back in the West Hollywood skyline with another ad creative, trying to prove they were more than just a hookup app, but also supported LGBT people around the world.
Pornographers Say vote No on Prop 60 billboard
And not only is it time to vote for a new President, but there are so many propositions on the ballot at this time of year too. Pornography is big business in California and Prop 60 would require sex performers in films to wear condoms during penetrative sex, but those who make the films don't want this law to pass.

Misc. Billboards
Mr C Hotel Moon astronaut 1969 wall mural
And finally, this Astronaut and VW minivan on the moon billboard has also graced the Sofitel Hotel's walls recently, but it also reappeared on the side of Mr. C Hotel along Pico Boulevard this month too.

The funny thing about seasonal billboards is that whether it's Halloween, Easter or Christmas, the minute the day has passed, the ads become instantly outdated in the city skyline and become very tired if they start to linger. Let's hope none of these Halloween-themed ones do that.

If you've enjoyed this eclectic collection of ad creatives from this October, be sure to also check out last year's Halloween billboards from around the same time.

Now Happy Hauntings whatever ghoulish exploits your get up to...

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