Saturday, October 22, 2016

Still the cutest Labrador on the block...

Today we escaped the mess and mayhem of home (we're two weeks into major roof and water damage repairs in our condo) and headed to the park to find a shady spot for Cooper to keep cool.

In the shade at Wills Rogers Memorial Park, Beverly Hills
8 year old Yellow Labrador Cooper
This photo of our eight year old Labrador reminded me how photogenic he is, when he wants to be. These days he's become very camera shy when someone points a camera or smartphone his way (probably traumatised by years of me documenting his L.A. misadventures).
Labrador puppy Cooper toy
As it's been a while since he's been in the spotlight, I couldn't help but share a few photos from his first few weeks at home with us in West Hollywood.
Sleeping 8 week old Labrador puppy
We brought him home when he was eight weeks old and when he wasn't being very mischievous, he was probably sleeping (for five minutes at least). You'll also notice the carpet taped down around the fireplace to avoid our pup chewing the loose threads.
Labrador puppy Cooper under sofa
Those early days he had boundless energy and could get into any nook and cranny. The best way to keep him occupied was with a huge variety of soft toys to chew on, and of course, endless treats.
Labrador puppy Cooper toy duck
Our English Labrador pup had always had that perfect wide head and stockier build, but his droopy left eye gives his face real character in my opinion.
Labrador puppy Cooper in bookcase
Back then not only could he fit under sofas and in bookcases, but he had a much blacker little nose too, compared to his pinker 'snow nose' these days.
Sleeping 8 week old Labrador puppy
I'll leave you with this picture from his first day at home with us, with his best soft toy pal, 'Mr. Fluffy', who had to be surreptitiously replaced several times as Cooper chewed his face off during his teething phase.

He may be slowing down (like us all as we get older), but he's still the cutest Labrador in Hollywoodland...

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