Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dead Robin haunts West Hollywood's 2016 Halloween Costume Carnaval...

Last night I enjoyed my seventh West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval since I've lived in L.A. and this year I haunted the jam-packed Santa Monica Boulevard in my 'Dead Robin' costume. I've missed the two previous years because I've been running the New York Marathon and so it was great to dress up and venture out again and enjoy the crazy Halloween party festivities.

Now we know who killed the Boy Wonder
Dead Robin Harley Quinn West Hollywood Halloween costumes
Being a Monday night the Carnaval seemed much tamer than weekends have, but the parade of costumes and revelers was still estimated at around 500,000. I'd definitely say that Suicide Squad's 'Harley Quinn' was a costume winner with the ladies last night.
West Hollywood Halloween Tootsie Hillary Clinton costumes
Every year I love people's ingenuity when it comes to their Halloween costume looks and this year they didn't disappoint with many capitalising on the presidential election season for inspiration, like this patriotic Tootsie outfit and Hillary Clinton's 'Basket of Deplorables'.
West Hollywood Halloween Donald Trump Dead Robin costumes
There were also more than a few Tic Tac popping, pussy grabbing Donald Trumps (although less than I'd thought, but maybe that shows how much people hate him and his bigoted, racist, sexist, xenophobic orange face).
West Hollywood Halloween Trump Pussies grabbing costume
In fact, I thought we'd see more of these kinds of inventive costumes last night, this lady nails it with her 'Pussies for grabbing by consent only' stuffed animal costume, bravo!
West Hollywood Halloween Stranger Things costumes
In addition to Harley Quinn, the other winner of the night had to be the nostalgic 80s Netflix show, Stranger Things. There were plenty of Elevens and Christmas light costumes walking the Boulevard.
West Hollywood Halloween Stranger Things Barb group costumes
Plus a real favourite and breakout character was 'Barb', who even had this brilliant group costume owning the night. The shirt, the glasses and wigs, spot on.
West Hollywood Halloween Walking Dead Rosita Negan costumes
Other popular TV show inspirations included The Walking Dead, and I saw more than a few barbed wire bat wielding 'Negans' walking the crowded costumed streets.
West Hollywood Halloween Purge Election Year costume
The Purge: Election Year also seems to resonate with women this year, with the horror film proving some scary fun looks with real attitude.
Purge Election Year costumes West Hollywood Halloween
My own costume was inspired by the graffitied Robin costume that could be seen hanging in Bruce Wayne's Batcave in the Batman v Superman movie earlier this year.
DC Superheroes West Hollywood Halloween costumes
Mingling with the other Carnaval goers I soon discovered the 'Caped Crusader' and more DC Comics superheroes to fight crime with.
West Hollywood Halloween Dead Robin Wonder Woman costumes
And of course the Amazonian warrior 'Wonder Woman' proved once more to be a popular costume choice. In fact, back in 2012 my Halloween costume was Zombie Wonder Woman, so be sure to click through and check it out.
West Hollywood Halloween Nightwing Robin Superman costumes
In addition to store-bought costumes, there were also those with the necessary physiques who chose to make the most of superheroic body paint, like these fab 'Nightwing' and 'Superman' examples.
West Hollywood Halloween Male Harley Quinn costume
Plus for those men who love Harley Quinn, there was also those who created their own male version of the anarchic DC Comics anti-hero.
Punisher costume West Hollywood Halloween
I really didn't see as many Marvel Comics superhero costumes this year, but I did spot a cool 'Punisher' stalking the streets.
Michael Myers Freddy Krueger costumes West Hollywood Halloween
And there were more than few familiar horror villains providing the scares, like 'Michael Myers' and 'Freddy Krueger', although I'm not sure how comfortable those masks are, as even my little eye mask made me feel a bit claustrophobic.
West Hollywood Halloween costume fun
What I love about the West Hollywood Carnaval (before it gets too crazy) is that everyone is out to have fun, young or old, men or women, gay or straight, hero or villain, it's a wonderful Halloween miracle, and everyone always seems happy to show off their costumes and have their photo taken.
BFG costume West Hollywood Halloween
There are also those willing to put on a show too, like this stilt-walking 'BFG' (Big Friendly Giant).
West Hollywood Halloween UP costumes
In addition to the individual looks, there are also some fantastic couple costumes on display, like this fun UP duo.
Oz Glinda Wicked Witch costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Plus the Wizard of Oz also seems to be great inspiration for West Hollywood locals, be it 'Glinda the Good Witch' or the 'Wicked Witch of the West'.
Winkie Guard Flying Monkey Oz costumes Weho Halloween
I especially liked these imaginative 'Winkie Guard' and 'Flying Monkey' costumes from somewhere over the rainbow too.
Dead Robin Cloud girl costume West Hollywood Halloween
Each year the Boulevard seems to be full of talented and creative people (well we do live in Hollywoodland, the entertainment capital of the world), and this cloud costume was certainly a ray of sunshine.
West Hollywood Halloween Pop Art zombie costumes
I also thought these Pop Art Zombies were great fun head-turning costumes, plus you can always depend on seeing some some classic favorites like 'Mario' and 'Luigi', the Super Mario Bros.
West Hollywood Halloween Super Mario Bros costumes
And it wouldn't be Halloween without a 'Jack Skellington' and 'Sally' from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
West Hollywood Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas costumes
I also saw more than a few 'Forrest Gump' and 'Lieutenant Dan' looks, although I'm not sure how politically correct the wheelchair costume is these days.
West Hollywood Halloween Forrest Gump costumes
Of course it's also fun to see a few celebrities walking the busy street, like 'Dame Edna Everage' with her signature gladioli flowers.
Dame Edna Everage West Hollywood Halloween costume
This year the fairytale duo of 'Red Riding Hood' and the 'Wolf' seemed to be really popular, with lots of different variations on the Brothers Grimm theme.
Red Riding Hood Wolf costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Whenever I go to the WeHo Carnaval I always like to go early to see as many costumes as possible, before the crush of the crowds overwhelms, the drinks start flowing and the mayhem of the dancing in the street starts.

I have to say, I thought there were less people in costume this year and more 'lookyloos', so next year they'll have to do better and at least wear a mask or some makeup.
West Hollywood Halloween Wolf Red Riding Hood costumes
Finally, here's one of my favourite costumes of the night, this guy's take on 'Netflix and Chill' seems simple, but is perfect with that cool frosty face makeup.
West Hollywood Halloween Netflix and Chill costume
If you like all these looks from this year, be sure to check out all the Halloween costumes from West Hollywood Carnavals past that I've managed to capture over the years.

Now to start planning my look for next year...

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