Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movie and music billboards turning heads in L.A. in November 2016...

This November the skies have been jam-packed with movie billboards and as the month wore on even more started to pop up as we neared the holiday box office and awards consideration season. Here's a cool collection of the film and music billboards entertaining L.A.'s skyline these past few weeks.

Movie billboards
Giant La La Land movie billboard
First up is this super-sized wallscape for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's new romantic musical, La La Land, which really seems to hearken back to the old days of Hollywood movies.
Disney Moana movie billboard
This Thanksgiving a new heroine won the box office and that was Disney's Moana, proving that cinema goers want more strong female characters and diversity in their movies.
Maui Moana movie billboard
If you're a fan of this animated Pacific Islands tale set 2,000 years ago, make sure you check out all these other fun billboards for Moana from around town this month.
Trolls movie billboard
Moana wasn't the only animated movie standing out this month, as at the start of November Troll dolls were being brought to life on the big screen for the first time and tapping in a whole load of nostalgia.
Trolls movie Poppy billboard
If these ad creatives make you happy, you can also check out more Trolls movie billboards from their colourful outdoor ad campaign.
Giant Sing movie billboard
Speaking of animated hijinks, this Christmas get ready for cartoon animals to show off their vocal talents and strut their stuff in the new comedy, Sing.
Special Fantastic Beasts billboard
This November Harry Potter fans were treated to the beginning of a new fantasy film franchise, with Eddie Redmayne bringing magizooligist 'Newt Scamander' to life in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Giant Fantastic Beasts movie billboard
Billboards for the new magical prequel movie set in 1920s New York filled the skies this month and there were also Fantastic Beasts movie costumes on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema to enjoy too.
Arrival movie billboard
From the world of wizards to the Arrival of aliens in the new sci-fi movie starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.
Allied movie billboard
Meanwhile another offering this Thanksgiving was the romantic thriller Allied set in World War II, with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard playing spies and lovers.

You can also check out these original Allied film costumes at my dedicated costumes and props blog.
True Memoirs International Assassin movie billboard
Speaking of espionage, and Kevin James was parodying the spy action genre with his new Netflix movie, True Memoirs of an International Assassin.
Bad Santa 2 movie billboard
This month Billy Bob Thornton was also back and up to no good in his festive red suit to get us all in the Christmas spirit with Bad Santa 2.
Passengers movie billboard
Once again there's a whole host of movies opening over the holidays, including Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's new sci-fi movie Passengers (not that you could tell from the ad creative), about two people awoken from cryo-sleep on their space voyage and start to fall in love, just as their spaceship falls apart.
Rogue One Star Wars Story movie billboard
Speaking of space, and Star Wars is getting a new standalone movie this holiday season in the guise of Rogue One, telling the plucky story of how the Rebels got their hands on the plans to help destroy the Death Star. It's really cool to see the original Stormtroopers back in action again in this cool ad creative.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
And if that wasn't enough sci-fi for you this Christmas, Michael Fassbender is helping to bring to life the popular Assassin's Creed video game on the big screen, with some pretty amazing special extension billboards in the skies this month.
Love Friendship movie FYC billboard
In addition to all the blockbuster movies arriving at theatres this holiday season, it's also awards campaigning season in the skies of L.A., with Amazon Studios showing some support for Kate Beckinsale's Jane Austen period comedy, Love & Friendship.
Manchester by the Sea movie FYC billboard
Plus the critically-acclaimed Manchester by the Sea was also getting some outdoor ad attention to drive audiences into cinemas and encourage votes.
Little Prince For your consideration billboard
Not to be outdone, another streaming service hoping to secure some nominations this season is Netflix for properties like the animated movie, The Little Prince.
Amanda Knox consideration billboard
Plus Netflix was once again going after the documentary category in a big way with additional consideration ads for its Amanda Knox film.
13th documentary billboard
And Ava DuVernay's documentary 13th, about black history and civil rights, has never been more timely following the U.S. election result and the rise of racism and white supremacist hate groups.
Ivory Game documentary billboard
This month Netflix also had this striking imagery for its new elephant poaching documentary, The Ivory Game, along the Sunset Strip.

Performing Arts billboards
Avatar Toruk Cirque du Soleil billboard
In the world of live theatre, the box office smash Avatar was being brought to acrobatic life in a new Cirque du Soleil show, Toruk: The First Flight.

Music billboards
Tove Lo Lady Wood album billboard
In the world of music, Swedish singer Tove Lo was dropping her new album, Lady Wood, supported by this billboard along Sunset Boulevard.
CMA Awards 50 billboard
Plus at the beginning of the month, the Country Music Association Awards seemed to be paying homage to Star Trek with this ad creative for their 50th awards show. It's a shame that country music fans proved they weren't as enlightened as the futuristic TV show, when they spewed their racism and hatred following Beyonce performing with the Dixie Chicks at the televised event.
Giant Shinola Detroit Runwell Turntable billboard
And finally, this giant DJ turntable billboard from Shinola Detroit was towering over the rock 'n' roll Sunset Strip this month on the side of the Andaz Hotel, just in time for the gift-giving season.

As you can see it's even an exciting month in the sprawling city skyline, let's hope the trend continues for the rest of the year.

Make sure you take a look to see what movie billboards were filling the skies last November and come back at the end of December for more roundups of L.A.'s fab visions in vinyl...

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