Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 2016's food, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s holiday skies...

After the stressful and disheartening past few weeks I think we're all in need of Thanksgiving more than ever this year. Here's a collection of billboards gracing L.A.'s November 2016 skies making the holiday season merrier with food, drinks, travel and other lifestyle visions in vinyl.

Food and drinks billboards
Fist up is this fabulous Thanksgiving 'Turkey Day' ad creative from the 99c store, which follows their equally inventive Halloween Trick or Treat billboards.
Halos Good choice kid billboard
Another seasonal fruity favourite at this time of year are these Halos billboards, this year with extra special extension cut-outs to catch your eye.
Pistachios Get crackin billboard
Another food group having fun with a special extension gimmick are these wonderfully nutty pistachios billboards, which stand out with their simplicity.
GrubHub Donut burger street poster ad
Plus GrubHub was trying to differentiate its online and app food ordering service with fun creatives like this 'Donut burger' street poster.
Honest Honey Green Tea billboard
When I first saw these Honest Tea ad creatives I thought it was for Jessica Alba's Honest Company, but it turns out that these billboards are the latest sweet offering from Coca-Cola.
Honest Honey Green Tea billboard
With more and more people realising the health and obesity implications of sugary sodas, and more states levying taxes on the products, Coca-Cola is cleverly diversifying into more water, fruit juice and other drinks products.
Sparkling Ice water Trolls billboard
Meanwhile Ice Sparkling Water was given a Hollywood makeover this month with this promotional partner tie-in ad creative featuring characters from the new Trolls animated movie.
Deep Eddy Naturally gluten free vodka billboard
Whilst in the world of vodka, Deep Eddy Vodka was back in the skies with its retro ads trying to suggest its brand was the healthier option being naturally low calorie and gluten free.
not so silent nights Skyy Vodka billboard
Plus Skyy Vodka was revisiting its 'For not-so-silent nights' outdoor ad campaign from last Christmas.
Makers Mark delicious find billboard
Another spirit back in the city skyline for the holiday season was Maker's Mark Whisky with a fun series of delicious new billboards.
Corona beach closer than you think billboard
In the world of beer, Corona Extra was back to tempt passersby with a lime wedge, and the thought of escaping to a chilled out beach for the holiday party season.
Estrella Jalisco beer billboard
And new ad creatives for Mexican beer Estrella Jalisco continued to pop up all over town this November.
Hell is a fridge with no rosé Babe Bubbles billboard
Now here's a witty billboard creative that mirrors my sentiments exactly, 'Hell is a fridge with no rosé' and must never be allowed to happen.

Travel billboards
Lufthansa Airlines Forget rooftop bars billboard
Just in time for the holiday season travel mass exodus, German airline Lufthansa was trying to tempt passengers onboard who enjoy a cocktail with a view.
Forget rooftop bars Lufthansa Airlines billboard
Forget rooftop bars Lufthansa billboard
Plus Virgin America also had this very different tongue-in-cheek 'window seat' ad creative to amuse passersby.
On-demand entertainment window seat Virgin billboard

Sports billboards
We are all Kings ice hockey billboard
You can tell its the start of another sporty season in the city skies with lots of ads filling the streets for L.A. Kings ice hockey team.
Commitment Clippers basketball billboard
Plus billboards around the City of Angels to encourage sports fans to go watch the Clippers basketball team court side.

Technology billboards
Apple Watch perfect running partner billboard
Speaking of sports, and Apple was repositioning its under-performing Apple Watch as more of a running accessory to help drive Christmas gifting no doubt.
Apple Watch perfect running partner billboard
Be sure to also compare these ads to the previous Apple Watch billboard campaigns from the past year or so.
Facebook Live billboard
In the world of social media networks, Facebook was promoting its live streaming service, Facebook Live, with these very traditional user-generated outdoor ads.
Mailchimp Being yourself makes all difference billboard
Plus email service provider MailChimp was making a big impression towering over Wilshire Boulevard in L.A.'s Koreatown this month.

Motoring billboards
Life a journey Better fill up first 76 gas billboard
And this may not be the best shot of this 76 gas station billboard, but I love the tagline - 'Life is a journey. Better fill up first', very apt.

Financial billboards
clicking Like planning retirement Prudential billboard
I also thought this Prudential financial services billboard was very cleverly tapping into our social media generation with this retirement planning ad creative. It's true, more and more we passively click the 'Like' button on Facebook without really having a strong opinion either way.

Health and pharmaceutical billboards
Giant Xiidra Oh Hii billboard Sunset Strip
Along the Sunset Strip the drug Xiidra was advertising its dry eye disease treatment with this giant-sized billboard trying to catch commuters eyes.

Political and cause-related billboards
Bernie says Yes on 61 billboard
Now that the election is over this Bernie Sanders 'Yes on Prop 61' billboard seems very dated, but it does highlight how his political power and influence has grown since he ran against Hillary Clinton this cycle.
Keep the Promise Free concert billboard
And finally AIDS Healthcare Foundation had these billboards to help mark World AIDS Day at the start of December, with a free concert featuring Common and Patti LaBelle to help encourage the continued funding of HIV/AIDS research and the tackling social injustices in the community.

As you can see there's been a real mixed bag of billboards turning heads in L.A.'s skies this November, so be sure to also check out these drinks and lifestyle billboards from this time last year, and come back soon for more snapshots from the city's out-of-home landscape these past few weeks.

Until then, have a wonderful (and much needed) Thanksgiving break...

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