Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recovering from the election result in New York City...

To say last week's election result was a bit of a shock is a massive understatement, and I still think the whole world is reeling from the thought of Donald Trump being the 45th President of the United States of America.

Patriotic red white blue Empire State Building NYC
Fortunately rather than having to dwell on the outcome in L.A., we'd already booked a mini-break weekend to New York City to take in a Broadway show and catch up with some friends, initially hoping it would be a celebratory visit, and it really was a great distraction from what was happening in the world.
Washington Square Park Not My President rally
Having said that, the ramifications of the vote could still be felt around the streets of New York as every night we saw thousands of protestors rallying and marching the city streets, from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.
Nasty Woman Hillary Clinton street graffiti
These 'Not My President' protestors really echoed my feelings and I'm still too heartsick and numb from the result to accept this new reality. Personally I'll never understand how any woman or person of colour could vote for the ignorant millionaire bigot, and I truly am worried for this country's (and the whole world's) safety and future.
Falsettos musical Walter Kerr Theatre NYC
I can't understand how someone could vote for their own self interest over human and civil rights. Not only am I worried about the rise of racism, but am also fearful for my fellow LGBT community with the appointment of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Vice President, one of the most anti-gay politicians in America, opposing gay marriage and advocating for gay conversion therapy.
Stonewall Inn Christopher St NYC
That's why on our wanderings through the city we had to pay a visit to New York's iconic landmark, The Stonewall Inn, where the fight for the gay rights movement in the U.S. really began. After all the progress we've made in the last eight years, there's no way I'm going back in the closet, or having my marriage treated any less equally.

We also shed a few tears watching the Falsettos musical at The Walter Kerr Theatre, with its 80s HIV/AIDS storyline evoking previous struggles for the gay community, and the fact that the new elected leaders want to remove funding for HIV/AIDS.
High Line Park view NYC
As we walked along the High Line Park, as we always do, we were thankful that we live in California and that along with New York City they are still havens for progressive, liberal and tolerant people.
Beyond this point may encounter nude sunbathers High Line
On this visit we stayed at The Towers at Lotte New York Palace and by the wonders of American Express and their benefits, received a room upgrade to a suite, which provided us with spectacular views of the city by day and night.
Rockefeller Plaza night NYC
Not only could we take in views of the Rockefeller Center and their infamous ice rink, we also got to see their Christmas Tree being installed, plus we also had an amazing aerial view of St. Patrick's Cathedral and more of New York's amazing skyscrapers and landmarks.
St Patricks Cathedral from above NYC
We are really bad travelers in that we never plan too much. This trip we knew we wanted to see a show, but we didn't really want to go shopping or visit museums, so we just enjoyed the buzz of the city and all the food and cocktails it has to offer.
St Patricks Cathedral night NYC
We always walk everywhere and made sure to stop by Soho House New York and also the new Ludlow House, plus had dinner at Extra Virgin, a favourite eatery of ours in the West Village. I also enjoyed a Pret a Manger sandwich, which was a nice reminder of lunch when I used to work in London, I'm really not that hard to please.
Festive Radio City Music Hall NYC
Even though the holidays weren't in full swing in the Big Apple, there were still more than a few festive sights, like Radio City Music Hall clad in its Christmas lights. Like I said this really was a nice tonic after recent events.

Now it's time to regroup, heal, move forward and get ready to fight for our rights.

Be sure to stay tuned in the coming days for a snapshot of all the billboards I eye-balled on my adventures around the city that never sleeps...

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