Friday, November 4, 2016

Voting for Hillary Clinton is the only sane option...

Being British born I'm still haunted by the spectre of the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016, so the forthcoming U.S. Presidential Election Day voting fills me with dread. In the U.K. fear-mongering and lies led to 51.9% of the population voting to leave the European Union, bamboozled with propaganda about a flood of terrorist refugees destroying the country and the promise of £350 million-per-week provided back to the National Health Service (which was immediately reneged upon by leaders of the 'Leave' coalition the day of the results).

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After the result of the Brexit referendum I was depressed that so many people gave in to fear, bigotry and hatred, or simply didn't care about the wider implications, or understand how important their vote was. It shocked many people in the U.S., and around the world, that this had happened and made the unbelievable idea of a Donald Trump presidency seem much more of a possibility.
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Here's a p@$$y-grabbing TV reality star who's built his political campaign and business life on tearing other people down, be it immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, black people, women, prisoners of war, Gold Star families, the military, the media, the constitution and even his own Republican Party.
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His failed businesses have declared bankruptcy more than four times, he's been sued over 3,000 times, has been accused of rape and sexual harassment, has cheated on his wives (and has been married three times), doesn't pay taxes and brags about it, doesn't pay his bills, is all about building his own wealth and self-importance, and chose an anti-LGBT Vice Presidential running mate in Mike Pence.
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Compare his greed, hateful rhetoric, bullying, incompetence, lying and ignorance with the experience, intelligence, strength, professionalism and sanity of Hillary Clinton.

She has served this country all her life, working for women, children and minorities rights, and knows exactly what the challenges of being Commander-in-Chief entail, working with President Obama as Secretary of State and being First Lady to the 42nd President of the U.S.A. for two terms. No other person has the insight into the job and running of the country than she does, she is the most qualified person for the job.
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Coming from the E.U. where there are many powerful female leaders and growing up in the U.K. in the 1980s with Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, even though she was a bit of a tyrant, the idea of a female President didn't seem a big deal to me (especially after a lifetime of friendship and working with strong, intelligent women).

That it's taken this long to elect a woman American President seems bizarre, but when you live in the U.S. for a while you realize that sexism, along with racism, is very much still alive.
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I've never been so political until this election cycle and its amazing how vindictive, divisive and low the tone has sunk, and continues to sink from day to day it seems. I really can't wait for it to be over, but for me there can only be one good outcome, Hillary Clinton must become the 45th President of the United States of America.
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In terms of gay rights we've come so far so the idea of marriage equality being undone is abhorrent, deportation forces rounding up illegal immigrants sounds like something Hitler would do, women not being able to decide what happens to their own bodies is like stepping back in time, continuing to ignore the signs our struggling planet is trying to tell us is scary, wealthy billionaires continuing to get away without paying their fair share is just plain wrong, and the idea of a thin-skinned, quick-to-anger bully with his finger on the nuclear button fills me with utter dread (more than Sarah Palin in the White House did).
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I've donated to her campaign and raised her banners in my West Hollywood neighbourhood, but sadly as I'm not an American citizen I don't have the right to vote. I do however live, work and pay taxes in this country, and follow all its laws, so I urge all those with the ability to vote to use it wisely and vote for the only safe and sane candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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If you are LGBT, a person of colour, disabled, an immigrant, a Muslim, a woman, or someone who has a relationship with any of these people, there is no possible reason why you would vote for that man.

On November 8, 2016, vote for a brighter future where we are 'stronger together'.

Hillary, Shantay you stay, Donald, Sashay away (forever)...

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