Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 2016's fashion and beauty billboards filling L.A.'s holiday skies...

This December clothing, eyewear, jewelry and beauty brands have been taking advantage of the holiday party and gift-giving season to fill the skies with festive fashion and gift ideas. Here's a selection of the Winter looks filling L.A.'s holiday skies this month.

Fashion billboards
Giant Gap Holidays 2016 fashion billboard
First up is this joyful, super-sized glittery Gap billboard which certainly does have lots of cheerful holiday spirit. How can this ad creative not make you feel happy?
Giant American Eagle Outfitters Holidays 2016 billboard
Another apparel brand getting the giant-sized treatment this month is American Eagle Outfitters with some ideas on dressing up snug, warm and fashionably this festive season.
This is Abercrombie Fitch Holidays 2016 billboard
Another youth clothing brand showing off their brand new point of view was Abercrombie & Fitch, trying to prove with their new advertising campaign that they're not just about scantily-clad buff male models.
Banana Republic Holidays 2016 billboard
Banana Republic was back in the holiday skies and ready for party season, whether it be the office Christmas party, or the big countdown to the New Year.
Tom Ford men eyewear FW16 billboard
Meanwhile Tom Ford was going a bit retro and showing off his latest sunglasses, the perfect stocking filler.
Miu Miu Eyewear FW16 billboard
Plus Mui Mui was also showcasing their latest Italian eyewear along the Sunset Strip with this ad creative.
Dr Martens original icon billboard
And the iconic Dr. Martens boots were standing out in the Studio City skyline with this billboard (they may be a classic, but I just hope they're more comfortable than they used to be).

Jewelry billboards
David Yurman jewelry Holidays 2016 billboard
It wouldn't be gift-giving season without seeing some jewelry brands showing off their luxury looks in the sunny skies, this this ad for designer jeweler David Yurman.
Happy Giving Macys jewelry billboard
Plus for some more affordable present options, Macy's was also showing off its selection of necklaces and jewelry offerings.

Beauty billboards
Marc Jacobs Beauty Winona Ryder billboard
And finally for this festive collection, this really is an eye-catching ad creative for Marc Jacobs Beauty featuring a stunning and radiant Winona Ryder.

Be sure to compare this December's ad creatives with last year's fashion billboards, and I'm sure that January will bring a fresh new collection of stylish billboards showing of 2017's Spring looks, so be sure to come back next month for another roundup.

Have a Merry Christmas Eve...

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