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December 2016's festive drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s holiday skies...

The big day is almost upon us, so it's time to share some festive-themed lifestyle billboards before Christmas Day comes and goes and these outdoor ads immediately feel very dated in the city skyline. Enjoy this selection of holiday drinks, theme parks, retail and more billboards gracing L.A.'s December 2016 skies.

Festive billboards
Disney parks Season of Light 2016 billboard
Every year Disney's California theme parks fills the skies with ad creatives for its holiday festivities and attractions.
Disney California Adventure Festival Holidays 2016 billboard
Make sure you also check out these Disneyland Just got merrier billboards from around the streets of L.A. in previous years.
Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment 2016 billboard
In addition to the theme parks, Disney also has traveling entertainment for families this season including its Disney On Ice live show full of your favourite characters.
Queen Mary Chill Holidays 2016 billboard
Meanwhile The Queen Mary in Long Beach has been advertising its annual Chill extravaganza to entertain visitors, this year with an added Alice in Wonderland theme.
Ice skating Santa Monica 2016 billboard
And if you felt like ice skating yourself in L.A., then Santa Monica has an outdoor rink just up your alley.
Americana Celebrate the season billboard
I try not to repeat Christmas ads that appear every year, and this is a slightly different creative for The Americans at Brand outdoor shopping mall, but be sure to check out these out the festive billboards for this shopping centre and The Grove from last holiday season.
Wrap it up Container Store Holidays billboard
The Container Store always seems to have some fun, festive-themed ad creatives for their gift wrap wonderland.
nothing like Present Container Store Holidays billboard
Another retailer with some eye-catching Christmas billboards this year was surprisingly the 99c Only Stores, with these vibrant gingerbread man and present ad creatives.
99c Gingerbread Fa La La billboard
If you like these clever holiday billboards, then you should also check out these 99c Halloween and Thanksgiving billboards too.
99c Present Fa La La billboard
As you can see there's more than a few brands, attractions and retailers getting into the festive spirit.

Dating billboards
Perfect 12 matchmaking service billboard
Another unlikely festive ad creative standing out along the Sunset Strip this month is for the matchmaking service Perfect 12, obviously for those who want to find that special someone to spend Christmas and the Holidays with.

Food and drinks billboards
Makers Mark most delicious time of year billboard
This time of year there's always more than a few alcohol brands trying to get your attention and make the perfect gift for a loved one, or to take to a party.
Makers Mark gift all pucker up billboard
These mistletoe-themed Maker's Mark whisky ad creatives were certainly helping passersby get in the Christmas spirit.
Johnnie Walker Keep walking Los Angeles billboard
Also in the world of whisky, Johnnie Walker was being a star and associating itself with the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Crown Royal Whisky Live generously billboards
Plus Crown Royal whisky was also debuting a new set of billboard creatives in Hollywood.
Sauza Tequila always margarita season billboard
And Sauza Tequila was proving in sunny L.A. it's always margarita time whatever the festive season.
Pinnacle Vodka related activities billboard
Meanwhile Pinnacle Vodka was having some fun and trying to be the perfect vodka for vodka related activities.
Oh Joy Joyvin wine billboard
Plus Joyvin Kosher wines was bringing some feel-good joy to the holiday skies with this uplifting balloon ad creative.
Perrier Extraordinaire sparkling water billboard
And speaking of balloons, Perrier was back in the city skies, maybe because the sparkling water brand is feeling the pressure from Smartwater's new fizz.
Coke Christmas 2016 billboard
I haven't seen any Coke Santa billboards this year but I did spy this snowy festive Coca-Cola ad creative.
Erewhon Pre order holiday feast billboard
Meanwhile this roasted turkey billboard from Erewhon was making my mouth water for Christmas Day lunch.
GrubHub tears of joy spicy thai billboard
Speaking of food, takeout delivery service GrubHub was injecting some humour into its ads with this spicy billboard.
Serafina Sunset restaurant billboard
And the Sunset Strip's newest restaurant all the way from New York City, Serefina Sunset, was trying to attract diners this holiday season with this vibrant ad.

Motoring billboards
Special snowy Season of Audi Sales Event billboard installation
In the world of motoring Audi was getting into the spirit of the season with this fun 3D snow-trimmed billboard installation.
Happy Honda Days 2016 festive billboard
Plus Honda was celebrating the holiday season with this festive 'Happy Honda Days' offering.

Travel billboards
Tumi luggage billboard
Tumi luggage billboards
Meanwhile over at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine luggage brand Tumi was hoping that passersby would think a new stylish suitcase was be the perfect present for a loved one's travels.

Theme park billboards
Transformers Universal Studios California neighbor pass billboard
Plus in addition to all the Disneyland billboards filling the festive skies, Universal Studios Hollywood was offering a special California Neighbor Pass for local residents to enjoy the theme park for 200 days out of the year.

Sports billboards
LA Kings ice hockey 50 years billboard
In the world of winter sports, the L.A. Kings ice hockey team were celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Health billboards
Our records are digital Oscar Healthcare billboard
And with the U.S. healthcare system about to go through a massive upheaval in the future, Oscar was showing off how they've modernised their medical record keeping with the use of apps and smartphones.

Charity and cause-related billboards
AIDS HIV 650000 lives in care billboard
Meanwhile I was heartened by this ad creative from AIDS Healthcare Foundation showing that they have 650,000 lives in care (I've run marathons in past to do my own part to fundraise for similar charities helping HIV/AIDS community).

If you want to do something amazing this holiday season consider donating to charities like this, especially with the four years ahead there's never been a better time to show your support for civil rights groups, LGBT and women's rights groups and advocates like ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, etc.
Peoples History of United States book Let Record Show billboard
And finally these two billboards caught my eye along Melrose Avenue, both reflecting the current state of politics, one showing A People's History of the United States book by Howard Zinn, which tries to show how America's history has mostly been by the elite minority, like for instance corrupt billionaires that have bought their way and made deals with the devil to get into power.
Cant pray it away billboard
And this 'Can't pray it away' billboard is especially poignant to all the LGBT people who are feeling threatened that the progress we've made in recent years will be lost with the presidential regime change and their homophobic leanings, making it all the more important to enjoy this Christmas as who knows what the future holds for America, and the world.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more snapshots of this month's movie, music, TV and fashion billboards filling L.A.'s festive skyline...

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