Thursday, December 1, 2016

Life's a dog beach in December in Southern California...

Today I decided I needed to step away from the computer and take some time out to enjoy where we live in Southern California with my best Labrador pal, Cooper.

Labrador Cooper Huntington Dog Beach
Ever since the clocks changed Cooper hasn't quite adjusted to the hour difference, which means he wakes up around 4 am rather than 5 am and thinks it's time to go for his first walk (pizza hunting along West Hollywood's Santa Monica Boulevard) and to come home and have his dinner (when we were training him we decided that both his breakfast and evening meal would be dinner for expediency's sake).
Labradors Huntington Dog Beach
I've been so busy of late with condo repairs, jaunts to New York City and Thanksgiving, amongst other things, that we haven't had time to go to the dog beach in an age, so today I thought Cooper deserved a chance to splash about in the surf and get some of that Labrador energy out (and maybe help us get a decent night's sleep tonight).
Happy Labrador Huntington Dog Beach
Off we headed to Huntington Dog Beach, where Cooper met two other Labs, although he was more interested in his tennis ball to be honest.
Surf Labrador Cooper Huntington Dog Beach
Of late the temperature has dropped and today it was cloudier by the coast, but the beach was amazingly quiet and oddly soothing after the events of the past few weeks (even if the waves and strong current were not ideal for Cooper to have a proper swim).
Yellow Labrador Huntington Dog Beach
Fortunately our boy got a chance to have a splash about in the waves, something he loves to do more than chasing his ball up the beach these days, so it was a worthwhile excursion, especially as the post-Thanksgiving traffic was kind on the way there and back.

Coming from rainy Britain I never thought I'd have this beach life, so I do cherish every trip to the sandy shore and I know that Cooper loves it too, which makes me even happier.

For a blast from the past, be sure to check out Cooper's first visit to a dog beach to see how much he's grown since then.

At the moment he's passed out and snoring, so I think that's a job well done...

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