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Movie, music and game billboards filling L.A.'s festive skies in December 2016...

Merry Christmas everyone! You can always guarantee that the box office will be filled with movies over the Holidays and that the skies will also be crammed with billboards trying to grab your attention, whether it be festive blockbusters, or films hoping to get lucky this awards season. Here's a cool collection of movie, music an dame outdoor ads trying to turn heads this December 2016.

Movie billboards
Jackie movie billboard
First up is this striking billboard for the Jackie Kennedy biopic which has already earned its star Natalie Portman a Golden Globe and SAG Award nomination and a Critics' Choice Award win for Best Actress.

Make sure you also check out this iconic pink costume that Natalie Portman wears in Jackie on display.
20th Century Women movie billboard
Another film I'm looking forward to seeing is 20th Century Women, which stars Annette Bening and is set in 1979 Santa Barbara, California.
Sing Gunter Pig Flashdance spoof billboard
On elf my favourite billboards of the year has to be this Flashdance pig homage for the new animated comedy Sing, it's a lot of nostalgic fun and you just can't help but stare.
Sing movie billboard
If you like these special extension ad creatives for the talent contest feature film, you should also check out these other fun Sing movie billboards from around the streets and skies of L.A. this month.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
Another special extension cut-out which really made the most of the billboard format was this deadly example for Assassin's Creed.

Michael Fassbender stars in this adaptation of the popular video game franchise and there's been some supercool Assassin's Creed film costume and prop exhibits in L.A. this month, so if you're a fan be sure to check them out in more detail.
Rogue One Star Wars movie billboard
Sci-fi fans we also treated to another new Star Wars film this Christmas, with Rogue One telling the previously untold tale of how the Rebels got hold of the Death Star plans in Episode IV. A brilliant female hero, a diverse cast, rich nods to the Star Wars Universe and a great story make this a welcome addition to the film franchise.
Why Him movie billboard
Meanwhile if you were looking for some laughs this festive season, then Why Him? is the meet-the-in-laws and future son-in-law comedy you may be looking for.
Office Christmas Party movie billboard
And another holiday-themed movie trying to get you in the festive spirit this month was Office Christmas Party.
La La Land movie billboard
If you're a fan of musicals and want to have your socks charmed off, then Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's new film La La Land is the magical movie for you. It's original, ambitious and dazzling, especially the opening dance number shot on a freeway overlooking Downtown L.A., it really is a love letter to the City of Angels.

You can also take a look at these fab film costumes from La La Land on display at ArcLight Hollywood this month.
Collateral Beauty movie billboard
I was looking forward to Will Smith's new movie Collateral Beauty about a father dealing with the loss of his child, but all the reviews say it's too schmaltzy and unauthentic, which is a shame, especially after seeing a film like Manchester by the Sea recently, which is so raw and honest.
Manchester by the Sea movie billboard
If there's one film you take the time to see on the big screen this holiday season it should be Manchester by the Sea. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the intense drama deserves to be seen uninterrupted and without distraction, so see it at a cinema.
Fences film billboard
Yet another film on my growing list of must-see movies this Christmastime (and before the awards show season kicks off), is the film adaptation of the stage play Fences, directed by and starring Denzel Washington, alongside Viola Davis.
Hidden Figures movie billboard
And this New Year's Eve I think an early screening of Hidden Figures may be in order to blast off for a hopeful 2017 with a tale of strong women helping the NASA space program in the 1960s.
Passengers movie billboard
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's science fiction romance Passengers is getting lukewarm reviews, and doesn't really have an exciting ad campaign, so it's dropped further down my must-see list this December.
Nocturnal Animals movie billboard
One film that I did catch recently was Tom Ford's second film, Nocturnal Animals. Of course it looked beautiful, but was a tad creepier and heavy-handed compared to his 2009 debut, A Single Man.
Live By Night movie billboard
When he's not playing 'Batman', Ben Affleck has been directing and starring in the new mob movie set in the Prohibition Era, Live by Night, based on the 2012 Dennis Lehane crime novel of the same name.
Silence movie billboard
Plus director Martin Scorsese has another addition to December's early engagements with the historical drama, Silence.
Ghostmates YouTube Red movie billboard
And subscription service YouTube Red continues to debut original movies like Ghostmates on its online platform.
Little Prince giant consideration billboard
Meanwhile this month Netflix has been campaigning for two of its movie offerings in a big way, the animated feature film The Little Prince and Ava DuVernay's documentary, 13th.
Giant 13th documentary billboard
I agree that the 13th documentary is more important than ever in our current political climate, it's equally illuminating and worrying, so do yourself a favour and stream it now to see how big business and the government have been treating black people since the end of slavery.

Music billboards
Prince 4ever album billboard
Too many musicians, authors, actors and people of note seem to have died in 2016, and Prince was one artist who seemed to be gone before his time. Fortunately he left iconic songs and albums, plus apparent vaults of music behind as his legacy and 4Ever is no doubt the first of many album collections to expect from Prince in the years to come.
Eric Clapton 50 years music concert billboard
Meanwhile Eric Clapton is celebrating his 50 years of music with a concert tour next Spring, obviously tickets would the perfect present for a fan.
Kid Cudi Passion Pain Demon Slayin billboard
Plus Kid Cudi dropped his latest album this month - Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin', and managed to show off his abs at the same time.
AT-ATs on the Beach album billboard
Whilst the AT-ATs on the Beach were (rather timely with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in cinemas) bringing some chilled California electronica to the skies.

Gaming billboards
Best Fiends mobile game billboard
And finally, in the world of mobile games Best Fiends had these animal fun character billboards gracing the skies these past few weeks.

Make sure you compare these ads to last December's movie, music and gaming billboards and come back at the end of January to see what billboards the New Year has in store for us.

Wishing you all festive joy and glad tidings however you celebrate today...

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