Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Labrador Cooper gets 3D printed...

Yesterday it was finally time to give my husband his belated Christmas present, a 3D print of our adorable Yellow Labrador (and love of our lives) Cooper.

Cooper meets Mini-Cooper
Labrador Cooper and 3D print Mini Cooper
Last year I was really struggling to think of a gift to give my significant other, I mean what do you give a man who has everything, when I kept driving past a pop-up 3D print shop along Robertson Boulevard in L.A. that piqued my interest.

3D printed Cooper
3D print Labrador Cooper
He loves Cooper, so a constant miniature reminder of our 8-year-old boy would be the perfect present. Modern technology really is amazing and I'm sure it won't be long before we all have 3D printers in our homes.
Labrador Cooper 3D print replica
Taking Cooper in to be photographed at Doob-3D at the end of November was the easy part, unfortunately getting the 3D printed replica in time for Christmas was the problem. When I ordered I was assured it would arrive on time, and the cost was not insignificant, so I was really disappointed not to have this special gift to give on Christmas morning as planned.

Cooper was ready for his close-up
Labrador photographed for 3D print
Finally over two weeks late our Mini-Cooper arrived yesterday, but the finished product is pretty amazing and it was well worth the wait, although Cooper wasn't that impressed (hopefully he doesn't feel like he's being replaced).
Labrador Cooper 3D print
It's a bit uncanny to see our pup miniaturised in such detail, and at least this version will be a bit less messy and require less treats, but you could never replace the genuine article.

Anyway this belated arrival certainly brightened our day during this rainy start to the New Year...

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