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L.A.'s returning TV show and awards consideration billboards in January 2017...

In addition to all the movie, music, fashion, drinks and other lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s January skies, there were also more than a few TV show billboards turning heads this month. Enough in fact to split between new shows, and these returning favourites and awards consideration outdoor ads.

TV billboards
Walking Dead midseason 7 billboard
First up is this very timely 'Rise Up' midseason billboard for The Walking Dead. 'Rick Grimes' and his plucky band of zombie apocalypse survivors are back for second half of the seventh season to make a stand against a brutal, egotistical dictator (sound familiar with current events in America?).
Major Crimes midseason 5 billboard
Next up TNT's Major Crimes unit is back for the second half episodes of their fifth season with this bold ad creative.
Being Mary Jane season 4 billboard
Gabrielle Union is back as a journalist for a fourth season of Being Mary Jane and this time around she's taking a bite out of the Big Apple.
Yes to Black BET 2017 billboard
Cable channel BET was also celebrating its blackness in this hostile political climate and defiantly showing off its shows with this 'Yes to Black' billboard this month above Sunset Plaza.
Shadowhunters season 2 billboard
In the world of sci-fi and fantasy, Freeform's TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments novels was back for a sophomore season, so if you're a fan of the series, make sure you check out all these Shadowhunters season two billboards filling the New Year skies.
Colony season 2 billboard
Also back for a second season is USA Network's post-alien invasion sci-fi resistance drama, Colony, which actually did something bizarre and very welcome, and actually flashed back to the arrival of the occupying extraterrestrials in the first returning episode.
Expanse season 2 billboard
Syfy's space opera drama The Expanse was also back in the city skyline with this spacesuit ad creative for its second season.
The Magicians season 2 billboard
And The Magicians, adapted from Lev Grossman's book of the same name, magically reappeared this month for their sophomore season with this fantastical creature ad creative.
Just Add Magic season 2 billboard
And speaking of magic, Amazon was bringing more good old family fun with this sophomore season billboard for Just add Magic.

The Path season 2 billboard
Hulu's original cult drama was also back in the skies for a second season, and if you're a fan of the show, be sure to also check out these season two billboards for The Path with its other stars aside from Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy.
Outsiders season 2 billboard
Plus WGN America was bringing mountains of trouble to January's skies for its returning drama Outsiders, back for a second season of confrontation in the rugged hills of Appalachia.
Schitt's Creek season 3 billboard
In the world of comedy, Pop's Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek was back for a third season of riches to rags.
Baskets season 2 billboard
Plus Zach Galifianakis was back as the downtrodden 'Chip Baskets' with these French clown inspired ad creatives for the dark comedy's second season.
TGIT 2017 New Year billboard
ABC Studios was promoting the return of its popular TGIT line-up, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, even if they did need to move their new season and midseason premiere dates because of the inauguration.
Jeff Ross Roast Battle II billboard
Meanwhile over on Comedy Central, Jeff Ross was hosting another Roast Battle II stand-up event.
Workaholics final season 7 billboard
Whilst the Workaholics were bidding a fond farewell with this ad creative for their seventh and final season.
Girls final season 6 billboard
Speaking of final seasons, and HBO's Girls were back in a big way this month along the Sunset Strip for their sixth and farewell season.
Giant Black Sails final season 4 billboard
And Starz period pirate drama, Black Sails, was preparing for its fourth and final voyage on the high seas with this giant-sized golden skull billboard.
Giant TruTV New Year 2017 billboard
At the beginning of the year TruTV was also showing off its wealth of talent from shows like Adam Ruins Everything, Impractical Jokers and Billy on the Street to help build their profiles.
These are people in shows we have TruTV billboard
And of course the TV and film industry awards ceremonies kept coming, with the Golden Globes at the start of January and the Screen Actors Guild Awards being held today.
Giant 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards billboard
Whoever wins at the SAG Awards is usually a good indication of who will take home the Oscars, but there are always a few surprises.
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017 billboard
Following their Golden Globe nominations, Netflix was supporting its critical and fan-favourite hit, Stranger Things, with these awards consideration billboards for the SAG Awards.
Stranger Things SAG Awards consideration billboard
The show is nominated for Best Ensemble Cast and for Outstanding Performances by newcomer Millie Bobby Brown for her starring role as the mysterious 'Eleven' and deserved comeback queen, Winona Ryder.
Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown awards consideration billboard
Golden Globe winner The Crown, about the early reign of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, also received some extra awards consideration support from Netflix this month.
Crown SAG awards consideration billboard
Plus not to be forgotten, Netflix's groundbreaking women's prison dramedy, Orange is the New Black, was also supported for its SAG Award nominations high above the Sunset Strip.
Orange is the New Black season 4 awards billboard
Meanwhile, now that the world has seemed to have turned upside-down with an orange toddler in charge of America, there's never been a better time for the return of satirical commentary from the likes of John Oliver, back for a fourth season of Last Week Tonight. And he's not the only one who feels scared at the moment.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 4 billboard
Plus in these scary times Bill Maher's Real Time is also back for a record fifteenth season, and his 'Let's make America sane again' tagline was just the tonic we needed to help get us through the start of this year where we're going to have to be more vigilant for justice, democracy and equality than ever.
Bill Maher season 15 Lets make America sane again billboard
Make sure you also compare these outdoor ads to last year's selection of returning TV show billboards filling January's streets and skies, and stick around for all the new TV shows competing for your attention in L.A.'s skyline this past month.

Stay tuned TV fans...

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