Sunday, January 22, 2017

Proudly taking a stand at the Women's March L.A. with thousands of peaceful protestors...

Yesterday a day after the inauguration of America's 45th President I proudly joined hundreds of thousands of fellow protestors in Downtown L.A. and millions across the country in the Women's March, to stand up for equal rights for all, for common decency, for justice, for democracy, for freedom, for liberty, for science, for the environment, for reproductive rights, for healthcare and for sanity.

Womens March LA Not my President sign
After feeling so disheartened by the past year's divisive electioneering and the election result, it was so uplifting, empowering and life affirming to be surrounded by so many like-minded people.
Womens March LA Make America think again sign
These citizens exercising their First Amendment to Freedom of Speech were certainly not 'paid protestors' as some may argue.Womens March LA The future is female sign
Coming by train, car, bike, or on foot, they were of all ages, all colours, all religions, all genders, all backgrounds, gay, straight, transgender, disabled, veterans, old, young, families, children, grandparents, in fact a real melting pot of humanity.
Womens March LA what a peoples movement looks like sign
Yes this felt like a real democratic movement, Donald Trump and the GOP may have wanted to divide America with his rhetoric and their archaic policies, but in fact he did this country a favour and united them to fight for what is decent and right, proving we are all stronger together.
Womens March LA Stronger Together sign
There were so many courageous 'Nasty women' and 'Bad Hombres', bridge builders, healthcare advocates, environment protectors, art and science lovers, who took the time to make their signs, organise, show up and take a stand to say we are not happy with the direction you want to take the United States and that they care for the future of America and the world.
Womens March LA Abort Trump Adopt the Earth sign
Millions, that's right millions (far more than turned up for the Inauguration) turned up and (tuned in) in all weathers in L.A., Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Denver, North Carolina, Alaska, Louisiana, New Orleans and more states, plus 'sister marches' took place around the world in London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Cape Town and many more besides.
Womens March LA Courage is like a muscle sign
The whole event was a cathartic, liberating and energizing experience, but it was also a starting point for all of us who don't agree with Putin's Puppet's toxic, sexist, racist, xenophobic and dangerous opinions and policies.
Women's March LA Bridges not walls sign
You can see from all these creative signs that women don't want to go backwards to the past when they were treated with less respect and rights, plus they don't want a man or government telling them what they can or can't do with their bodies.
Womens March LA not go quietly back to the 50s sign
These millions of people were a sign that we don't believe the lies and obfuscation tactics, we do want to see Donald Trump's tax returns to see his ties to foreign governments that may influence his decisions in the future.
Womens March LA These people are a sign
We do believe that Russia influence this election by hacking the Democratic Party and favoring one candidate over another to achieve their own political goals.
Womens March LA Princess Leia Resistance sign
We do think that the Commander-in-Chief should divest his business interests and put them into a blind trust (and not hand over to his sons), as previous Presidents have done.
Womens March LA Impeach the lunatic sign
We do believe that he hasn't drained the swamp at all, instead has filled the quagmire to overflowing with self-interested millionaires who don't believe in protecting the future of the Earth, education, the arts or our safety over their own wealth.
Womens March LA Art inspires matters signs
Donald Trump is already in breach of his Washington, D.C. hotel lease, than says an elected official cannot operate a hotel on government property.
WomenS March LA Just Say Roe sign
No matter the 'alternative facts' his campaign managers or press officers spew, his administration continues to lie day after day.
Womens March LA each time a woman stands up for herself sign
Let's not forget his choice for Vice President, Mike Pence, is one of the most homophobic politicians, championing conversion therapy and diverting money from HIV treatment, wanting to ban gay marriage and wanting to jail same-sex couples for just applying for a marriage license, and opposed the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
Womens March LA Girls just want to have FUNdamental rights
Over the next four years people need to remain vigilant, to make sure all their nonsense doesn't become part of a new normal.
Womens March LA Equality Hold government to account sign
Fortunately this march of strong women and their allies, really help me feel that there will be millions of people willing to be brave enough to stand up to the bullying, misinformation and horrendous antiquated laws.
Womens March LA This pussy grabs back sign
Everyone need's to remember that Donald Trump is not a god, a king or a dictator, he is there to serve the people of America, we are his boss, he works for us, not the other way around. And don't you all let him forget it every day.
Womens March Downtown LA 2017
This protest was because so many millions still can't believe how an accused rapist, sexual predator, liar, adulterer, draft dodger, tax dodger, bill dodger and egotistical bully ever went from a reality TV host to the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world.
Womens March LA tiny hands underpants sign
These marches showed that people are worried about their democratic rights and civil liberties, worried for their children and family, and the future of this planet.
Womens March LA We can do it sign
Let's hope all these pink 'pussyhat' wearers, sign carriers and flag fliers can stay united to protect all of the people, and not just the rich and privileged, in the coming years. It'll take work, it may be painful at times, but "We can do it together!".
2017 Women's March Downtown LA
People say that in Hollywood we live in a bubble that's out of touch with reality, but I'd rather live in this inclusive bubble of love, creativity, diversity, compassion and energy, than a world filled with fear, hatred, discrimination, prejudice, lies and inequality.

United we stand, together we'll triumph, because love will always trump hate...

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