Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 2017's travel, tech and other lifestyle billboards around L.A...

This February whilst fashion, movie, music and TV billboards have been in abundance in the city skies, it's been a quieter time for lifestyle outdoor ads. Here's an eclectic collection of travel, theme park, technology, food and drinks billboards trying to catch passersby eyes this past month.

Travel and tourism billboards
Disneyland Electrical Parade Its Home dragon billboard
First up are these fun ad creatives for the return of Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade, which have really stood out around L.A.'s streets.
Disneyland Electrical Parade Coming Home snails billboard
After being teased that the popular nighttime parade was 'coming home' next to famous L.A. landmarks, it finally arrived with a new wave of billboards. Hopefully this parade will help justify year another increase in park prices.
Minions Universal Neighbor Pass billboard
Another theme park trying to attract visitors this month was Universal Studios Hollywood as their California Neighbor Pass billboards featuring characters like the Minions, Transformers and Harry Potter have reappeared around the city streets.
Electricity guitars great combo Virgin America Alaska billboard
When Alaska Airlines announced they were buying Virgin America is seemed like a strange fit, but it looks like Virgin's irreverent approach is rubbing off on them with these fun new ads.
American Airlines worlds greatest flyers billboard
Meanwhile in Downtown L.A. American AirlinesAmerican Airlines was continuing its latest ad campaign with this colourful creative.

Health and fitness billboards
Equinox Mastectomy tattoo Commit to Something billboard
Luxury gym chain Equinox was also back in the city skyline this month with more provocative ad creatives to help the fitness lifestyle brand stand out.
Equinox Commit to Something Bees billboard
Whether it be a woman with a double mastectomy getting a tattoo, or a fit guy covered in bees, their Commit to Something ad campaign certainly turns heads.

Food and drinks billboards
climb refreshing finish Coors Light billboard
This month when everyone is trying to shed the pounds and get healthy there's definitely been less alcoholic brands advertising around L.A., although I did spy this new addition to Coors Light latest ad campaign.
Naked Pressed Juice Nutrientensity billboard
Meanwhile Naked was showing off its new cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices with these 'nutrientensity' billboards.
Nutrientensity Naked Pressed Juice billboard
This vibrant green ad campaign is a continuation of their Naked Juice billboards and Naked Juice Kale Blazer billboards from recent years around this time of year.
CocaCola Taste the feeling billboard
And while Naked Juice is owned by PepsiCo, Coca-Cola is still pushing its original fizzy cola around L.A.'s streets and to enjoy it with food.
Red Bull afternoon wall billboard
Plus Red Bull was helping DTLA workers get over that afternoon wall of tiredness with this giant wall mural creative.
Taco Bell Brenda took last bagel baby billboard
Meanwhile in the world of fast food, Taco Bell was having fun this month with this angry baby meme.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone 7 surfer billboard
Apple also refreshed its many billboards this month with a new evolution in its Shot on iPhone outdoor ad campaign.
Shot on iPhone 7 billboard
These Shot on iPhone 7 billboards are darker, framed in black, with more nighttime user-generated photography featured, so be sure to click through to my Daily Billboard Blog and take a look at more of the fresh new ad examples.

As you can see it's not been such an exciting month for lifestyle billboards, but that could all change next month. Compare this year's ads with last February's billboards and come back for another roundup at the end of March 2017.

Plus stay tuned in the days to come for all the TV show billboards entertaining L.A.'s skies this February...

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