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Oscar nominee, movie and music billboards around L.A. in February 2017...

February may be a short month, but it's a huge month for movies and music with both the Oscars and Grammys taking place and celebrating in the skies of Hollywoodland. Here's a selection of all the Oscar nominee, movie, music and gaming billboards filling the sprawling city skyline this past month.

Movie billboards
La La Land Oscar nominee billboard
First up is this very clever Oscar consideration billboard for La La Land, which has garnered a record-breaking fourteen nominations the year, and this ad along the Sunset Strip doesn't need any words to bring its awards season campaigning to an end. Will the musical with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling win big, or will voters turn their backs on this original movie?
Giant Kubo and the Two Strings Oscar nominee billboard
One Academy Award category which may cause the biggest upset this season is for the Best Animated Feature. LAIKA Studios stop-motion film Kubo and the Two Strings surprisingly took home the BAFTA Award for the fantastical tale and was supported with an impressive outdoor Oscar ad campaign this month.
Moana Academy Award Nominee billboard
Disney has two contenders in the Best Animated Film category, Moana and Zootopia, with the historical Pacific Islander tale also nominated for Best Original Song.
Zootopia Oscar Nominee billboard
Meanwhile $1 billion box office Zootopia has won several major industry accolades including the Golden Globe, so it's hard to imagine (but not impossible) it won't take home the prized golden statuette.
Arrival Oscar nominee billboard
Even though I was disappointed overall by Arrival, it's nice to see science fiction being recognized by the Academy, and it is a beautiful film that does do alien visitors very well.
Manchester by the Sea Oscar nominee billboard
Manchester by the Sea is certainly a film you need to see on the big screen as it's such a bleak family drama, that you're forced to watch the whole affair without switching off, which works in its favor as it delivers some truly devastating, emotional performances.
Isabelle Huppert Elle Academy Award nominee billboard
French language thriller, Elle, was also showing some support for its Oscar-nominated Best Actress star Isabelle Huppert in the skies of the Sunset Strip this month.
Moonlight Oscar nomination billboard
Garnering eight Oscar nominations and taking home the Golden Globe for Best Drama Picture, gay African-American coming-of-age drama, Moonlight, also received some major awards season support this month with multiple billboards along West Hollywood's busy Sunset Boulevard.
Hidden Figures Oscar nominee Best Picture billboard
Meanwhile over on the Westside, Fox Studios Hidden Figures was also getting some Academy Award nominee support.
Fences Academy Award nominee billboard
Plus the movie adaptation of August Wilson's stage play Fences was also standing out with this nominations billboard in the heart of Hollywood.
13th Oscar nominee documentary billboard
Ava DuVernay's 13th documentary is essential viewing in these unsettling times we're living in, and it's no wonder it took home the BAFTA for its compelling account of the transition of African-American slavery to mass incarceration. The enlightening film really is Oscar worthy and gets my vote.
Life Animated Oscar nominee documentary billboard
Meanwhile Life, Animated is another documentary, about an autistic young man who is helped to develop his reading, writing and communication skills by watching Disney animated movies, that was hoping to attract Academy voters consideration this month along the Sunset Strip.
89th Oscars Jimmy Kimmel billboard
And hosting the glittering 89th red carpet Oscars ceremony this year is late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel.
Lego Batman movie billboard
In the world of other films this month, The Lego Batman Movie was certainly bringing some fun to the city streets with its assortment of bright billboards.
Logan movie claws special extension billboard
Plus Marvel's not-so-merry mutant, Wolverine, was back in the city skyline with his trademark adamantium claws.
Logan movie billboard
This time it looks like it's the end of the line for Hugh Jackman's Logan, which will be a grittier, R-Rated take on the fan-favourite character.
Kong Skull Island movie billboard
Also returning to the skies this month was the classic monster, King Kong. From the looks of things Kong: Skull Island will be mashing up the giant ape with a touch of Apocalypse Now for this cinematic outing.
Kong Skull Island film billboard
If you like this new movie ad campaign, fans of the misunderstood colossal ape can also enjoy these Universal Studios Hollywood King Kong attraction billboards.
Giant Disney Beauty and the Beast movie billboard
Speaking of iconic monsters, and Beauty and the Beast get's the live-action Disney treatment this March.
Great Wall movie billboard
Matt Damon was also facing monstrous threats this month in his new historical fantasy action movie set in China, The Great Wall.
Get Out movie billboard
And speaking of walls, "Do you belong in this neighborhood?" sounds like a very Trump-like tagline for Jordan Peele's new horror movie about racism, Get Out.
A United Kingdom film billboard
Meanwhile race relations of the better variety, and A United Kingdom is the tale based on a true story about an African king who falls in love with a white British woman in London in the late 1940s, even though society and their families disapproved of their relationship.
Fifty Shades Darker movie billboard
For Valentine's Day this year Fifty Shades Darker was offering the next installment in E.L. James erotic romance movie adaptations.
Fifty Shades Darker movie billboard
Fans of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can also enjoy these Fifty Shades of Grey movie billboards from 2015.
Fist Fight movie billboard
This month Fist Fight was a new big screen comedy starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day filling the skies with billboards.
Fist Fight film billboard
The film about a school teacher who gets another fired and then gets challenged to an after-school fight doesn't seem the most socially responsible way to settle an argument these days.
Fist Fight movie billboard
YouTube's Gigi Gorgeous was starring in her own original movie about her transgender transition this month.
Gigi Gorgeous YouTube Red movie billboard
The superstar vlogger was also getting super-sized along the Sunset Strip to support her Barbara Kopple helmed documentary.
Giant Gigi Gorgeous YouTube Red movie billboard
From online to the small screen and Ricky Gervais was reviving his 'David Brent' persona from the U.K.'s original version of The Office mockumentary.
David Brent Life on the Road film billboard
His new Netflix movie, Life on the Road, finds the character twelve years later working as a traveling salesman, although he hasn't given up on his dreams of rock stardom.
David Brent Life on the Road movie billboard
As you can see the movie industry has been busy this month, but they are not the only ones.

Music billboards
2017 Grammys David Bowie billboard
In addition to all the film and TV industry awards over the past few months, this time of year is also when the music industry gets to shine a light on its recording artists, songwriters and superstars with the Grammy Awards.

If you like this David Bowie homage ad creative, make sure you also check out these other 2017 Grammy Awards billboards.
Congrats Chance Spotify billboard
Music subscription service Spotify was also capitalising on the Grammys with this outdoor ad campaign highlighting some of the artists first streamed by them.
Congrats The Chainsmokers Spotify billboard
These colourful billboards featuring the likes of Chance the Rapper, The Chainsmokers, Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini really stood out along the rocking Sunset Strip this month.
Congrats Maren Morris Spotify billboard
And Spotify continued their outdoor presence with this billboard for Katy Perry's new single Chained to the Rhythm.
Katy Perry Chained Rhythm Spotify billboard
Meanwhile Bruno Mars was celebrating that his 24k Magic single has officially gone platinum, which should help ticket sales of his forthcoming world tour.
Bruno Mars 24k Platinum billboard
The Hollywood Hills were certainly alive with the sound of music as Ed Sheeran was also promoting his new album Divide this month too.
Ed Sheeran Divide album billboard
Plus rock band Panic! at the Disco were promoting their latest Death of a Bachelor Tour and hoping for some Grammy consideration with this billboard.
Panic at the Disco Death of Bachelor Tour billboard
I don't think I've ever seen so many music-themed billboards filling the skies in the same month in all my years living in L.A.

Gaming billboards
Resident Evil Biohazard video game billboard
And finally not to be left out, with a final installment at the movies, Resident Evil had a new Biohazard video game to show off this month.

The skies will certainly seem duller after all this awards season activity, but I'm sure it won't be long before all the television Emmy activity kicks off again, as this entertainment industry is a cyclical beast (and we wouldn't have it any other way).

Have fun watching the Oscars this weekend, I absolutely will...

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