Friday, March 31, 2017

A windy welcome in Palm Springs...

If like me you're sick of all the politics and disastrous world news, sometimes you just have to get away from it all and disconnect. Floating in the middle of a swimming pool in Palm Springs is always the perfect tonic.

A windswept welcome in Palm Springs
Windy Palm Springs
This time around we're renting a house in the Midcentury neighborhood of Twin Palms. We've stayed near here before, but it's always nice to check out new locations, especially as one day we're thinking of buying a place here.
Windswept Palm Springs
This time around not only did we discover that Palm Springs is super busy at the moment with Spring Break families and lesbians visiting for the Dinah Shore Weekend, but we also received a blustery welcome with high winds wrecking havoc in the desert town.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental
Keeping the leaves and debris out of the swimming pool became a bit of a thankless task after a while, and when we ventured out for dinner in the evening there were palm fronds everywhere, the power was out at traffic lights and a water hydrant was gushing water out over Palm Canyon Drive.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental bedroom
Speaking of dinner, we also found it hard to eat at some of our usual favourites as outdoor venues had closed due to the high winds, and other eateries seemed to be struggling to cope with the overflow of people wanting tables.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental bedroom
In the end we tried the restaurant Trio for the first time and had a great meal before coming back to see how much foliage had ended up in the swimming pool.
Twin Palms Midcentury neighbourhood Palm Springs
Today I can report that the weather is perfect. The sun is shining, the air in still, the surrounding mountains are as spectacular as ever and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in Palm Springs.
Mai Tai cocktails prosecco
Hopefully once the pool has had a good clean we'll be able to enjoy this rental and the long weekend even more.

Now it's back to the very important job of relaxing. Where's my Mai Tai...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Returning TV show billboards entertaining L.A.'s March 2017 skies...

At this time of year there's always lots of new TV show billboards filling L.A.'s skies, that's why this month I've spilt new series and returning favourites into two separate posts. Here's a selection of shows back on the small screen for their second, third, fifth, sixth, eighth and final seasons, not to mention billboards for revivals of popular series.

TV billboards
Giant Vice season 5 billboard
First up is this super-sized fifth season billboard for documentary series Vice, always on the firing line of journalism.
Veep 6 Marine Corps War Memorial spoof billboard
Next up is this fabulous spoof of the Marine Corps War Memorial for the sixth season of political satire Veep.

Previous season promo billboards for the HBO comedy have featured homages to Mount Rushmore, Obama's 'Hope' election poster and the iconic oil painting 'Washington Crossing the Delaware'.
The Americans season 5 billboard
Meanwhile with all the Russian connections in Washington politics nowadays, there's never a better time to watch FX's sleeper KGB drama The Americans back for a fifth season with this bold ket art.
Fargo season 3 billboard
FX's movie spin-off Fargo was also back in the skies with this stamp-themed ad creative for its quirky third season of the crime anthology set in the Midwestern town.
Shades of Blue season 2 billboard
This March Jennifer Lopez was also back for a sophomore season of her dirty cop drama Shades of Blue.
Leftovers final season 3 billboard
Another show back for third season in the city skies this month was HBO's rapture drama, The Leftovers, which will also be the series final outing.
Better Call Saul season 3 billboard
Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, is another drama back for a third season with this visually funny ad creative to catch your eye in L.A.'s March skies.
Into the Badlands season 2 billboard
Another AMC show returning to the city skyline this month, for a second season, was martial arts extravaganza Into the Badlands.
Prison Break series revival billboard
Fox continues to dig into its TV vaults to attract viewers and this time around Prison Break gets the revival treatment.
Underground season 2 billboard
Meanwhile WGN America was turning heads with special extension cut-out billboards for the sophomore season of its Underground Railroad drama.
Love season 2 billboard
And Netflix was supporting the second season of its relationship drama Love with this vibrant ad creative.
Get Down season 1 part 2 billboard
Meanwhile Baz Luhrmann's lavish hip-hop musical drama, The Get Down, returned to the skies of the Sunset Strip for the second half of its first season.
Grace and Frankie season 3 billboard
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were back as Grace and Frankie for a third season and probably the first comedy to use vibrators in their promo ad creative I think.
Conan Without Borders Made in Mexico billboard
Late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien was staying topical and trolling Trump this month with this witty billboard for Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico.
Animals season 2 billboard
And HBO's edgy animated series Animals was back for a second season of creature comedy with these billboards.
Review final season 3 billboard
Over on Comedy Central Andy Daly was back for a third and final season of Review, starring as a critic taking on real-life experience to comedic effect.
Giant Impractical Jokers season 6 billboard
Whilst on TruTV the Impractical Jokers were channeling superheroes in super-sized fashion for the sixth season of their prankster show.
Wild N Out season 8 billboard
And finally this month for returning shows, Nick Cannon was back for the eighth season of MTV's Wild 'N Out showcasing improv comedians.

Make sure you also check out all the new TV show billboards this month, plus come back at the end of next month for more TV roundups for April 2017.

Don't be a stranger...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New TV billboards making their debut in L.A.'s March 2017 skyline...

In spring the weather starts to change, plants start to bloom and new TV show billboards tend to appear throughout the skies of L.A. Here's a selection of the fresh television offerings making their debut on broadcast and streaming services this month.

TV billboards
Iron Fist series premiere billboard
First up is the latest street-level Marvel Comics hero from Netflix, Iron Fist. The kung fu hero may not be as critically-acclaimed as previous series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but the fact that all four heroes will soon assemble in The Defenders mini-series mean that Iron Fist is still must-see TV.
Iron Fist series launch billboard
It may have its flaws, but personally I've enjoyed elements of the series and if you're a fan, make sure you check out these other Iron Fist billboards around the streets of L.A.
Patriot series premiere billboard
Netflix isn't the only streaming service with new shows this month, as Amazon was promoting its new quirky series Patriot in the city skies too.
The Son series premiere billboard
If you're a Western fan, AMC was shining a spotlight on its new Texan generational drama, The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan.
Genius series premiere billboard
Meanwhile the National Geographic channel was teasing its new ten-part series about Albert Einstein, Genius, in the streets of West Hollywood.
Genius series premiere billboard
Johnny Flynn plays the younger genius, whilst Geoffrey Rush stars as the older version of the theoretical physicist with the crazy hair that developed the theory of relativity.
Special Julies Greenroom series 3D billboard
From the world of science to the world of the performing arts, and Dame Julie Andrews was starring in Netflix's new pre-school series, Julie's Greenroom, encouraging kids to sing, dance and express their talents in every episode. This 3D embellished stage curtain billboard installation was certainly standing out in the skies this month.
13 Reasons Why series premiere billboard
The original series kept coming this month, with Netflix's new suicide mystery drama 13 Reasons Why turning heads all over L.A.
National Treasure series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Hulu, National Treasure was exploring what happens when a popular celebrity is investigated for sexual abuse, mirroring what's happened in recent times in the U.K. with lots of iconic BBC stars from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Harlots series premiere billboard
And Hulu was also flashing back to the past to see the workings of an 18th century London brothel in Harlots.
Arrangement series premiere billboard
From sex workers to marriages of convenience, and The Arrangement was telling the tale of a Hollywood power couple coming together to progress their careers rather than for love.
White Princess series premiere billboard
2013's The White Queen was getting a sequel mini-series on Starz with The White Princess, and this giant billboard on the side of the Sofitel Hotel along Beverly Boulevard.
The Deed series premiere billboard
Over on CNBC Sidney D. Torres was looking like some spy in their ad creative for his new series about house-flipping, The Deed.
Trial Error series premiere billboard
And NBC was also putting the fun into murder with their new legal sitcom, Trial & Error, starring John Lithgow as a beloved professor accused of being a killer.
Jungletown series premiere billboard
Viceland was seeking new interns to travel to Jungletown for its new unscripted reality series and learn about living in a sustainable village in the Panama rainforest.
Breaks season 1 billboard
And after a TV movie early last year, VH1 was dropping a new TV series about the dawn of the hip hop revolution with The Breaks.
Brockmire series premiere billboard
Plus in the world of sports, Hank Azaria was starring opposite Amanda Peet in Brockmire as a major league baseball announcer trying to reclaim his career in a small town after a very embarrassing public meltdown.
Great News series premiere billboard
Meanwhile NBC was showing off its latest sitcom, Great News, about a TV station where a producer's mother gets a job as an intern leading to all kinds of embarrassment and hilarity no doubt.
Jerrod Carmichael 8 standup billboard
This month the sky continued to be filled with stand-up comedy specials, inducing this giant-sized HBO billboard along the Sunset Strip for Jerrod Carmichael.
Dave Chapelle Netflix comedy special billboard
Not to be outdone by size, Dave Chappelle was back with two stand-up specials on Netflix this March.
Amy Schumer Leather Special standup billboard
Plus taking on internet trolls everywhere, and making us laugh in the process, Amy Schumer was back with her very own Leather Special on Netflix, following in the footsteps of stand-up greats that have sported leather jackets like Eddie Murphy and Andrew "Dice" Clay.

If you like this assortment of new series, television fans should also check out what new TV show billboards were gracing L.A.'s skies this time last year.

Plus stay tuned for more returning TV show billboards gracing L.A.'s sprawling skyline in the days to come...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Eclectic lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s March 2017 skyline...

Aside from all the movie, TV and fashion outdoor ads trying to grab Los Angelenos attention this month, there were also an eclectic assortment of drinks, tech, travel and other lifestyle billboards trying to stand out these past few weeks.

Technology and business billboards
Giant Mail Shrimp Mail Chimp billboard
First up was this fun and fishy (never thought I'd write that in a sentence) giant billboard for Mail Chimp's email services along the Sunset Strip.
Mail Chimp wall mural ad
Plus the bizarreness continued with this wacky and colourful illustrated wall mural ad along Melrose Avenue.
Google Pixel best coast tacos billboard
Meanwhile Google's Pixel smartphone was refreshing its ad creative with this foodie-themed billboard.
IMAX VR Experience Centre LA Flagship billboard
And the IMAX Experience Centre was offering the latest in Virtual Reality fun at its flagship L.A. venue.

Travel billboards
Virgin America Alaska unlikely combo billboard
In the world of travel, Alaska Airlines recently bought Virgin America and had this combo-themed ad campaign in the skies to try and convince travelers that different can work together. Then the news broke this month that Alaska would retire the Virgin America brand by 2019, let's hope the fun spirit can rub off on the remaining brand.
My Austrian airline billboard
Speaking of fun, and My Austrian airlines was making a spectacle in the skies with this Vienna destination music-themed special extension cut-out billboard.

Food and drinks billboards
Taco Bell alarm baby meme billboard
In the world of fast food Taco Bell had another baby meme-themed billboard to put a smile on passersby faces.
Giant Smartwater Sparkling billboard
Meanwhile Smartwater was refreshing the Sunset Strip skyline with this giant-sized billboard for its sparkling water offering.
Vitamin Water Rise Carpe delicious billboard
And another Coca-Cola drinks brand that was back in the skies was Vitamin Water returning with new ad creatives this month.
Pink Dolphin Aqua Hydrate billboard
And speaking of bottled water, and Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs were featuring in this special extension billboard for enhanced water brand Aqua Hydrate this month.
Giant Skyy Vodka Audacious billboard Hollywood
In the world of alcohol, Skyy Vodka was back in the skies with an audacious new outdoor ad campaign, like this giant billboard making an impression in Hollywood.
Makers Mark Double feature billboard
Plus Maker's Mark Whisky continued to have fun in the city skyline with witty new ad creatives around town.
Delicious dressed or naked Makers Mark billboard
If you like these humorous ads, be sure to check out these other Maker's Mark Delicious is everything billboards.
Coors Light Cold lagered crisper taste billboard
In the world of beer, Coors Light had this crisp new ad creative continuing its latest Climb on outdoor ad campaign.
Heineken Beer Coachella billboards
Plus Heineken Beer was trying to tap into Coachella Festival attendees with this collection of billboards.

Health and drugs billboards
Trust Matters HIV care billboard
In the world of health, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation was getting back to what it does best after wasting millions of dollars on the 'Yes on S' outdoor ad campaign.
HIV Care Trust Matters billboard
Yes, trust does matter when it comes to HIV/AIDS healthcare, so it's nice to see this charity refocus on what truly matters, helping people.
Don Davidson MD Weed doctor billboard
Meanwhile I feel like there's been an abundance of marijuana-themed ads filling L.A.'s skies after all the recent voting on local elections and propositions, and here's one of them.

Dating billboards
LA big shot parents marry Bumble billboard
And finally, the dating app Bumble was making a big statement at the Hollywood & Highland Centre this month.

Be sure to compare this smorgasbord collection of billboards with last year's lifestyle billboards and stick around for all the TV billboards gracing L.A.'s skies this March.

Stay tuned folks...