Friday, March 31, 2017

A windy welcome in Palm Springs...

If like me you're sick of all the politics and disastrous world news, sometimes you just have to get away from it all and disconnect. Floating in the middle of a swimming pool in Palm Springs is always the perfect tonic.

A windswept welcome in Palm Springs
Windy Palm Springs
This time around we're renting a house in the Midcentury neighborhood of Twin Palms. We've stayed near here before, but it's always nice to check out new locations, especially as one day we're thinking of buying a place here.
Windswept Palm Springs
This time around not only did we discover that Palm Springs is super busy at the moment with Spring Break families and lesbians visiting for the Dinah Shore Weekend, but we also received a blustery welcome with high winds wrecking havoc in the desert town.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental
Keeping the leaves and debris out of the swimming pool became a bit of a thankless task after a while, and when we ventured out for dinner in the evening there were palm fronds everywhere, the power was out at traffic lights and a water hydrant was gushing water out over Palm Canyon Drive.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental bedroom
Speaking of dinner, we also found it hard to eat at some of our usual favourites as outdoor venues had closed due to the high winds, and other eateries seemed to be struggling to cope with the overflow of people wanting tables.
Palm Springs Twin Palms vacation rental bedroom
In the end we tried the restaurant Trio for the first time and had a great meal before coming back to see how much foliage had ended up in the swimming pool.
Twin Palms Midcentury neighbourhood Palm Springs
Today I can report that the weather is perfect. The sun is shining, the air in still, the surrounding mountains are as spectacular as ever and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in Palm Springs.
Mai Tai cocktails prosecco
Hopefully once the pool has had a good clean we'll be able to enjoy this rental and the long weekend even more.

Now it's back to the very important job of relaxing. Where's my Mai Tai...

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