Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 2017's eclectic mix of sports, food, drinks and lifestyle billboards in L.A...

This April the springtime skies have been filled with a wide variety of food, drinks, travel, technology and other lifestyle billboards all trying to grab passersby attention in a crowded cityscape. Here's a cool collection of outdoor ads that caught my eye and captured my imagination these past few weeks.

Sports billboards
LA Angels of Anaheim baseball billboard
I'm not a sports fan at all, but this dynamic special extension cut-out billboard for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team really stood out in the skies and stole the top spot for one of my favourite ads of late.

Food and drinks billboards
Drake Virginia Black Whiskey billboard
In the world of whiskey singer Drake was in the sky promoting his own decadent Virginia Black brand in West Hollywood.
Virginia Black done me off already billboard
Plus I also spotted this different ad creative for the whiskey over in the skies near Hollywood's buzzy bars and clubs.
Knob Creek Take no glass for granted billboard
This month Knob Creek was also another bourbon whiskey brand trying to tempt you to indulge in a glass.
Plus not to be left out, Chivas Regal Extra was bringing scotch whisky crafted with extra passion to Hollywood's streets.
Heineken Dance the night away billboard
Meanwhile Dutch beer brand Heineken was tapping into all the Coachella Festival party goers with its latest ads.
Gather a round Bud Light billboard
And Bud Light was back with a refreshed outdoor ad campaign celebrating having a cool brew with friends.
Friendship by bottle Bud Light billboard
Let's see if this new campaign lasts longer than the election-themed Bud Light billboards from last year.
Dos Equis XX Stay thirsty billboard
Dos Equis was also back in the skies, although I'm still missing their Most Interesting Man in the World billboards.
Giant Odwalla fist full fruity flavor billboard
In the world of soft beverages, Odwalla was advertising its fruity juice in a big way on one of the new super-sized ad sites along the Sunset Strip.
Healthade Kombucha Feel bubbly billboard
Plus Health-Ade Kombucha was making its fermented bubbly tea more interesting and eye-catching with a series of special extension cut-out billboards.
Vitamin Water Carpe delicious Zero calories billboard
In the world of flavoured bottled water, Vitamin Water was showing off its zero calorie offerings with this colourful ad creative in Hollywood.
CocaCola Life billboard
And another Coca-Cola Company product, Coca-Cola Life, was refreshing the sprawling city skyline.
Chiquita We are bananas billboards Hollywood
Over at Sunset & Vine Chiquita was having fun with bananas and these vibrant yellow billboards.
Chefs Cut Jerky More tender than method actor billboard
And above the Sunset Strip Chef's Cut Jerky was trying to stand out with some humour and this special extension billboard.
Best if used 40% food America wasted billboard
Meanwhile I thought this 'Best if used' public service campaign billboard to help combat food waste was cleverly designed to help get their message across.

Easter-themed billboards
99c Only Stores Easter egg billboard
99c Only Stores were having fun for Easter and this ad creative in Spanish was the latest seasonal-themed billboard for the budget retailer.

Performing arts and things to do billboards
Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2017 dragon billboard
This month fans of Medieval Times were treated to these fantastical dragon billboards for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the city skies.
Absinthe show billboard
Plus the Las Vegas live show show Absinthe was bringing its comedy and performance acts to L.A. to entertain audiences.

Travel billboards
Virgin America Fly boss pay intern billboard
In the world of air travel even though Alaska Airlines will be retiring the Virgin America brand they bought in the next few years, there was still life in the airline's vibrant ad campaign.
Virgin America Everyone gets to watch billboard
If you're a fan of the airline, be sure to also check out more of Virgin America's previous billboards that have taken flight in the skies of L.A. over the past few years.

Gambling billboards
Lottery Scratchers biggest ticket ever extension billboard
This month the Lottery was having fun with its new extra-large Scratchers card and this clever, very literal, special extension billboard.

Health billboards
Trust Matters HIV Care billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation was also bringing colour to L.A.'s streets for an important message about HIV care, their 'Trust matters' campaign featuring all ethnicities, ages and genders.
Trust Matters HIV Care blue billboard
So far I've spotted these ad creatives in pink, blue, purple, red and orange, although I'm sure I've missed some on my travels.
Trust Matters HIV Care purple billboard
They've also run similar colourful campaigns in the past like these We've got your back billboards and these When needed we're here billboards.

Technology billboards
Homotextual Gaymoji Grindr billboard
In West Hollywood gay dating app Grindr was having fun with its new Gaymoji graphics to help its users communication with fun imagery like unicorns, eggplants and peaches.
Westside Rentals free on Apartments dotcom billboard
And just like in the food delivery app market where competitors are being bought up by rivals, L.A.'s home rental market is consolidating with Westside Rentals now free on
Westside Rentals Apartments Best merging billboard
Obviously using actor Jeff Goldblum in their advertising is paying off for the home rental website.
Apple iPhone 7 Red billboard
And finally, Apple was doing some good with its new all red ad campaign for the iPhone 7, where a percentage of purchases of the new smartphone go to the (PRODUCT)RED initiative which helps fund AIDS/HIV programs around the globe.

If you're intrigued by all these different ad creatives, why not compare these billboards to last April's lifestyle billboards and April 2015's lifestyle billboards.

Plus stay tuned for more roundups of this month's TV and fashion billboards...

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