Monday, April 3, 2017

Doug Aitken's mirrored Mirage house making a desert spectacle in Palm Springs...

A long weekend in Palm Springs seems to fly by these days, but this visit I'm so glad we got to see the new temporary 'Mirage' art installation in the desert making a shining spectacle.

Mirage desert art installation by Doug Aitken
Mirage mirror house Palm Springs
The mirrored house is the creation of Doug Aitken and part of the Desert X outdoor art initiative in the Coachella Valley and it certainly seems to have captured the imagination of visitors.
Doug Aitken Mirage house Palm Springs
We decided to visit the spectacle at sunrise on Sunday, although finding it was easier said than done as the only direction you get are coordinates and limited signage.
Mirage house installation Palm Springs
Even though we were early, as we arrived there were people leaving the site who'd already been there dressed up in their finest outfits, costumes and regalia.
Inside Mirage mirror house Palm Springs
The mirrored house has become an instant hit with the selfie-loving Instagram generation and you couldn't swing a cat for all the amateur photographers trying to get their best shot.
View from Mirage house Palm Springs
Fortunately the art installation had survived the strong winds on Friday, but it's already starting to show signs of wear and tear and heavy traffic.
Palm Springs Mirage mirror house
From a distance we couldn't see the house as we walked up the road, it just looked like a blue painted house, then we realized that was the reflection of the sky.
Palm Springs Mirage house Desert X
Up close the mirrored ranch house sculpture camouflages itself into the surrounding landscape, the rocks, the desert flowers in bloom, Palm Springs infamous windmills and the towering mountains behind it.
Palm Springs windmills view Mirage mirror house
The Frank Lloyd Wight-inspired dwelling clad in mirrors provides photography opportunity within and without.
Doug Aitken Mirage house Palm Springs
It's certainly a great escape from the fun and sun madness of Palm Springs, a bit of desert culture to break up all the drinking, eating and lounging by the pool.
Doug Aitken Mirage house Palm Springs
The house is open for visitors from 3:30pm to sunset weekdays and from sunrise to sunset on weekends through to April 30, 2017 (although it's closed to the public on April 3 and 4).
Mirage mirrored house Palm Springs
It's a wonderful concept so bravo to the artist and all those involved in building the mirrored sculpture.
Inside Mirage mirror house Palm Springs
This is certainly my kind of immersive art and will join my list of favourite outdoor sculptures that I've seen on travels.
Doug Aitken Mirage mirrored house Palm Springs
Those strong, high winds when we arrived on Friday certainly made for some spectacularly clear Californian skies for our visit.
Mirage mirror house Palm Springs
I wish I had more time to explore all the other outdoor art scattered around the Coachella Valley for Desert X, but there's always next time I'm sure.
Mirage mirror house Palm Springs
Now after all that relaxing and culture it's back to everyday life in L.A., our West Hollywood condo just won't feel the same without mirrors covering all its walls.

Farewell for now Palm Springs...

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