Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eye-catching film and music billboards around L.A. in April 2017...

This month I've continued to do battle with L.A.'s temperamental skies, but this collection of movie and music billboards has helped brighten up the city's springtime skyline.

Movie billboards
How to be a Latin Lover movie billboard
First up is is this corny billboard starring Eugenio Derbez for How to be a Latin Lover, which made me smile the moment I saw it.
Unforgettable movie billboard
From comedic love to psycho bunny boilers, and Katherine Heigl looks like the perfect crazy ex-wife who targets her replacement, Rosario Dawson, in these billboards for Unforgettable.
Circle movie billboard
Another thriller coming to the big screen this April is The Circle, which sees Emma Watson's character getting her dream job at a giant tech internet company with sinister goals when it comes to the future of surveillance and privacy.
Most Hated Woman in America film billboard
If you just want to stay home and chill with a new film, Netflix has more than a few options for you, including The Most Hated Woman in America, a biopic about an atheist activist, 'Madalyn Murray O'Hair', who campaigned all the way to the Supreme Court to have Bible readings in public banned.
Sandy Wexler movie billboard
Meanwhile Adam Sandler is back with another exclusive comedy for the subscription streaming service, this time as a 90s Hollywood talent manager, Sandy Wexler.
Phoenix Forgotten movie billboard
Phoenix Forgotten is the latest found footage horror with a science-fiction twist, based on real-life mass UFO sightings in Arizona in 1997.
Guardians of the galaxy 2 movie billboard
Speaking of outer space, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are back for another awesome outing in the far reaches of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.
Guardians Galaxy 2 Rocket Groot billboard
I can't wait to see the ragtag band of cosmic misfits in action again, and I'm currently listening to the new soundtrack as I type.

If you're also a fan, be sure to check out these new costumes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on display.
Alien Covenant movie billboard
More deep space action comes this May in the form of Ridley Scott's latest installment in the Alien horror sci-fi film franchise. Continuing the prequel story from 2012's Prometheus, this new ship of colonists encounter the Xenomorphs on what they thought would be an uninhabited paradise.

Make sure you take a look at these cool movie costumes from Alien: Covenant on display.
King Arthur Legend Sword movie billboard
Hollywood loves to remake classic stories, so this year the legend of King Arthur gets another remake subtitled Legend of the Sword, with director Guy Ritchie giving the tale a Cockney Geezer a retelling and Charlie Hunnam starring as the fabled English monarch.
Baywatch movie billboard
Meanwhile another nostalgic franchise leaping from the small screen to the big screen this summer is Baywatch, with beach goers in the very capable arms of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.
Snatched movie billboard
And also bringing the comedy for Mother's Day in America this year is Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in Snatched.
Giant Smurfs Lost Village movie billboard
The Smurfs also got super-sized this month for their latest fully-animated adventure, The Lost Village, on one of the Sunset Strip's new giant ad sites (thankfully all those months of construction and traffic chaos are over for the time being).
Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks film billboard
Oprah Winfrey was returning to acting this month to help bring another of history's hidden figures to the small screen in HBO's biopic film, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, about how the unethically harvested cells of an African-American woman with cancer revolutionised medical science.
2017 TCM Classic Film Festival billboard
And at the beginning of the month Hollywood celebrated the annual TCM Classic Film Festival with popular movies from yesteryear in the spotlight at famous cinemas.

Music billboards
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas All Welcome Here billboard
In the world of music the EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) dance festival in Las Vegas had this inclusive 'All are welcome here' rainbow Pride flag billboard to encourage party goers.
EDC Vegas all shapes sizes colors beliefs billboard
Plus another ad creative stressing their acceptance of all shapes, sizes, colours and beliefs in this hateful Trump nightmare that we're all living in.
Lady Gaga Coachella Festival wall mural ad
Plus Lady Gaga was back in the streets of L.A. with his fun wall mural for her headlining sets at the Coachella Festival.
Depeche Mode Hollywood Bowl 2017 concert billboard
Depeche Mode were thanking L.A. fans for sold out concerts at the Hollywood Bowl this October.
Barry Manilow This Is My Town album billboard
Newly out-of-the-closet legendary singer Barry Manilow also released his latest album, This Is My Town: Songs of New York, this month.
Chainsmokers Memories Do Not Open billboard
Plus The Chainsmokers were streaming their debut studio album, Memories... Do Not Open, on Spotify.
John Meyer Search for Everything billboard
And finally, John Mayer was dropping his latest album, with this billboard for The Search for Everything.

You can compare this month to April 2016's movie and music billboards, plus don't be a stranger in the days to come as there'll be more snapshots of L.A.'s TV, fashion and lifestyle outdoor ads filling this month's crowded skies.

Watch this space...

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