Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting crafty for the L.A. Tax March...

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing". Ever since the last U.S. Presidential Election result that quote has been recirculating in my mind on an almost daily basis as the atrocities of this administration mount up, be it collusion with Russia, trying to repeal Obamacare with no viable replacement, stripping protection from the environment, ripping families apart via deportation, removing anyone that opposes or is investigating Trump, the endless lies and spin, it's just exhausting.

Tax March protest sign
Aside from continuing to support organisations like Planned Parenthood, Lambda Legal, ACLU, after attending the Women's March in L.A. in January I vowed I'd march again to make sure that this current administration (and the world) knows that what they are doing isn't right, or just, or fair to millions of Americans (and anyone who lives on this Earth). It really is time to make a stand, because if not now, when?
Making Tax March protest signs
Visibility and showing up really is the key, just look at what happened when people went to town halls and shared their personal health stories with their local representatives, and so this time around I am prepared, organised and crafty (arts and crafty, that is).
Tax March Sesame Street tshirts
I also have a theme for our protest, a group of us will be wearing Sesame Street character t-shirts to highlight our disapproval that this administration wants to remove funding for PBS (which is a drop in the ocean compared to forcing us to pay our taxes to provide security for a First Lady who obviously can't even bear to live with her husband).

What ties does Trump have with foreign governments and companies? Who to and how much does he owe? Just release your taxes is there's nothing to hide. Ae you scared we'll learn the truth?
Huntington Dog Beach Labrador fun
Anyway, I'm looking forward to exercising my rights to free speech at the weekend (especially after having just filed our taxes for another year).

After all that sign making (I'd forgotten how toxic those Sharpies can be), I thought it was time for a dog beach visit to clear my head and vent all that Labrador energy.
Huntington Dog Beach Labrador
At the end of the day this is the life I'm protesting to protect. To be openly gay, live without fear, visit a beach that isn't polluted by big businesses dumping toxic materials into the ocean and protect the future.

I'm not planning on having kids anytime soon (Cooper is my boy), but I believe in making sure there's a planet in the future where there's equality, justice, safety, peace, clean water, healthcare, opportunity and the chance to love who you want without prejudice.

If you believe in something, if you feel like this country is going in the wrong direction, it's time to take a stand. Otherwise when you have no rights left then you have no one else to blame but yourself...

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