Sunday, April 16, 2017

Marching with thousands to demand Trump release his tax returns at L.A.'s Tax March...

When Hillary Clinton didn't become the first female U.S. President I really worried that it would mean dire consequences for women's rights, LGBT rights, the environment, healthcare, education, gun control, the divide between the very rich and the poor, common decency and the safety of the world at large. Sadly Donald Trump's first 100 days in office have done nothing to assuage my fears.

Protesting LA Tax March
With concerns growing over his campaign's ties to Russia, his toddler temper tantrum bombings and the fact that he is the first U.S. President in decades to not have released his tax returns, I really felt the need to join the Tax March in Downtown L.A. to peacefully protest with thousands of others worried about the direction this country is headed in.
Sesame Street protesters LA Tax March
Whilst there weren't the millions that participated in the Women's Marches in January, there were still tens of thousands of people who came out to voice their concerns and demand transparency from the current administration.
LA Tax March signs
Regardless of whether Trump's tax returns show he is indebted to foreign powers and companies, which may sway his presidential decisions, on the campaign trail he actually promised he would release them if elected, so it just proves he's not a man of his word.
Downtown LA Tax March
Downtown LA Tax March sign
Some days it's hard not to despair listening to the latest executive orders or GOP sponsored legislation that is being past, rolling back protection for the environment, workers, consumers and voters.
LA Tax March
Downtown LA Tax March
That's why it's great to show up and participate in these highly visible protests, to be surrounded by like-minded people who are equally distressed by the current political and social climate.
Downtown LA Tax March
On a beautiful California day the crowd was filled with all ages, genders, ethnicities, professions, families, friends and people there on their own, all wanting to have they voices heard.
Tax March on LA City Hall
The hand-made signs, the costumes, the musical instrument players, the chants, the energy of the protesters, all help to lift you up as you walk the city streets united.
Tax March Downtown LA City Hall
Rather than simply moan and complain, railing at the TV screen daily, it makes the world of difference to show up, march, re-energise your determination for change, for justice, for liberty, for equality and for sanity.
Tax March signs
Who knows what the days to come will bring, I for one know that I can't take four years of this current administration and Trump's impeachment can't come soon enough, that is if he doesn't get us all blown up before then with a careless tweet.
LA Faux Russian Tax March protestors
At the end of the day if there's nothing to hide, release the tax returns, it really is as simple as that.
Tax March on LA City Hall
With all these protest marches I feel like I'm seeing more of L.A. than I've seen before, even running the marathon. Today for a change of pace we're off to enjoy the great outdoors and see California's wildflower super bloom in person.

Happy Easter and keep fighting the good fight...

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