Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fab fashion and fragrance billboards filling L.A.'s skies in May 2017...

This month although we've had an abundance of cloudy mornings, there's also been a bit of a drought when it comes to fashion billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling skies. Nevertheless, here's a fabulous selection of fashion and fragrance outdoor ads trying to turn heads in Los Angeles in May 2017.

Fashion billboards
Gucci Spring 2017 iguana billboard
First up is this striking yellow billboard from Gucci, and I'm not sure if this model is really happy to holding that iguana, although she has the claws to protect herself if anything turns nasty with this photoshoot.
Burberry DK88 Spring 2017 billboard
Meanwhile British luxury brand Burberry was having a laugh with this latest ad creative along the Sunset Strip.
JCrew Our clothes Your style S17 billboard
And J. Crew continued to show of their summer clothes which you were welcome to customise to your style, young or old, male or female.
Hailey Baldwin Guess Jeans SS17 billboard
This May Hailey Baldwin was modeling for Guess Jeans in the skies above Hollywood & Highland.
MeUndies Spring it own billboard
Spring was still on the air for online underwear retailer MeUndies with this ad creative spotted along Pico Boulevard.
Eres swimwear 2017 billboard
And swimsuit brand Eres was showing off its latest looks for pool party and beach living season.
Apple Watch Hermès billboard
Plus Apple was collaborating with French luxury brand Hermès to show off its smartwatch to entice fashionistas in its latest wave of outdoor advertising.

Fragrance billboards
Tom Ford Soleil fragrance billboard
In the world of scents, Tom Ford's latest sun-drenched billboard was turning heads high above West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza for his Soleil designer fragrance.
Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance billboard
Plus not wanting to miss out on the action, Marc Jacobs was showcasing his Daisy fragrance above his flagship store along Melrose Avenue this month.

If you like these ads, make sure you check out the stylish fashion billboards filling last May's L.A. skies.

Plus stick around in the days to come for more snapshots of L.A.'s TV and lifestyle billboards trying to catch passersby attention this May 2017...

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