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Food, drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A.'s streets in May 2017...

This May 2017 it wasn't just movies, TV shows and fashion brands trying to turn your head, there was also an eclectic mix of food, drinks, tourism and technology billboards also trying to stand out around L.A.'s streets and skies.

Theme park, travel and tourism billboards
Guardians Galaxy Mission Breakout Disney billboard
First up, straight off the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie sequel, Disney's California Adventure was debuting its Mission: Breakout attraction featuring Marvel's ragtag bunch of cosmic heroes (which replaced The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at the theme park). Fan favorites 'Rocket Racoon' and 'Baby Groot' certainly helped this billboard stand out this month.
Create art not monotony Reno Tahoe billboard
Meanwhile Reno Tahoe was trying to encourage visitors to Nevada with this artistic skateboarder ad creative. At first glance I thought this billboard was for an art gallery or skate clothing brand, not a travel ad.

Food and drinks billboards
Peroni Beer Spring 2017 billboard
In the world of beer, Italian brew Peroni was back in the skies for the summer beach season.
Corona beach on every can billboard
Plus Corona Extra was getting in the summer mood with these special limited edition tropical beach beer can designs to get you in the holiday mood.
Miller Lite Six pack Kick back billboard
And Miller Lite had the right idea for the Memorial Day weekend, grab a six pack and just kick back and relax with friends.
Heineken Same great taste 1870s billboard
Dutch beer Heineken on the other hand was highlighting its taste credentials with its latest ad campaign, brewed since the 1870's.
LVOV Vodka Polished billboard
In the world of spirits, LVOV was showcasing the latest Polish vodka to take to the city skyline.
Knob Creek Directions wont get your here billboard
And even though this outdoorsy Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey ad has been knocking around in the skies for a while, it's still a good one.
Makers Mark Look delicious at the beach billboard
Maker's Mark continued to add to its latest Delicious is everything outdoor ad campaign with this witty billboard.
Javier Bardem Chivas billboard
Plus Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky was toasting to success shared with friends with the help of actor Javier Bardem.
Hornitos Tequila shot worth taking billboard
And in the world of tequila, Hornitos was trying to tempt people with a shot (or two) to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the beginning of May.
Rosé Babe Gay Beer billboard
Babe Rosé had a great way to market its canned rosé with bubbles this month for all those people, gay and straight, who may want an alternative to beer when out drinking. If you like this 'Gay Beer' ad in West Hollywood, make sure you also check out this previous fun Babe Rosé billboards from around L.A. in recent months.
Juicero Pressed by us billboard
Helping us transition from the drink to food categories is this billboard for new juicing machine from Juicero.
Sadaf Hummus Dip into delicious billboard
And locally produced Sadaf Hummus was standing out in the skies of L.A. with the help of this special extension cut-out billboard.
Ben Jerrys pint slices billboard
Ben & Jerry's ice-cream was back in the city skyline with a new offering for summer and these hand-held Pint Slices to indulge in on hot days (or just when you need to treat yourself).
Noosa Yogurt Spoon Whoa Repeat billboard
Noosa was super-sizing its advertising message this month with this giant billboard for its yogurt on the side of Beverly Boulevard's Sofitel Hotel.
Phive Bar food billboard
And the Phive Bar was trying to catch the eye of healthy eaters in L.A. with its snack-size superfood offering.
Chefs Cut Jerky method actor billboard
Whilst Chef's Cut was using some Hollywood-themed humor to advertise its real steak jerky, high in protein for all those gym bunnies and fitness fans.
GrubHub Restaurants you love delivered billboard
For those who don't have time to always make their own food, GrubHub was trying to stand out in a big way with their food delivery app. I have to say I've tried GrubHub several times since they bought and closed LA Bite and it's a far poorer service. You can't track your food when it's on its way, delivery time seems to change constantly and the choice of restaurants is not as good.

Technology billboards
Unbox your phone Samsung Galaxy S8 whale billboard
In the world of technology, Samsung was using some inspiring visuals to sell its new Galaxy S8 smartphone with a screen and camera that goes to the edges of device. Who doesn't like seeing whales in their natural ocean environment.
Apple Watch 2017 billboard
Plus Apple was filling the streets and skies with a whole new wave of ad creatives for its Apple Watch, showing off its sporty and water-resistant features.
Apple Watch Nike+ billboard
Make sure you compare these ads to the previous Apple Watch billboards that were used to launch the smartwatch.

Arts billboards
Jeff Koons Gagosian Beverly Hills billboard
In the world of art, at the Gagosian gallery of Beverly Hills was showing off its latest Jeff Koons collection along the Sunset Strip.

Health and cause-related billboards
LGBT history billboard
With LGBT rights being threatened by the current administration, this simple billboard was shining a light on gay history and important milestones and movements.
Dont blame the moment condom billboard
Plus this AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboard was encouraging safe sex and to not be caught short without a condom when the moment arises.

If you liked this diverse selection of outdoor ads, be sure to check out the lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies last May.

Plus stick around for all of Summer's new TV show billboards entertaining the city skyline this month...

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