Thursday, June 29, 2017

Eclectic lifestyle billboards turning heads around L.A. in June 2017...

This June in addition to all the movie, music, games, TV and fashion outdoor ads there were also a smattering of lifestyle billboards trying to capture eyeballs around the streets and skies of L.A. Here's a selection of health, food, drinks, technology and theme park billboards filling the city skyline in June 2017.

Health and cause-related billboards
Trumpcare equals death APLA Health billboard
First up is this cautionary tale billboard from AIDS Project Los Angeles Health which sums how the vast majority of Americans feel about the Republicans healthcare plan, Trumpcare would equal death for millions.
Painkillers easy get into Hard escape billboard
Another health-related billboard which caught my eye this month was this clever ad creative to highlight the addictive quality of painkillers.
Syphilis Tsunami STD check billboard
With the advent of HIV prevention drug PrEP some gay men feel like they are impervious to all sexually transmitted diseases, which is not the case. Without using condoms there's been a real tsunami in syphilis cases as this free STD check billboard highlights.
Smoking deaths counter billboard
Meanwhile the American Heart and Lung Associations and Cancer Society have updated the colour scheme of their smoking deaths counter billboard along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. Refreshing the billboard makes sense to help it stand out, but maybe they should also consider moving the ad to another location so it doesn't become invisible to regular commuters who've passed the counter many times over the years.
LA drivers waste 100 park walks in traffic billboard
Speaking of keeping heart healthy, this billboard encourages drivers to get out of their cars and try walking around L.A. to exercise with you family and enjoy the great outdoors.

Food and drinks billboards
Chipotle Bring appetite real ingredients billboard
Fast food chain Chipotle was back in the city skyline in June with these witty foodie billboards over their Beverly Boulevard eatery.
Chipotle bought this billboard
If you like these ad creatives, make sure you also check out these previous Chipotle billboards filling the skies in recent years.
Giant Peroni Beer 2017 billboard Sunset Strip
Meanwhile in the world of beers, Peroni was super-sizing its latest ad campaign on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel this month.
Javier Bardem Chivas Regal billboard
Plus Javier Bardem was toasting to your health with Chivas Regal scotch and friends along the Sunset Strip.
Smartwater Purity perfected billboard
Smartwater returned to skies to reinforce its purity credentials in the premium bottled water market with this simple outdoor ad.
Icelandic Glacial water billboard
Plus Icelandic Glacial bottled water was trying to appeal to a wide range of people with this billboard.
Vitamin Water xxx triple threat billboard
And Vitamin Water was back showing off its flavoured and enhanced bottled offering to quench your thirst.

Technology billboards
Alexa Music Unlimited Love all you need billboard
Aside from trying to take over all your online shopping and satisfy your entertainment cravings with its streaming services, Amazon also wants to offer you unlimited music with its Alexa personal assistant device.
Water resistant Apple Watch billboard
This month the sprawling skies were also filled with a plethora of sporty and water-themed ad creatives for the Apple Watch.
Live me app Its Litty billboard
In the world of social media, the new video chat app was taking on the likes of Facebook Live and Snapchat with a new outdoor ad campaign.
Live me app Its Lit billboard
Let's see if these billboards can help this app be the next big when it comes to sharing your life experiences.
Live me app Join the Party billboard
Even if people don't join the party, maybe these ads with help attract investors, or a competitor to snap up the app.
Free stock trading Robin Hood app billboard
Plus Robin Hood was showing off their free stock trading app with this cool typography billboard.

Theme park billboards
Nighttime Lights Hogwarts Castle Universal billboard
And finally, if you're looking for something to do this summer in Southern California then maybe these theme parks can entice you to visit. This month Universal Studios Hollywood was advertising their nighttime lights at Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle.
Summer of Heroes Disneyland billboard
Whilst Disney's California Adventure was trying to tempt you to enjoy a 'Summer of heroes' with Marvel character appearances and its revamped Guardians of the Galaxy Tower of Terror attraction.

You can also compare this collection of ads to last summer's drinks and lifestyle billboards and come back soon for roundups of this June's TV and Emmy consideration billboards...

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