Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Getting ready to Resist with Pride...

With Donald Trump turning against allies around the globe (just as Putin wants) and making America the laughing stock of the world, and with the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos refusing to protect LGBT students from discrimination in this country's schools, there's never been a better time to resist this current administration.

LA LGBT Resist March signs
Just as with the massive Women's March in January and with the Tax March in April, it's time to take to the streets and peacefully protest to protect our democracy and our rights as LGBT citizens.

This year the annual L.A. Pride Parade has been cancelled in favour of the Resist March, which I fully agree with as a proud gay liberal (after all, living in West Hollywood is like there's a Pride Parade every day).
Sesame Street Protesters LA Tax March 2017
If we're not visible and don't make ourselves heard, how soon before our rights are taken away? This homophobic government (and don't think it will get better with Mike Pence in charge) shouldn't decide who we love, where we pee, who we can adopt, who can serve us in shops, what benefits an employer can withhold, how we are treated differently.

Trump is such a fan of the Russians, how soon before we're all in gay concentration camps like in Chechnya, or before being LGBT is outlawed like in Russia, or executed for coming out like in Saudi Arabia (another country the Liar-in-Chief has close ties to)? Don't be fooled into thinking the complicit Ivanka Trump can save you. Silence equals death.
Rainbow Pride US flags
This Sunday even more of us will be wearing our Sesame Street character t-shirts again to show that we come in many colours of the rainbow and the fact that Trump would love to defund PBS (even though it was recently granted a temporary reprieve).

We'll be marching from Hollywood & Highland to the heart of West Hollywood to show our strength in numbers, our unity, our pride and our resolve to stand up to tyrants.
LA Resist March signs Pride June 2017
It's Pride month, so be sure to bring your glitter, your rainbows and unicorns, it's time for the gays to rise up and resist...

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