Monday, June 12, 2017

This is what gay resistance looks like in L.A...

Yesterday tens of thousands of people came together to make a stand, protect LGBT rights, show our Pride and fight for democracy itself in America at L.A.'s Resist March.

Taking a stand for Sesame Street, LGBT rights and democracy itself
LA Resist March Pride 2017 Sesame Street protesters
Gay friends and straight allies alike joined together to say that we're not going backwards back into the closet, we will fight for equality and to stop the U.S. government from turning into a fascist regime and taking the country's liberty and freedoms away.

Waiting to March along a packed Hollywood Boulevard
LA Resist March Pride 2017 crowds Hollywood Blvd
Thousands of people from all walks of life, all genders, all ethnicities gathered along Hollywood Boulevard, old and young, gay, straight, transgender, rich, poor, single, married and entire families to protect against Donald Trump and Mike Pence's warped vision for America.

Young love at L.A.'s Resist March
LA Resist March Pride 2017 Lesbian kiss
Just like back in the past when LGBT people marched for their rights, we once again took to the streets to show our visibility and make our voices heard.

Peppermint from RuPaul's Drag Race marches with us
We marched to fight against discrimination in the workplace or at the store counter because of religious beliefs, we marched to protect transgender kids in school and in their daily lives, we marched to honor the 49 victims of the Pulse gay night club tragedy, we marched to say that women's bodies belong to them, we marched to save the planet for the future and so much more.

New LGBTQ ally and icon the Babadook
In truth we marched because we are angry and more than little afraid that all the progress that has been made over the years is in peril, but we marched to say we'll stand up and fight for our rights, because there is no going back.

This is what peaceful resistance looks like
We marched peacefully and it was great to see all the handmade signs and rainbow flags flying along the route from Hollywood Boulevard to the heart of West Hollywood.

The fabulous majority and bubbles
This year the Resist March replaced the annual Pride Parade and some quibbled over not being able to celebrate the occasion, but there was still a festival, all the bars of West Hollywood were overflowing and people were engaged, uplifted and proud whilst they marched.

The homemade signs say it all
Plus we showed Trump and the world that we won't tolerate this current administration's homophobia, racism, greed, corruption, lies and their cruelty to America's people.

Yes, it's that bad
In case you were wondering, our Sesame Street character t-shirts were to show that people come in all colours of the rainbow and to demonstrate our support for PBS, culture, education and the arts (and obviously to mock the orange dictator).

Sesame Street says rise up
Sesame Street protesters LA Resist March Pride 2017
If the government won't protect our kids, our environment, our healthcare and the future, then I guess that we'll just have to do it ourselves. Silence equals death, inaction will mean the end of democracy.

It's true, love is love is love
I also wanted to give a huge shout out to all the police, fire, emergencies services and event organisers that helped make this a safe and secure march.

Taking pride in our resistance
L.A.'s Pride celebrations may be coming to an end, but the fight for equality, justice and democracy is just getting started.

Love will trump hate, glitter, rainbows and unicorns will help save the day, and then we can all get back to the proper business of brunch...

UPDATED: Obviously the hand-made signs and Sesame Street t-shirts worked as we even made it into the New York Times, although I'm not quite sure they understand you can have a peaceful protest, stand up for your rights and have fun at the same time.
New York Times LGBT Resist March LA article
Keep fighting the good fight people, resistance is not futile...

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